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    So true So true
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    Sunken land of minecraft Sunken land of minecraft
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    They didn't have battletoads They didn't have battletoads
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    awkward? awkward?
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    Gas Chamber Gas Chamber
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    True story True story
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    Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared

latest user's comments

#14 - In the Ferguson case, i didn't really pay attention to to have…  [+] (9 new replies) 19 hours ago on Sad Times +27
User avatar #42 - citruslord (13 hours ago) [-]
Because the race charge has already been fed almost to a breaking point in recently. Everyone is already in police/society is racist mode.
#39 - tazze (13 hours ago) [-]
"Garner's death was found by the New York City Medical Examiner's Office to be a result of "compression of neck (chokehold), compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police."[23] Asthma, heart disease, and obesity were cited as contributing factors.[65] There was no damage to the windpipe or neckbones."

the chokehold wouldn't have killed him if he had been healthy in the first place, the cop used too much strength sure, but what killed Garner was his fucking abuse of KFC
#71 - anonymous (8 hours ago) [-]
Being larger or smaller than average shouldn't make you more likely to be killed in an interaction with a police officer. Police exist to uphold United States law, not to use excessive force on civilian just because they are "Large." Being unhealthy and/or large is a rather common thing in America, if being either one of those things put you at greater risk of death by cop, we've got a serious problem with how our police interact with people, and it needs be fixed.
User avatar #46 - iridium (12 hours ago) [-]
1: Did you see the guy chokeholding him? He had him with both arms around his neck quite violently for at least 20 seconds before the camera gets blocked. He gets dragged backwards by his neck and then to the ground.

2: Chokeholds are completely illegal, and the use of one by a Police Officer should be grounds for some serious discipline.

3: The guy was big and fat, but he doesn't deserve to die for it. The cause of death was still the officer.

No, it's not a racially charged crime. He was resisting arrest. But it was a death that the cops were at least partially responsible for.
User avatar #73 - heartlessrobot (8 hours ago) [-]
1. Less than 8 seconds then he releases, in full view of the camera

2. They're not illegal, but they are banned for use by police in the line of duty

3. The cause of death had the most to do with his health, he'd have died without the choke hold. I imagine it didn't help matters in the least, and the police officer in question should have faced repercussions, but people are putting more blame on him than I personally believe is due.
#83 - arkfire (6 hours ago) [-]
Choke holds are not banned for use by police but they are trying to move away from using methods that cut off air flow and instead cut off blood to the brain since it is safer for both parties involved.
User avatar #40 - citruslord (13 hours ago) [-]
It seems like policed simply aren't trained to handle that obese of a person. The man resisted and the officer responded in kind. I agree, obesity is likely a more relevant issue to that case than race.
User avatar #28 - darthblam (16 hours ago) [-]
In case you haven't heard this, Garner's death had absolutely nothing to do with the "chokehold" that was put on him.
Garner died from his own morbid obesity, his own fat literally choked his lungs.
User avatar #20 - sphincterface (18 hours ago) [-]
Because he's black, and everybody knows black people never do anything wrong and it's always white people's fault, especially cops.
Seriously though, fuck this world. I'm seeing shit all over Facebook and Twitter about people trying to somehow blame the cop for this.
#28 - High School Seniors thread. Post where you're going to college…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/20/2014 on Sup guys 0
#36 - anonymous (12/21/2014) [-]
Rejected from jhu, got the troll email sent to me
#3 - I didn't know Leonardo DiCaprio was a professional arm wrestler.  [+] (3 new replies) 12/13/2014 on "I've been single for 23... +248
User avatar #80 - therockofshame (12/13/2014) [-]
well that makes sense, its mostly form in arm wrestling strength definitely helps though
#4 - theclumsyninja (12/13/2014) [-]
You know, with the low quality... it really does look like him.
User avatar #22 - dashothenes (12/13/2014) [-]
And the guy on the left is Captain America
#17 - Not enough. 12/12/2014 on Easiest decision ever +5
#16 - I mean if you're bad sure. 12/01/2014 on for glory +1
#124 - I just thought thought of the immense pain it was going throug…  [+] (2 new replies) 11/27/2014 on 0_o +1
User avatar #229 - rassamdul (11/27/2014) [-]
i doubt it felt anything. Anistetics are released into your body incase you sever a limb or such.The spelling is horrible i know. but again. I dont think the Mouse felt it.. i hope.
User avatar #316 - propanex (11/27/2014) [-]
Thought it was endorphins that stop the pain
#9 - Technically, you're wrong. They shared a common ancestor sure… 11/26/2014 on womenz is dumb +1
#26 - ahh throwback to green fj  [+] (1 new reply) 11/24/2014 on ur gay +12
User avatar #58 - rplix (11/24/2014) [-]
This was on yellow FJ.
#327 - There will be a day where imn no longer skyblue. 11/22/2014 on when your name start... 0
#14 - >Get gash on leg >think of ridiculous story >…  [+] (4 new replies) 11/12/2014 on Pizza defense 2014 +61
#25 - anonymous (11/12/2014) [-]
That's exactly what I thought - and why would OP bring a stranger to his home instead calling an ambulance right on the spot?!
User avatar #34 - hockeycrazysteve (11/12/2014) [-]
>being rational
>being a badass
pick one
#16 - razlman (11/12/2014) [-]
User avatar #15 - demandsgayversion (11/12/2014) [-]
I choose to believe

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#4 - poniesfuckedmeover (07/22/2013) [-]
Pathetic fat **** ? Oh lawd you really hurt my feelings.
User avatar #2 - phanact, master of orange objects (11/19/2012) [-]
I attend college and I'm working on finding a job right now

I sleep from like 2am to 9am each night

I do sleep. I just comment A LOT
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