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#940 - grgrty
(11/11/2013) [-]
I want to kidnap shibe and chain him up in my rape dungeon. He won't be able to move, and under his butt I will lay something precious to him...let's say his stack of family photos, open to irreplaceable memories and sacred to his parents and such.

Over two or three days I feed him regularly...but he gets very little water (he gets some, I'm not trying to kill him). I make him eat cheese and low-fiber sweets, so he gets constipated. If he gets stubborn and refuses to eat I might have to horsewhip him, but that's not really the point of this exercise.
Since his precious photos are right under his butt, and he can't move, he is unable to poop. He has to stand there as horrible pressure builds up against his rectum.

After two or three days it's time for the harvest. I take the treasured calculator stack away and move them to a safe place (I'm not a monster). Finally shibe is allowed to poop, and I collect it in a bucket. That's not enough though. With my bare ungloved hand I reach up his anus and scoop huge handfuls of poop out manually. For such little guy this is gonna hurt, so I might need some help holding him still.

Finally, when all shibe's poop has been collected I portion it out into little bags and freeze it. Over the next few months I defrost 1 ounce baggies of shibe's poop in the microwave and use it as lubricant to fap with.
Shibe can be released at this point. I give him a hug, some painkillers for his sore anus, and put his family photos in his saddleback. He can go to his home now.
User avatar #943 to #940 - shibe
(11/11/2013) [-]