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#16 - California. Isabella then Sophia. I ******* hate my M…  [+] (1 reply) 17 hours ago on The most popular girl names -3
#17 - merrrione (16 hours ago) [-]
nigga Sophia's a greek name
#3 - Sounds autistic as ****. The only reason you would find that c…  [+] (18 replies) 17 hours ago on Happy +290
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#50 - teedoubler (8 hours ago) [-]
Every person whose a little odd is not automatically autistic. Calm down and hop off the buzzword bandwagon.
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#44 - radicalkid (9 hours ago) [-]
Am I autistic? In AP Europe this kid always makes reactions either by saying "ayy" or by doing a slow clap. I count his reactions everyday and average the amount of reactions he has per week.
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#51 - umbrage (8 hours ago) [-]
That sounds more OCD. It's only autism if you have trouble with socializa- oh wait, you're on FunnyJunk. Yeah, you're probably autistic.
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#38 - elcreepo (9 hours ago) [-]
She probably WAS autistic, and you know what deal with it and be thankful she isn't screaming and moaning throughout class
#46 - qopy (8 hours ago) [-]
Had this kid in my anthropolgy class who owned 17 type writers.
He was a hard core racist too, but always talked like he was better than everyone. He would talk over the teacher and 'correct' her, even though it was a 101 class.

"Uhm, yea, no. Let's see, how many good things have the indians contributed to humanity? And the fact we killed most of them is bad why?"
He also talked a lot of shit about non christians.

Most of it was unprovoked.

He started bringing his type writers to school, even though the teacher didn't let him use them in class.
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#47 - elcreepo (8 hours ago) [-]
High functioning autism vs low functioning autism


Autists are not all one and the same, in fact they're pretty often different from each other based on these factors

A quiet click like a mouse to try and train to recognize human emotion is a world different from a high functioning sperg lord who for most of his life was told he was always in the right because he was socially and mentally challenged
#48 - qopy (8 hours ago) [-]
I know, my good buddy growing up was autistic and he would talk to himself and had no concept of his surroundings.
He would always volunteer to read outloud when the teacher asked, and he was a phenomenal reader and story teller, but he couldn't keep quiet if his life depended on it.
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#49 - elcreepo (8 hours ago) [-]
I feel you, at my school we had one moaner and the rest were high functioning, and I can see how it can get annoying when you get to the ones that just won't keep quiet.

But the higher functioning ones with good parents usually had the least annoying tics. Like tapping or wiggling their foot or something, not really all that different from the majority.

And it's really only the ones raised to be entitled that are a problem, the rest are willing to work on as many of their difficulties as they are mentally capable of.
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#65 - edgexplain (5 hours ago) [-]
You know, I rarely tell folks, because I despise being handled with kid gloves simply because people think I'm one of those autistic types that will flip their shit at a moment's notice, and I hope beyond all else that this gets lost in the sea of FJ comments past, but I was diagnosed with a form of the high functioning 'tism as a kid. You're on to something, cause I'm pretty sure it varies so heavily that even somebody with shit parents like myself could end up being alright. My mother attempted to raise me like you described, as an entitled fuckwad. Almost succeeded, but I started fighting against it around 12, 13, getting out, making and learning from friends, and I like to hope that I turned out alright. That's more up to the observer.

Of course, I did end up with an education of around 6th grade, 7th at best, since she insisted on homeschooling me when she had no teaching qualifications whatsoever, so congratulations, mom, you ended up sabotaging me in other ways. Doesn't matter. In my field of expertise, all I need is an edgucation, and I got that down alright enough.
#40 - corps (9 hours ago) [-]
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#23 - invisifat (11 hours ago) [-]
I disapprove of your callous use of that label as an insult, but at the same time I came to a similar conclusion.

I don't know whether to thumb up, thumb down or take a shower.
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#53 - ningyoaijin (8 hours ago) [-]
Take a shower then come back with a clear head, so you're more likely to give the correct thumb.
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#67 - talldumbdork (4 hours ago) [-]
It's a very important responsibility, not to be taken lightly.
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#39 - jesusnipple (9 hours ago) [-]
Take a nap instead. When you're asleep you don't know you smell bad
#29 - agronimo (10 hours ago) [-]
Insult or not, that sounds actually autistic
#36 - sentinyl (10 hours ago) [-]
Yeah it seems autistic to my completely untrained mind as well, but in a really cute way.
#17 - anon (12 hours ago) [-]

Because its worked in science and having the desire to be happy?
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#68 - cleomech (4 hours ago) [-]
Because it's unconventional and dissociative with normal behaviour.

Would you go around in public sucking your finger just because sience proved it to relieve stress?
#15 - When will Democrats stop being this desperate and making a ruc…  [+] (6 replies) 18 hours ago on Taiwan +1
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#21 - gragasvlad (16 hours ago) [-]
Wait! Trump breaths? Wow thats air we will never get back. He needs to be ended!
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#18 - inyourmind (16 hours ago) [-]
About the same amount of time it took republicans to stop doing the same to Obama.
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#19 - cockassunited (16 hours ago) [-]
>claim to be politically superior for 8 years
>do the exact thing you accuse the other side of doing

Self awareness: 0/10
Pettiness: 10/10
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#20 - inyourmind (16 hours ago) [-]
Neither party has the high ground here. I'm not saying I like either party doing it but the democrats aren't going to roll over for the republicans when the republicans stonewalled them.
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#22 - cockassunited (16 hours ago) [-]
Which again, lacks self awareness and is a new level of petty.
#16 - seatherten (17 hours ago) [-]
#33 - Damn Josh just got cucked. Remember guys, don't leave your gir…  [+] (1 reply) 18 hours ago on No such thing as the friend... +2
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#40 - izdubar (16 hours ago) [-]
I mean, if we entertain the idea that the story is real, Kelly could have already broken up with Josh. I'm more concerned that she's going out with the dude when he was so autistic as to ask her out in facebook comments.
#34 - I'd prefer that a large portion of working, misguided American…  [+] (1 reply) 18 hours ago on Recount 2016 +8
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#37 - agronimo (18 hours ago) [-]
Agreed, but who's fault is it? The millionaire that, without breaking the law, cons a prcentage of the population, or that percentage of he population that willingly handed their money to the millionaire?

In my opinion, being "misguided" is just another way to say that your stupid ass took the word of another person for fact and got swindled because of that. If you don't approach life skeptically, you are open to this kind of shit

But yeah, fuck that millionaire too, dude, we have too many swindlers in this shitty world already