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#368 - **smokinhigh used "*roll picture*"** **smokinhigh rolled i…  [+] (1 reply) 07/21/2015 on You have to eat what you... 0
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#373 - smokinhigh (07/21/2015) [-]
Oh wow. That headline was wild.
#20 - I really don't get this wearing shoes indoors stuff. Yeah, I k…  [+] (4 replies) 07/21/2015 on beds +8
#28 - teamrocketninja (07/21/2015) [-]
Floor is cold, shoes can be comfy, or you just dont feel like taking them off. Having them off also sometimes be considered a little impolite if you have guests.
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#33 - smokinhigh (07/21/2015) [-]
Yeah, but in my culture it is rude to have shoes on your feet when you are indoors. Also, I don't find having extra shit on my feet comfortable (even if I would be wearing good shoes, having no shoes is ALWAYS more comfortable). Floor is not cold. If you live in cold climate (like I do) you heat your house.

But yeah, as I said, it's cultural thing.
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#30 - ciacheczko (07/21/2015) [-]
Where I live having them on is considered as more weird. We have things like sippers for when the floor is cold. Or carpets.

Also: Wearing shoes for the whole day can make your feet smell like old cheese - although if you never take them off, no one can probably tell, so there's that.
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#31 - ciacheczko (07/21/2015) [-]