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#38 - Can confirm 08/15/2016 on hentai 0
#11 - This is so crazy. I would be constantly thinking about it the …  [+] (1 reply) 06/25/2016 on Short film +11
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#40 - syntheticdoll (06/25/2016) [-]
Just don't take it to a government founded dogcatcher (whatever you call it there) where i live the rule is that they have to keep the dog alive for 14 days, after it's free kill if they need space. Except for dogs brought in by their owners. If there's not enough space they can immediately be taken to be killed. Take them to small non-profit shelters, those guys do everything to keep a dog alive and find them a home because they actually give a shit about the dogs.
#701 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 06/12/2016 on 2nd Amendment 0
#702 - secondlawprevails (06/12/2016) [-]
#5 - This is exactly what should happen every time some one tries t…  [+] (13 replies) 06/06/2016 on 2nd Amendment +300
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#639 - pabloenis (06/07/2016) [-]
I think they should be put in a place to rehabilitate them. This guy probably had a hard life otherwise he wouldn't have robbed that place.
#619 - cirekaga (06/07/2016) [-]
oh? What if that man wouldn't start shooting risking everyone's lives even more.

Ok in this case it worked. And HE IS A HERO,
But just think about it. the guy that was shot was probably pointing a gun at someone. Congrats on the shooting skills of that man but had he not fatally wounded the robber he would most likely fired as he was shot. So an innocent bystander would be wounded.

What should you do? Comply with their orders and wait to pass. AND then your police would investigate as is normal IN EVERY OTHER COUNTRY.

Again that man is a hero but please check how many crimes are actually stopped like this and how many just get killed while trying it.
#707 - anon (06/26/2016) [-]
I bet he just didn't want to deal with losing whatever was in his wallet. Don't blame him.
I'd shoot a robber just to save the time that would have been spent cancelling all my cards at whichever banks i'm at.
Motherfucker points a gun at me and causes some inconvenience in my life? Fuck him up.
#406 - bluboyrulez (06/07/2016) [-]
What if it's just a kid snagging a candy bar cause his mum won't give him an actual allowance?
#703 - seonjones (06/12/2016) [-]
That is not "robbing", that's shoplifting.
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#669 - mcmanybucks (06/08/2016) [-]
slap him across the back of his head, tell him not to fucking do that shit.
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#502 - gamrgrl (06/07/2016) [-]
Every. Time.
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#476 - thisisnotaname (06/07/2016) [-]
shoot that fucker right in the face with a nerf gun
#430 - anon (06/07/2016) [-]
Shoot him in the foot and tell him to bring a gun next time 'Murica
#409 - anon (06/07/2016) [-]
Petty theft is a little different form armed robbery.
#386 - secondlawprevails (06/07/2016) [-]
I....I actually agree with you heretical scum.
#701 - seonjones (06/12/2016) [-]
#702 - secondlawprevails (06/12/2016) [-]
#1 - I think the carnifex should count as a tank  [+] (1 reply) 06/06/2016 on GW Tank month for tyranids... +11
#15 - wilhelmwhiskey (06/07/2016) [-]
nope, monstrous creatures are way better in 7th edi than tanks and walkers
#119 - Picture 03/24/2016 on Are ya REDy? +5

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