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#10 - **skorpius used "*roll picture*"** **skorpius rolled image… 08/01/2015 on What's in your mystery box? 0
#97 - Maybe so. But in my mind, I think it makes things smoother for… 07/31/2015 on Anon starts a business 0
#92 - The thing is, I'm already in University. And while it remains … 07/31/2015 on Anon starts a business 0
#129 - His friends must've roasted him pretty bad. C… 07/31/2015 on Cleaning up the Middle East 0
#80 - I am absolutely socially crippled. My main points being: …  [+] (4 new replies) 07/31/2015 on Anon starts a business +3
#94 - bwiedieter (07/31/2015) [-]
Embrace it. Your work ethic brings humanity forward, so fuck social contact. You are designed for greatness when left to your own devices, so I wouldn´t bother trying to fit in with the rest of them.
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#97 - skorpius (07/31/2015) [-]
Maybe so. But in my mind, I think it makes things smoother for me and others if I try to blend in and embrace it in my own private time. Instead of looking at it as a "i'm a unique and special snowflake" situation, I look at it as "here are the hurdles, lets try to jump over them." Though, admittedly, this sometimes doesn't work out for the better, as it can weigh heavily on my mind to try to conform as well as focus on my work simultaneously.
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#88 - unhealthy (07/31/2015) [-]
Sounds to me like you could visit a psychologist, who may hook you up to some special school (in the good way). You'd be much more comfortable there.
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#92 - skorpius (07/31/2015) [-]
The thing is, I'm already in University. And while it remains a problem in certain classes, I also experiment and try to find better and simpler ways to do things (that at least make sense in my mind, but everybody looks at me like an alien when I try to explain it). It's also something I've dealt with for so long, I've gotten used to handeling it a certain way. I've worked on hiding my disabilities by imitating the people around me to act "normal" so that it would be easier to fit in to society, though this is extremely tiresome for me. It is also frustrating from other people's standpoints because I can be very aloof and relaxed about somethings, but then extremely hypercritical about other things that must be done a certain absolute specific way that has been planned step by step in my mind (which is why I prefer being left alone as I can do things a certain way without being a burden). I'm pretty care-free, and can go with the flow, but at the same time resistant to change.
#29 - Was just at France. Can confirm. They despise anyone …  [+] (1 new reply) 07/30/2015 on kind of useful maps +8
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#48 - alwaysscaroused (07/30/2015) [-]
i'm french, i can say we hate pretty much everyone including ourselve. Don't take it personally
#133 - Hooray for year-round depression!  [+] (1 new reply) 07/30/2015 on USA Weather +2
#65 - The only correct answer is the Plain Doll from Bloodborne. 07/28/2015 on Who's your waifu? 0
#186 - **skorpius rolled user discobleach ** For a good time,… 07/28/2015 on Love on FJ 0
#45 - ... I've got to go outside more...  [+] (3 new replies) 07/25/2015 on (untitled) +13
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#99 - hahdumbbirch (07/25/2015) [-]
but there are dog planes and dog clouds!
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#54 - marthana (07/25/2015) [-]
but there are TROLLS out there!
#66 - vissova (07/25/2015) [-]