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#67 - Don't worry, they weren't firing real bullets. 09/14/2014 on War.... War never changes.... 0
#88 - Well, the Lost sinner's lore is about being a forgotten priso… 08/17/2014 on Dark Souls 2 Explained 0
#82 - As for Cale, I'm not sure, but it appears he's studying the ma… 08/17/2014 on Dark Souls 2 Explained 0
#79 - OK, I'm no lore expert here at all, but I'll try to debate you…  [+] (3 new replies) 08/17/2014 on Dark Souls 2 Explained 0
#85 - blancka (08/17/2014) [-]
You're in a kingdom falling apart because they wrote it that way. If your writing prevents your game from having good enemies then that's just idiotic. It's a game first. Besides, there's more to it than just kingdom knights. Lost sinner, old dragonslayer, flexile sentry, smelter demon all could have been interchanged with non-humanoid bosses with exactly the same lore in place.

Yes, there is proof. There is a map viewer of the game, and no mans wharf is way below sea level.

Old dragonslayer isn't up to speculation. Ornstein in the first game could drop the leo ring. This was a unique (see: One of a kind) ring crafted by gwyn. Because of this, he can't be an illusion in the first game, but because he drops it in the second game too there's just massive inconsistency going on.

Why would nashandra let you do all the work? What kind of character writing is that? The villain is lazy is not good plot explanation. Besides, she had no reason to believe you (or anyone for that matter) could do what you did. Unless of course she knew about the way cycles work due to vendrick, but in that case she would know she couldn't possibly beat you.
#88 - slayzo (08/17/2014) [-]
Well, the Lost sinner's lore is about being a forgotten prisoner. They really should have provided us with some information on what that bug was that make the prisoner go insane, or at least let us know why she can just freely walk around. But other than that, true, the lost sinner could be replaced by like a jailer knight or something stupid.

Does the Flexile sentry even have any lore to it's importance? I remember arrow sniping the guy guarding the lightning axe, and I thought it must have been shiedless lothian or something, until I read up.

Smelter demon, I also agree. No idea Why there's a giant flaming asshole faced demon in that room, and why those knights are guarding it. Could have been maybe Allone knight general or something. I dunno.

Old dragonslayer? Maybe they'll give us some lore in the future to explain him some more. Maybe it'll be like the havel gank crew thing, where the havel guy could have been one of those guys that served under havel. Perhaps something similar with the Old Dragonslayer.

Just looked into the Nashandra thing, turns out it's not confirmed at all that's the idea. But judging by her just waiting by the throne, one would assume that she's simply waiting for Vendrick to make a move, or for someone to do something themselves.

All in all, I guess we can just hope that the other DLC's explain this stuff. For now, I guess your complaints are logical. It all comes down to preference I suppose.
#82 - slayzo (08/17/2014) [-]
As for Cale, I'm not sure, but it appears he's studying the map in the basement, trying to figure out what the fires are. He figures out that it's a map of the continent, so he has no reason to travel anymore to map out the continent.

Rat Authority is a bitch, I agree. Have to quickly kill everything, otherwise it's a gangbang.

iron king, without the lava pit in the back, would actually be a super good boss honestly. I sit around that boss with my allone knight cosplay character and summon to fight him. Only time I die is when he knocks me into the pit.

Can't debate on throne knights.

NG+ is actually expanding the game, giving you a new surprise instead of just being speed run this time around, where the enemies hit slightly harder, but it's alright because you got all the good items in NG, so you can just run through NG+. It adds new enemies, nice surprises, and different drops and such, making you want to run through the entire game again just to see what all changed.

I don't really have a problem with killing four great powers to open a gate. You can see from areas such as Heide's tower, that you start out nowhere near the castle.

The Licia thing is about conserving your limited amount of souls I believe. Don't want to be unable to get in there because you killed all the enemies and can't get the souls to get in there or something.

I liked the game. Not as much as dark souls 1, but it's not a bad game, or just average, to me.
#20 - ******* do it faggot 07/09/2014 on i'm shuttin down FJ +10
#192 - Well I'm a southern Baptist too, so don't worry, I think more … 07/08/2014 on VEEEGGAAANNNSSS!!! +1
#153 - You just had to find a reason to bring up religion, didn't you? 07/08/2014 on VEEEGGAAANNNSSS!!! +2
#35 - I'll just leave this one here because I'm too lazy t…  [+] (2 new replies) 05/17/2014 on Feels +5
User avatar #54 - garaichu (05/17/2014) [-]
Sorry about that.
Well then.
#53 - garaichu has deleted their comment.
#18 - Probably, yeah. 05/02/2014 on Miss Japan Is Looking Good +2
#70 - Nice to see funnyjunk stopped tearing apart anyone who doesn't… 04/05/2014 on /v +3
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Hey slayzo, I am your secret santa and this is my present to you:

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