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    Oh Korea Oh Korea

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#48 - Picture 05/14/2016 on Mei is... +1
#3 - my lonely gay brother, joshlol confirmed leafyishere watcher. …  [+] (1 reply) 05/14/2016 on average /pol/ user +3
#5 - joshlol (05/14/2016) [-]
*pre-recorded footage of a tacky surf map in CSGO

*voice that sounds like a 14 year old that hasn't brushed his teeth in 3 weeks is about to start crying

So yesterday I was just on the planet Alderaan

*starts stabbing the air and occasionally doing the inspect animation

I was chilling with pewdiepie and my buddy Darth Vader said I just had to see this video

Apparently it's like this nerdy kid that really likes star wars and wants to be like a character from the movie, and the minute I heard about this I knew I just had to watch this

So without further ado: Grab your popcorn, grab your lightsaber, grab your jar jar binks, and let's get right into it

p-p-p-p.. play that shit

*star wars kid video starts playing

*starts swinging the bar around his head and turning in circles

Now I know I'm going to get some haters in the comments going: "EUGH, LEAFY, Y-Y-YOU CAN'T MAKE FUN OF HIM, S-STAR WARS IS THE BEST SERIES EVER

But come on... I'm going to be real with you dude

*moves mic claustrophobically close to his mouth*


*video continues where the kid spins in a circle and falls over

*video cuts back to CSGO gameplay, you hear a laugh that sounds like he's choking

So let me get this straight, this motherfucker tries to look all cool and pull off this fancy star wars move like fucking darth vader and then he just falls over- *laugh that sounds like he's choking again*

Like, dude... just what is the internet

But yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this video... and if you're watching this video it's your lucky day: Because for every person that likes this video, we'll be giving out a free- uh.... uh...... Death Star.

Yeah, you'll get a Death Star, it'll be delivered right to your doorstep. Th-this is totally real, this is not a scam at all

On a serious note though guys thank you for all the support, you guys have just been killing it recently. I hope your guys' day has been going fantastic. And uh, yeah. I'll see you guys later

#37 - most of these pictures look like they were taken from a cancer…  [+] (1 reply) 05/14/2016 on Stuff #5 +1
#38 - anon (05/14/2016) [-]
I only came down to the comments to say that as welll.