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**robertelee rolled image**trying to help my wife with it as well
i think that actually taking in more calories is important to losing weight and boosting metabolism but you need to spread out the type of calories you ingest is what is important

i myself think of calories in three categories proteins (slow foods) carbs (quick foods)
and the ones that fall in between nuts and assorted snacks

i myself am a laborer i make sure i have heavy protien in the morning for sustain and a decent amount of carbs for boost to get me moving pretty much snack all day in between meals which im eating a lot of processed foods for snacks your probably gonna want to stick with light protiens like nuts and things

spicy foods help metabolism as well as caffeine you just have to be aware of how much you body can handle

the biggest thing i can tell you is that salads are a lie
they are just filler
there is not enough nutrition in greens from leaf type plants to counter act the amount of water the introduce into your body especially if you are not able to shed excess water weight carrots and beans are good stay away from starches

pretty much use protein as the base for your diet and if you are in need to make up other nutrients like the "health benefits" of kale may give you natural vitamans are actually cheaper if you think about it on a per meal basis
#154 - shadowbloodedge (03/07/2016) [-]
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Thank you I really appreciate that. I had some old friends tell me to base dieting off just protein and i never had a chance to try it but now Ive got the opportunity so lets have at it!
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Moonman. Trump. Same dif.
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she has her poor moments