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User avatar #56 - ViXi
(08/10/2012) [-]
Oh dear god what have I done...
My bear training strategy has gone above and beyond what I expected.
I sent several bears out to the wild to recruit more, but instead they trained others themselves. It spread faster than I ever could have imagined.
The bears amassed and militarized, all they knew was their training and disdain of birds. When I rode out to find what happened they remembered me from their stories and made me their leader.
Meanwhile, the birds have searched for me and my bounty. They continued to evolve by mating various other animals and.. objects. I only fear the day some horny avian decides to bang an advanced robot. But god knows the abominations that lie within their ranks.
They've taken over my base and turned it into a massive nest headquarters, a mistake on their part, I began to train the bears in infiltration and espionage, but progress is slow.
The birds came to the conclusion that they are the master race, and to assert their dominance they decided to take out all other intelligent races starting with the one who knows their roots, me. But when they realized I made a second intelligent race, birds' focus expanded to include the bears.
When the birds found out about the bear army they began to besiege the forest fortress, luckily we foresaw this and fortified all the trees with giant metal spikes. As they struggle with the barricades we dig our way underground where the birds' wings are useless.
On the front-lines the two forces are clashing, an all out war has begun and I am the cause. May god forgive me for what I have done...

P.S. As the fortress is currently under siege and the whole area is swarming with the dreaded scout birds I cannot get the alcohol and candy out without being detected.