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#26 - Comment deleted 05/22/2014 on RIP Phanact -1
#1 - coloring book corruptions are glorious. 05/16/2014 on these are amazing +14
#19 - I summon lord **********.  [+] (3 new replies) 05/16/2014 on Just my bird and I +1
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#21 - anusraper (05/16/2014) [-]
he is banned (( #FREENIGGERNAZI
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#41 - hydromatic (05/16/2014) [-]
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#39 - swagfagit (05/16/2014) [-]
#free niggernazi
#8 - "an iPhone? haha those suck right guys haha!!1!!!" …  [+] (22 new replies) 04/27/2014 on An emotional journey +86
#113 - anon (04/28/2014) [-]
>implying androids are the only other type of phone
#23 - animedudej (04/27/2014) [-]
i think iphones are perfectly viable phones... it's an unpopular opinion on FJ at least...
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#117 - buttinspecter (04/28/2014) [-]
iPhones and iPods are okay. There's a reason they're the kings of both markets. And, it's not like they're priced all that much more than their non-Apple equivalents. But, Macs and Macbooks are insulting and should be stopped.
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#126 - animedudej (04/28/2014) [-]
Also tje iphonearket place is eons better than the cesspool that the android marketplace is at the moment (i mean the google play store)
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#66 - veneficium (04/28/2014) [-]
It's not that the phone isn't viable, it's the price and snobbish culture.
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#94 - veneficium (04/28/2014) [-]
oookkk before I get any more replies saying the same thing over and over again, I'm sorry I just spoke too quickly and didn't think my comment through before posting, yea I accidentally mixed up 2 different groups of people who used Apple products.
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#91 - qwertykon (04/28/2014) [-]
The price, I agree with, but the snobbish culture? Not really. Honestly, I know tons of people who have Iphones, (Myself included) and I very rarely hear any of them be snobby about the fact they have an Iphone. I only hear people who have things other than an Iphone constantly berate me on how their phone is so much better.
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#87 - lafuriaroja (04/28/2014) [-]
Most iPhone users are completely normal people. How can you call out the "snobbish" culture of iPhone users when you frequent a website of Android elitists riding around on their high horses?
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#83 - clannadqs (04/28/2014) [-]
The price? Pretty sure most other smart phones are the same price as the iPhone and there are some insane deals on iPhones if you have a decent contract. Quit confusing all apple products with macs.
#85 - crankypantsmcgruff (04/28/2014) [-]
iPhones are genuinely worse value for money for most people.

If you prefer the interface (For older folks I'd recommend it, but really only power users would be restricted in any meaningful way by ios), or value the aesthetics very highly obviously this may not be true... But in general you get less functionality and component value in an iPhone for your dollar.

pic related, part breakdown of iPhone cost vs. Samsung Galaxy

note BOM means Bill of materials and is total component cost.

source: Worked in phone store / engineering student
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#86 - clannadqs (04/28/2014) [-]
I knew someone would bring up this point, but it is a mute point. They aren't used like PCs and shouldn't be compared to them. No one is ever going to use a quad core to its full power right now. Most phone users probably never even reach 20% usage of their cpu or memory so they are paying for the interface which is pretty amazing for casual users. For the most part, an iphone 5s is going to be able to compete head to head with the newest android in any task a phone will be just fine. Like I said, you can get brand new iphones for very cheap prices as most people do not go out and buy the iphone without having some sort of deal. I've messed around with many androids and after a few weeks they all get laggy when flipping through pages and menus.
#101 - crankypantsmcgruff (04/28/2014) [-]
I never compared them to PCs, I am just saying that numerically there is a higher markup on iPhones from cost to RRP (the price set by Apple and therefore the most useful one for comparison), and that's not really up for dispute.

In terms of performance equality between iPhone 5s and any 'newest android' that's just not true, it's impossible, no matter how streamlined the operating system is. The 5s has a third the ram of any new android flagship model and that means the android phone will have less lag in more applications that you commonly use. In terms of processor intensive applications the iPhone doesn't have the grunt to compare, but as you said those aren't really important for most users, and the iPhone isn't designed for this anyway.

Each person can decide what software they like and think is better, but the hardware aspects are largely objective.
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#104 - clannadqs (04/28/2014) [-]
I'm a computer science student right now and I can safely say that the hardware isn't everything. If a program or OS is poorly optimized it can override that better hardware any day. I'm just saying what I have experienced and I am not lying when I say that almost every older android phone I have touched lags so much that it's almost unbearable for me. It might just develop with the user though because those that owned the phones didn't see it. Once again, I don't see any practical use of a phone that requires the specs of the top end phones nowadays. What are people doing, rendering videos?
#109 - crankypantsmcgruff (04/28/2014) [-]
Of course the software can impact performance... But don't sell android short ahaha it's largely open source with many many variants and a lot of people working on it. The Android-ios gap is a lot smaller than the Windows-OSX gap IMHO.

There are some horrible android phones, I remember the HTC wildfire being like that.

Dunno what phones you've tried though. But the things I do on my S4 and now on my Xperia play (Reppin') that stress the hardware are PSP+DS game emulation and HD video streaming/viewing. I like having the best tech and I realise that it's not entirely rational so it is a fair point that you raise that most people wouldn't tell the difference.

I think that the two types of phone are designed for different purposes and they are each best at what they are meant to do.

But money-wise... It's hardly an argument in that respect. If you want an iPhone get an iPhone if you want a Nexus get a Nexus but you will be spending more on the iPhone.
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#89 - clannadqs (04/28/2014) [-]
Meant to say "with the newest android in any task and the phone will be just fine".
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#20 - jokexplain (04/27/2014) [-]
that's not the point you fucking idiot
#46 - Orc (04/27/2014) [-]
**Orc rolled image** Delete your account, faggot.
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#24 - oxymoronking (04/27/2014) [-]
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#10 - olioh (04/27/2014) [-]
what about lumia?
#11 - zeedeveel (04/27/2014) [-]
That makes me moist. I'd trade my galaxy S4 for my lumia 1020 back in a heartbeat but it was broken.
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#12 - olioh (04/27/2014) [-]
"it was broken" lumias aint that expensive to fix btw, atleast thats what i have heard. not that i care wich one u use. all i need from my phone is music/internet/calls.
#13 - zeedeveel (04/27/2014) [-]
The Lumia 1020's camera sensor was and is one of the few fixes that I couldn't do myself in a matter of seconds.
#51 - **shawzy rolls 828** 04/23/2014 on the number of the beast 0
#1 - MFW they go anywhere near a PC. 02/25/2014 on TwitchPlaysDepressingShit +6
#14 - This happened at a school near mine. Kid brought it in for his…  [+] (1 new reply) 02/22/2014 on Extra vacation AND lemon scent +2
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#56 - hates (02/22/2014) [-]
I love how the article basically says "the bomb squad agreed that the grenade was disabled, but they blew it up anyways"
#69 - I think it was just a copy pasta.  [+] (1 new reply) 01/22/2014 on Pedobear +1
#70 - anon (01/22/2014) [-]
No it's not. I'm being completely serious.
#18 - Picture 01/22/2014 on Not my best moment +90
#14 - I've been 18 on the internet for 7 years now. Casual.  [+] (3 new replies) 01/14/2014 on Tumbledoor +13
#19 - rdobet (01/14/2014) [-]
I've been 18 since I was 8
#54 - fizzleshake (01/15/2014) [-]
I've been your mom since I gave birth to you
#37 - anon (01/15/2014) [-]
i've been 18 since i was.... 18...........
i've lived in the mountains all my life, now im here, in funnyjunk.
Im tarzan....
im....... a silent knight
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