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#83 - Havent picked a gun yet, but i have a military-issue entrenchm…  [+] (20 new replies) 08/16/2011 on Do you? +1
#88 - xxdrexx has deleted their comment.
#87 - barundin (08/16/2011) [-]
Well this tool maybe does not dig trenches, but can cut bones and crush heads more efficiently. And I also do not see how will trenches help you, unless they are Nazi zombies with pistols.
#95 - ozzycross (08/16/2011) [-]
what if he digs a huge ass pit, and zombies fall in and die? you cant dig with an axe
#105 - barundin (08/16/2011) [-]
We are talking about 10 meter deep pit you know? And you can not dig that with field shovel and if accidentatly yes, do you think digging 10 meter deep pit with need of luring zombie there is easier than just to one hit zombie with axe?
User avatar #112 - ozzycross (08/16/2011) [-]
good point, but an axe and a shovel are like 10 pounds, your gunna get tired, best weapon probly a katana
#123 - barundin (08/16/2011) [-]
Oh god are you joking right? Katana is two hand-wielded sword, which weight is much much higher than weight of any classical, decently sized axe.
You know katana is fully made of steel, while axe has only (in most cases) iron head)

And its REALLY much easier to splash regular axe than real katana
User avatar #1482 - ozzycross (08/18/2011) [-]
katana is like 4 pounds, at least mine is, and sharper than a razor, with folded steel its better
#1483 - barundin (08/18/2011) [-]
I dont see any possible way how 2 meter long weapon from good steel could weight 2 kilograms really...

How much did that cost you?
User avatar #89 - slatersniper (08/16/2011) [-]
Trenching isnt the point though. Its the strength and portability. Plus, i dont have a badass axe, lol. just a hatchet.
#92 - barundin (08/16/2011) [-]
It would be really badass shovel is its sharper than axe thou...
#91 - barundin (08/16/2011) [-]
If it can split log
it can split head
User avatar #93 - slatersniper (08/16/2011) [-]
But it is heavier. =Slower. Just sayin.
#97 - barundin (08/16/2011) [-]
Yeah thats the point. You have to use more force to get it moving, and all that force goes into zombie. You know, heavier weapon, more powerful blows.
And I dont believe you are such a wimp, that you cant carry axe on your back!

User avatar #100 - slatersniper (08/16/2011) [-]
yeah, but you also have to take into account whatever ammo, food, and other supplies you are carrying. you dont want to be wearing out, especially if you dont have a permanent camp.
#119 - barundin (08/16/2011) [-]
Okay you got the point, but look at this. You can use axe to
+ Fight off zombies efficiently
+ Cut wood you find (for trees example) to be able to set up fires/torches or to baricade somewhere.
+ Not the case of axe posted in image above, but in my country axes have second side blunt (like fiskars axes for example) so they can be used as hammers
+ You can use it to break into abbadoned houses
+ Its quite efficient pick-lock (with a little force)

- Weight? It depends on type of axe. Fiskars age are suprisingly light due to plastic handle. Fullmetal axes are quite heavy though...
- Bigger size, does not fit into bag efficiently, but you need those things always ready...

And once I got to hold military field shovel, man those things are not really light neither

Now what can do shovel?
User avatar #125 - slatersniper (08/16/2011) [-]
You can split wood with mine, they have the sharpened edge for self defense and wood cutting. I did it at the beach a few times. Hopefully you will only need it for that and if the situation is dire, because im staying away from zombie blood, because infection may be spread that way as well. You can smash through doors with the shovel if need be.
#130 - barundin (08/16/2011) [-]
Really, that sound like a badass shovel (with no sarcasm included)
User avatar #133 - slatersniper (08/16/2011) [-]
I freaking love that shovel man. An axe would be nice, but i feel like the shovel could do a little more.

See, im thinking portability, because i'll probably be on the move. I would need to get way away from Vancouver.
#139 - barundin (08/16/2011) [-]
Yeah that sounds reasonable. I live in "only" 100K city in which is automatic mill, and by 20 minutes by car there is another automatic mill, both full of grains.

Honestly my plan is to quickly get out of the city, grabbing as much food and friends and camp in cottage in village near my city. I feel like traveling is kinda unsafe since weather can change quickly and you dont have to always find food. For example being few kilometers next to city, being able to sneak there and grab some supplies if needed is better. But thats just my case
User avatar #140 - slatersniper (08/16/2011) [-]
Thats kindof my plan. Only leave camp when supplies are running low.
#22 - hey man, Turtwig is badass. 08/15/2011 on I feel like I'm going to... +1
#119 - Bob F-ing Ross. Look at these nice, happy little trees. 08/15/2011 on For all of you 90s kids +1
#400 - **slatersniper rolls 91** well, if everyone else is rolling around. 08/15/2011 on WIZARD MASTER. 0
#22 - Its a blacklight-illuminated tattoo. 08/13/2011 on Awesome Tattoo Comp +1
#409 - **slatersniper rolls 10** may as well. 08/13/2011 on Motivational Life 10 0
#540 - **slatersniper rolls 1** i will only try once. 08/13/2011 on Motivational Life 9 0
#121 - Ahh, the feeling of having a PENIS . 08/13/2011 on Random Comp 6 +2
#119 - Id write my name all over it, man.  [+] (2 new replies) 08/13/2011 on Random Comp 6 +3
User avatar #120 - imnotmanbearpig (08/13/2011) [-]
the good things about being a man
User avatar #121 - slatersniper (08/13/2011) [-]
Ahh, the feeling of having a PENIS.
#504 - I am LEGEND.  [+] (1 new reply) 08/12/2011 on Zombie Apocalypse +1
User avatar #545 - atrocitustheking (08/12/2011) [-]
My thoughts also...
#217 - medals. give him three. 08/12/2011 on Brilliance +2
#917 - Comment deleted 08/11/2011 on Inglip Has Spoken 0
#3 - the "a bad year" cheat in Modern warfare is so funny… 08/09/2011 on Chatting about dreams 0
#436 - What the balls? 08/09/2011 on Pokemon comic 0
#365 - /b/ isn't that bad if you aren't a puss. 08/09/2011 on I can't be the only one 0
#9 - Stop bitching.  [+] (4 new replies) 08/08/2011 on Fuck comps. -1
User avatar #10 - Trollworth (08/08/2011) [-]
Stop bitching about people bitching, bro.
User avatar #11 - trollsmakemesmh (08/08/2011) [-]
Stop bitching about people bitching about people bitching, bro.
User avatar #12 - ilikeramen (08/08/2011) [-]
stop derping about people derping about derp derping derp derp derping, derp. lulz
User avatar #14 - boeka (08/08/2011) [-]
stop stopping the stoppers, bro
#19 - dont do #4 of the elevator thing to a black guy. just sayin'. 08/08/2011 on Fuck You (Description) 0
#25 - Ha the little lizards all like wtf man my tails on fire. 08/08/2011 on Aaaw 0
#72 - I freaking love my action replay for DS. 08/08/2011 on Troll Physics: Master Ball -1
#92 - CollegeHumor is so great. 08/08/2011 on Hair Growth +3
#164 - Nope. 08/08/2011 on Cross Memes Comp 3 0
#53 - Lol, thats Murph. 08/07/2011 on Make a bulbasaur costume 0
#176 - I'd like to report a hack... Whats Gods number again? 08/07/2011 on Win +2
#107 - Make it stop! 08/05/2011 on Easier to Entertain Than A... +5
#32 - Well, im going to open a tattoo parlor named "Tattooine&q… 08/05/2011 on It's a Snack! +9


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Dat security clearance looks tasty
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Just having some fun on a badass aircraft.
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Don't be a liability people are watching
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Disturbed FTW!!!
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