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#272 - **ryanmck rolls 547,632,884** k  [+] (5 new replies) 08/01/2013 on SFW Random Board 0
User avatar #278 - hahdumbbirch (08/01/2013) [-]
**hahdumbbirch rolls 313,126,473**
User avatar #274 - xgrandmoffx (08/01/2013) [-]
**xgrandmoffx rolls 218,116,909**
User avatar #279 - ryanmck (08/01/2013) [-]
**ryanmck rolled user zetsumeitaka ** eat a dick
#281 - xgrandmoffx (08/01/2013) [-]
**xgrandmoffx rolled a random image posted in comment #29 at LESBIANISM.....? ** No, eat this.
#359 - Thank you for the new wall paper. 07/30/2013 on zombies +1
#4151537 - what? 07/24/2013 on Play items 0
#4151514 - Ok fuck it black daddy you've been pushing the item game o…  [+] (3 new replies) 07/24/2013 on Play items 0
User avatar #4151524 - tentaquil (07/24/2013) [-]
be advised:
gibe itoms pl0x
User avatar #4151537 - ryanmck (07/24/2013) [-]
#4151515 - kyronic has deleted their comment.
#38 - I constantly buy games from Steam sales when I stilled haven't… 07/16/2013 on ALL HAIL THE MAGIC CONCH 0
#107 - I fucking love you and whoever made this picture. 07/04/2013 on Glorious PC master race -1
#117 - 4chan, well specifically /b/ is fucking boring. It's fucking c… 07/04/2013 on Monitoring 4chan +2
#1603 - hey it worked! thanks DJ 4DM1N i love u 5ever. 06/29/2013 on Ask DJ 4DM1N for colored text 0
#1602 - Give me white colored text please.  [+] (1 new reply) 06/29/2013 on Ask DJ 4DM1N for colored text 0
User avatar #1603 - ryanmck (06/29/2013) [-]
hey it worked! thanks DJ 4DM1N i love u 5ever.
#170 - >If you remember this you had a great life. >Remembe… 06/26/2013 on Golden Age Of Gaming Part 2 +11
#10 - What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bi…  [+] (1 new reply) 06/24/2013 on Said no Assassin ever +18
#11 - cancerlobster (06/24/2013) [-]
would you like a picture of this?
#5 - You'd be amazed at how oblivious and out of it all the crackhe… 06/23/2013 on Oh shit! +1
#93 - Me too but it's a guilty pleasure. 06/20/2013 on The Irish +1
#5 - What is "cash back" all I can think of is that one b…  [+] (9 new replies) 06/20/2013 on The Irish 0
User avatar #34 - colegaleener (06/20/2013) [-]
I liked that movie..
User avatar #93 - ryanmck (06/20/2013) [-]
Me too but it's a guilty pleasure.
#8 - ghostlytaco has deleted their comment.
User avatar #32 - grocer (06/20/2013) [-]
Actually, most stores will only keep around £250 in their tills at a time, removing it throughout the day. Barely anyone ever asks for cashback to make a dent in the daily sales. I know as I am a grocer.
#61 - ghostlytaco has deleted their comment.
User avatar #94 - grocer (06/21/2013) [-]
We ask customers if they want cashback as the service costs nothing to us. It just means that there is slightly less cash to have to pay into the bank at the end of the day.

I'm not sure that there is a good definition on here yet so:
Cashback is when the checkout staff will give you some cash from your own account. In this way, they are acting like an ATM. That is all.
User avatar #9 - Dakafal (06/20/2013) [-]
I never thought about that. That makes a lot of sense.
User avatar #6 - carpediam (06/20/2013) [-]
You can take an extra amount of money out of your account at a convenience store with cash back. Basically he'll still pay the 20, and still get 18.97 in change.
#7 - anonymous (06/20/2013) [-]
So that's what that option is.. I've always wondered.. I could have taken out my rent money there instead of hunting down a bank..
#61 - Still need to have kinect always plugged in. Also this should … 06/20/2013 on Xbox Partially Fixed? 0
#23 - I've been on /b/ since 1995 06/17/2013 on Self Esteem +1
#39 - I'm one of the few who likes her better with short hair I think. 06/08/2013 on Enjoy -1
#10 - Teen titans 06/07/2013 on JESUS +1
#6 - Stop still too soon. 06/07/2013 on quite fashionable +11
#59 - You'd think that until I no life and finish them in a week and… 06/07/2013 on Title 0
#39 - Okay it is now my goal to find that abandoned subway in NYC an… 06/07/2013 on places 0
#43 - Comment deleted  [+] (2 new replies) 06/06/2013 on the art of the troll -4
#72 - jakatackka (06/06/2013) [-]
Most phones have all-plastic casing, so unless you've taken your phone apart, you might never know that there's metal inside. And deleting system32 is easy to recover from. You can use a Windows recovery disc, or boot to the backup partition that most computer companies include standard. Worst case scenario, you have to reinstall Windows. Your data is still intact after wiping system32, so the most you'll spend is maybe $100 to get it repaired (or much less if you know a computer nerd). It's still not a cool thing to do, but at least it doesn't have any lasting damage.

Destroying a $700 phone fries every component, destroys all of your data, and sets you back $700. If you're locked into a cell phone contract, usually you have to keep paying it, because cell service providers are just assholes like that.
#113 - anonymous (06/06/2013) [-]
he said it was an iPhone.

iPhones are cased in metal on the sides.
#42 - You're a faggot OP. Not for tricking the idiot into microwavin… 06/06/2013 on the art of the troll +2
#17 - If this is the thunder on Sunday in NYC then I don't judge the… 06/04/2013 on Thunder is scary 0
#49 - Margery is my favorite 06/04/2013 on No hoverhands for Samwel... +4
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