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#2 - Hi Hungry, I'm dad! 05/01/2014 on Zathura 0
#9 - Picture 05/01/2014 on (untitled) +1
#7 - no it's just Jew. 05/01/2014 on brilliant +1
#59 - I thought Matt Smith's entire tenure on Doctor Who was a compl…  [+] (8 new replies) 05/01/2014 on Doctor On Board +15
#68 - voltwaffle (05/01/2014) [-]
I thought Series Five was quite good but Series Six is some of the worst writing I've ever seen in television. Season Seven was okay but it had no real arc or story to speak of. It's not Matt Smith that I hate but the series' lead writer, Steven Moffat. He writes the show as if it were a mystery instead of high concept science fiction. The last few specials seem to pushing the show in the right direction, though. Here's to hoping we get a new showrunner sooner rather than later.
#139 - tacoperson (05/01/2014) [-]
I couldn't agree more.

What's worse is when moffat writes in a cliffhanger and resolves it a minute into the next episode. "Oh no, we're surrounded by cybermen! whatever will we do!"
then the doctor used his sonic screwdriver, and they ran away, the end. (that's an actual two parter episode too, though I don't remember the episode name.)
User avatar #77 - gitanisme (05/01/2014) [-]
Steven Moffat brought us the Weeping Angels and the Empty Child though, while Davies brought us...well, farting aliens ?
#80 - voltwaffle (05/01/2014) [-]
He brought us characters that felt more real and natural, story arcs that actually made sense, and most important of all: emotion.
User avatar #82 - gitanisme (05/01/2014) [-]
I don't mind unrealistic characters, this is a sci-fi show. Only Donna was funny. Rose was just some random blonde bitch, and I hated the cheesy love story between Tenth and her. Martha was just boring.
Story arcs don't always make sense with Davies too. Why the fuck is Rose back on season 4 ? What was the point of Doomsday ?
I felt much more emotion when Amy got killed than when Rose left for two seasons before coming back out of nowhere.
User avatar #88 - voltwaffle (05/01/2014) [-]
Well, I admit that some of your points are valid and I'll certainly agree with you with Martha but Rose is definitely my favorite companion due to the fact the she is just another normal person. The reason everyone was brought back in the finale of Series Four is because, at the time, Moffat had already stated that he was planning on a clean start when he took over and did not plan on bringing back any of the characters. As for what happened with Amy and Rory in The Angels Take Manhattan, it would have gone over a lot better if it hadn't been publicly declared months in advance that Karen and Arthur were leaving the show. This, of course, all boils down to personal preference. If you'd like, I could link you an article that explains the difference between Davies and Moffat much better than I can.
#65 - fareastbrainseer (05/01/2014) [-]
I don't blame Matt Smith for the decline in Doctor Who. He's different as the Doctor, and I think it's fun, but I don't think Steven Moffat is a good head writer on this show. He should stick to doing a few episodes now and then, because that's what he's good at. Also, Sherlock. That honestly should the show he spends most of his time on.
#64 - pootismang has deleted their comment.
#37 - This show is on Netflix, correct? Anyone? Follow-up …  [+] (5 new replies) 05/01/2014 on floating away 0
#108 - anonymous (05/01/2014) [-]
I think it's finalized at 4 seasons. A nice medium-sized show.
#113 - anonymous (05/01/2014) [-]
Sorry. It finished at a 5th season, but in my last run through the series, Netflix only showed 4. I think it's back to 5.
#46 - ltjhpxirs has deleted their comment.
#43 - anonymous (05/01/2014) [-]
The series is completed, and all on Netflix.
#39 - oldfags (05/01/2014) [-]
Yes, and there's 100 episodes, so I'm pretty sure your set for a while friend.
#15 - I wrote my book using Garamond, they told us that Times New Ro… 05/01/2014 on Choosing Classy Fonts +1
#108 - The man's from NY, you dill-hole. 05/01/2014 on that last panel… +1
#32 - Community, by the looks of it... 05/01/2014 on MIA 0
#61 - I honestly wish I had advice to give on how to meet this type …  [+] (1 new reply) 04/30/2014 on ...I HAVE A DREAM... +1
User avatar #63 - thelastelephant (04/30/2014) [-]
*rolls dice* COME ON, NATURAL 20!

Either way, I appreciate it. I tend to have luck that comes and goes, so we'll see what happens.
#299 - Yeah, I was more expecting the latter...was not surprised in t… 04/30/2014 on Uprising in the Occupied... +1
#161 - Picture 04/30/2014 on Famous Last Words -2
#293 - Were you expecting something different?  [+] (2 new replies) 04/30/2014 on Uprising in the Occupied... 0
User avatar #298 - thinemother (04/30/2014) [-]
Well I was expecting terrorist jokes and the usual people who complain about Jews telling someone they are a "good Goyim". But everyone seems to be doing the second thing.
User avatar #299 - secretdestroyers (04/30/2014) [-]
Yeah, I was more expecting the latter...was not surprised in the slightest
#292 - Picture 04/30/2014 on Uprising in the Occupied... +3
#56 - Not necessarily. Some people like to treat their girlfriends o…  [+] (4 new replies) 04/30/2014 on ...I HAVE A DREAM... 0
User avatar #62 - kanduhuskedetder (04/30/2014) [-]
As do I, bro.
The thing is I did not always have that kind of money too. I basically lived off of my gf's money at the end of the month, but she took it with a smile. One day not so long ago, she moved in with me and I threw our money together. Now I have a job, and we finally both have money to treat each other like we think we deserve to be treated. This very day I actually bought her shoes and she bought me a new headset. This may seem materialistic to you, but we both know that if everything should go to shit, we'd still have each other.
User avatar #59 - thelastelephant (04/30/2014) [-]
I'd also prefer to not be a mooch. The relationship you describe is what I'd like, really. Just in terms of reciprocating, I'd be falling short on my end.
User avatar #61 - secretdestroyers (04/30/2014) [-]
I honestly wish I had advice to give on how to meet this type of woman, but I can't. I met my girlfriend entirely by accident, we went as the same thing for Halloween (the 10th Doctor) and then were introduced through a mutual friend.

Screw what Obi-Wan Kenobi said, sometimes there is such a thing as blind, dumb luck!
User avatar #63 - thelastelephant (04/30/2014) [-]
*rolls dice* COME ON, NATURAL 20!

Either way, I appreciate it. I tend to have luck that comes and goes, so we'll see what happens.
#8 - That sounds like what an Aussie says after going down on his g… 04/30/2014 on The true ending to Mario +2
#31 - Jesus, seems like he had some anger issues, amirite?  [+] (1 new reply) 04/30/2014 on So you're telling me... +3
User avatar #32 - gibroner (04/30/2014) [-]
he seemed to have to quite a few issues
#29 - This did not happen all on the same day, I hope...  [+] (3 new replies) 04/30/2014 on So you're telling me... +14
User avatar #30 - gibroner (04/30/2014) [-]
not on the same day but he did get arrested and when he did I laughed because on more than one occasion I had people give me shit for saying that I thought he was a shit bag they'd all say "oh no he's such a nice kid" which I have no idea why the fuck they would think that considering he also spent time in juvy for stabbing his sister
User avatar #31 - secretdestroyers (04/30/2014) [-]
Jesus, seems like he had some anger issues, amirite?
User avatar #32 - gibroner (04/30/2014) [-]
he seemed to have to quite a few issues
#37 - Took me a couple of minutes....but laughs were had. 04/30/2014 on Mushrooms +3
#102 - Picture 04/30/2014 on Engineering School Project +5
#20 - Picture 04/29/2014 on This Is Real 0
#62 - Oh, god, my sides have never been more split! 04/29/2014 on Its all gone now 0
#10 - "Rub your chest, your arms can take care of themselves..." 04/29/2014 on Fukken Vest 0
#1 - Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum. I smell Kraft Dinner!  [+] (1 new reply) 04/29/2014 on KraftDinner +4
#2 - typeonegative (04/29/2014) [-]
You're a dick scott
#15 - "Galifinignog"  [+] (1 new reply) 04/29/2014 on missed +10
#18 - datlaugh has deleted their comment.
#20 - Oh god, dat description. I lost it at "swe…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/29/2014 on Its all gone now +2
User avatar #62 - secretdestroyers (04/29/2014) [-]
Oh, god, my sides have never been more split!

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User avatar #41 - misanthrizzle (05/03/2014) [-]
ya fuck you too buddy
User avatar #39 - phudgepacker (11/25/2013) [-]
i added you because smashing pumpkins
User avatar #40 to #39 - secretdestroyers (11/25/2013) [-]
Good call, mate. I had a nice laugh with your username...
#38 - anonymous (11/25/2013) [-]
The world is a vampire..
#37 - thechosentroll (07/25/2013) [-]
This image has expired
Good day. Have you accepted Slaanesh as your lord and drug dealer yet?
#26 - chiktikkavaspaus (03/26/2013) [-]
Heres that Nasty Shit you ordered.

This image was flagged 0 minutes ago
User avatar #27 to #26 - secretdestroyers (03/26/2013) [-]
Damn it, it got flagged....again.
User avatar #28 to #27 - chiktikkavaspaus (03/26/2013) [-]
Hm.....when does it say it was flagged?
User avatar #29 to #28 - secretdestroyers (03/27/2013) [-]
Like...0 minutes ago. Well, it wasn't me, that's for damn sure!
User avatar #30 to #29 - chiktikkavaspaus (03/27/2013) [-]
Says 0 minutes for me too........................you must have a ton of people on your profile just waiting to.........flag stuff.......
User avatar #31 to #30 - secretdestroyers (03/27/2013) [-]
Maybe Fj just won't let you post things if they've been flagged already. Btw, you haven't gotten banned yet?
User avatar #32 to #31 - chiktikkavaspaus (03/27/2013) [-]
I know........strange..........it's like it's rigged or something..........
User avatar #20 - muzikmafia (11/12/2012) [-]
Are you going to be a good boy tonight, secretdestroyers?
User avatar #21 to #20 - secretdestroyers (11/12/2012) [-]
User avatar #18 - paesani (11/05/2012) [-]
I hope you die in a fire.
User avatar #17 - jettripleseven (11/05/2012) [-]
walt kills mike and hank finds out about the meth business while on the toilet
User avatar #16 - badasstoaster (11/05/2012) [-]
I hope you get fucked by thousands of fat greasy men.
User avatar #15 - muzikmafia (11/05/2012) [-]
And what's weird is that you didn't even open a troll account, you have time invested here.

Just want to watch the world burn?
User avatar #14 - muzikmafia (11/05/2012) [-]
Hey troll

I bet you're a 13 year old who's daddy just allowed him free reign of the internet and decided the first thing he'd do would be to mess with strangers.

Eat a dick
User avatar #13 - TuhRainbowLlama (11/05/2012) [-]
#12 - robbydarko (11/05/2012) [-]
You're a bloody cunt. May the man that murders you have mercy on your ungreatful soul
User avatar #10 - shazmothree (11/05/2012) [-]
You're the scum of funnyjunk, cancerous bastard.
#4 - azsx (11/05/2012) [-]
User avatar #9 to #4 - secretdestroyers (11/05/2012) [-]
Well, if you live or go to college in Vermont, you could figure that out relatively quick....good luck!
#11 to #9 - azsx (11/05/2012) [-]
im from sweden so dont get your hopes up
User avatar #3 - parttimepimp (11/05/2012) [-]
I will find you, and then rape your living soul with movie spoilers.
User avatar #1 - HomerSimpson (11/05/2012) [-]
You're a huge faggot.
User avatar #2 to #1 - secretdestroyers (11/05/2012) [-]
I know....
#5 to #2 - azsx (11/05/2012) [-]
can you please stop it?
User avatar #7 to #5 - secretdestroyers (11/05/2012) [-]
Yeah, ok, I guess....
#8 to #7 - azsx (11/05/2012) [-]
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