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I write books for a living, well, as much of a living as a 20 year old male can make writing books in his living room. >.>

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#147 - Kid at my school had aspergers Didn't know Thought he …  [+] (1 new reply) 07/21/2013 on Keep the change ya filthy... 0
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#156 - clifford (07/21/2013) [-]
No, I only made it half way through 5th grade, from there I had a teacher come to my house. By that time when I looked at a school work I got very loud verbal tics and extreme paranoia, so bad that I ended up under the counter screaming my head off. The teacher was smart enough to tell this was clearly not going to work but had to come over anyway don't get me wrong I was learning all sorts of things just nothing from my text books or anything from the school (having bad teachers that were ignorant of my problems from an early age fucked me royally when it came to anything school related), until I dropped out at 18. I'm doing better now but I'm a long way, and will always be from being what society thinks is normal. Sorry for the story. If you want to find the guy try looking up his last name in the phone book and asking for "insert name here" just tell the other person (granted if it's not them/) that you were friends with him and you might just find him, hope this helps. Also let this be a lesson in your life to not care what others think of you just for who you hang out with.
#114 - okay, there are just way too many commas in this, I'm sorry. 07/19/2013 on Long live the king 0
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okay, there are just way too many commas in this, I'm sorry.
#178 - saved your down thumb, anyway I'm in that boat as well. I don'… 07/19/2013 on Logging out +1
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#44 - Plate = 90 pounds total a 45 on each side. 07/18/2013 on Chest day 0
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