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#13 - ive been thinking about this, whats the alternative. if you ru…  [+] (1 reply) 12/03/2016 on Taild Tiolevidi Napsivn 0
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#16 - pokemonstheshiz (12/03/2016) [-]
npcs involved in quests should be able to match your stride. Several games do it (Witcher, Shadow of Mordor, etc)
#51 - i'm trying guys, i'm 5'11" 360 pounds. for two weeks my c…  [+] (5 replies) 11/16/2016 on Fat people hate on /fit/ +8
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#62 - synthane (11/16/2016) [-]
Keep up the good work. Don't let yourself slip up. Just think about why you are working to lose the weight whenever the temptation gets too strong.
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#60 - adorai (11/16/2016) [-]
1500 is a really way low calorie intake. You shouldn't keep it for a very long time. After some time you should start rising it a little (never go over 2000 cal) and increasing the workout a bit (maybe also taking a 30 minutes walk, walking is really good for fat burning). And always try to keep a balanced diet: eat whatever, including pizza, but eat healthy and home-made.

And keep the good job, man. Remember it's good for you, you will start soon felling better and your self-esteem will rise when you start seeing the results. And the best part: you are awesome for wanting to improve yourself.
#59 - donatelo (11/16/2016) [-]
not trying to be rude or go off topic but that outfit makes you look like your on your way to a gay night club.
#58 - purplemask (11/16/2016) [-]
Good job so far man, you can do it! Just remember the best workout is a consistent one
#57 - kyojinn (11/16/2016) [-]
**kyojinn used "*roll picture*"**
**kyojinn rolled image** keep it up man, that said you can have pizza, just moderation. Meal planning and prepping helps a shit ton with cravings and variety.