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i dont need no despcritshun youre a descrishun nigga

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#56 - If you're at the same skill level, the person playing the high…  [+] (3 replies) 10/24/2015 on I don`t understand this +5
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#58 - wertologist (10/24/2015) [-]
"If you're at the same skill level, the person playing the higher tier character would most likely win. "
Then you aren't at the same skill level. Each fighter has different strengths and weaknesses. Some characters are good for ground fighting while others are better at aerial. If you are at the same skill level it comes down to which character is best used against certain characters. No one character is good against every character(except Kirby in the original Smash game. Kirby was OP as fuck).
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#62 - nickypickle (10/24/2015) [-]
"If you are at the same skill level it comes down to which character is best used against certain characters."

exactly! and you know what these tiers do? they parse them up with which character is BEST against most other characters in comparison to the lower tiers. no, not one character is best against all others, but one character can objectively throw many out of the water in comparison to others.
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#60 - sigmatempus (10/24/2015) [-]
That's the whole thing about tiers though, a character that has an advantage against most of the other characters in the game. There are characters with more weaknesses than others, these are lower ranked because they are less viable.

And no, let's just say in this case, a guy can be as good as he wants with Dr Mario but when you're up against a Sheik who knows his character just as good as you know yours you're probably gonna get rekt.
#20 - Your attitude changes, your personality is one of the most sta…  [+] (3 replies) 10/10/2015 on Names -2
#37 - anon (10/11/2015) [-]
Your personality is how you choose to act. Your attitude is how you choose to react. Both of which can easily be changed if you're willing. I've met bullies turn into nice guys and nice guys turn into depressing, fat loners. A lot of people change after entering and leaving the prison system. Most of them go in dumb and naive and come out as hardened criminals while. Occasionally a hardened criminal can go in and come out a nice peaceful religious man.
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#40 - sigmatempus (10/11/2015) [-]
And environmental influences change your perception, not your personality. You're still confusing the two.If you're willing to change your perception your attitude towards life changes as well. And I'm not saying your personality can't change, but it's not likely to. If I have a short temper I can work on that but it would be difficult for me to change that personality trait.
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#39 - sigmatempus (10/11/2015) [-]
You can't choose your personality bud, they're a set of characteristics you're born with, your personality has effect on your perception which in turn has effect on your attitude,
#60 - Don't all charities have tax exempt status?  [+] (1 reply) 07/10/2015 on Hey look things level 4 +2
#62 - anon (07/10/2015) [-]
There are standards that apply, but yes, most non-profit organizations, including charities and churches, can apply for tax exempt status. IRS reviews the case to make sure it's legit, and bingo-bango-bongo.