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#12 - I just put 20 nuggets in the oven and my Mum just went to slee…  [+] (1 new reply) 11/22/2015 on Damn this dude is fucking... +17
#22 - themassivefail (11/22/2015) [-]
#114 - Well it's slightly different in that I'm not going to die for … 11/15/2015 on One person`s opinion 0
#100 - The only reason I changed my Facebook profile picture to have …  [+] (3 new replies) 11/15/2015 on One person`s opinion 0
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#109 - klitgaard (11/15/2015) [-]
If that's what you think you shouldn't have let the influence of others do it, would you jump over a cliff if everyone else did it?
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#110 - klitgaard (11/15/2015) [-]
Woah, *You shouldnt' have let the influence of others make you need to do it*, is what I was trying to say.
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#114 - somefuckingguy (11/15/2015) [-]
Well it's slightly different in that I'm not going to die for changing my profile picture, and to a lesser extent there's no negative actions at all that'll come from it.
#5 - Turns out at the end of the game there's some credits.  [+] (1 new reply) 11/07/2015 on Pete Hines regarding spoilers +12
#11 - funpunk (11/08/2015) [-]
Clever. I suppose at this point there's no harm in saying I was the anon. I failed to follow my own advice, and now the ending's spoiled for me. Well, nobody plays Fallout for the story.

Actual spoiler alert: It turns out my bullshit spoiler was actually true. I swear to god, I had no idea that was the actual ending. I just made it up based on some speculation I heard a month ago, I didn't think Bethesda would go this route. In my defense, it was pretty predictable.
#6 - I tried crocheting some teddy bears for Christmas a few years … 11/01/2015 on [CROCHET] LEAGUE OF LEGENDS +1
#32 - To let poison tick down a bit more of it's health? 10/22/2015 on now be friends +2
#1323342 - I have no opinion on Minecraft Story mode but the Lego Movie m… 10/14/2015 on Video Games Board - console... +1
#3 - What the **** is up with their ******* fork noses? 09/18/2015 on how 2 get pussy +40
#32 - Some guy in my college thought it'd be funny to bite on one of…  [+] (1 new reply) 09/14/2015 on Disown +1
#39 - anon (09/14/2015) [-]
That second spoiler got me
#736 - I'm just ************** 07/29/2015 on What does your username mean? 0