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#27 - Where's the second to last one from?  [+] (1 new reply) 03/28/2015 on Assorted Internets 12.5 :... 0
#29 - charleyman (03/28/2015) [-]
#255 - Because they don't advocate for women's rights, they advocate … 03/26/2015 on Marine takes a stand... +2
#38 - been curious about eve, figured i might ask now, how viable is…  [+] (2 new replies) 03/21/2015 on Chick streamers 0
#49 - shigiddy (03/21/2015) [-]
As a new player, mine mine mine.
#39 - stonedhamster (03/21/2015) [-]
RMT is not allowed.
#3 - Wise words from vegitolikesnipples but yeah sexual frustr… 03/21/2015 on Love and happiness +1
#54 - Neither do most people which is why its easier to replace gend… 03/20/2015 on Jew culture 0
#137 - Being previledged makes you live an easy, comfortable life. An… 03/20/2015 on tumblr +2
#96 - wow, its like watching the actual show 03/20/2015 on Actual hell 0
#49 - seriously, what's up with that? 03/20/2015 on Murica 0
#370 - thanks! 03/20/2015 on Doublethink +1
#59 - fyi, I'm talking about my person experience with gypsies which… 03/19/2015 on Snakes and People +2
#58 - Gypsys are ****** people 90% of the time because they g…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/19/2015 on Snakes and People +8
User avatar #59 - ryander (03/19/2015) [-]
fyi, I'm talking about my person experience with gypsies which is limited to my city, dunno if they're like this everywhere
#336 - I want that sauce bro  [+] (2 new replies) 03/19/2015 on Doublethink 0
#359 - kulamia (03/19/2015) [-]

It's shitty, but as any good college student would say- just read the citations at the bottom.

Might have to search for 'John Money(kinda of surprised I didn't remember that shitbag's name) boy experiment' or something.
User avatar #370 - ryander (03/20/2015) [-]
#528 - can you link to the sources on this? sorry to bother  [+] (1 new reply) 03/18/2015 on Holy Tumblr 0
User avatar #529 - Stamyham (03/18/2015) [-]
I'm a psych major and read this in a textbook a while back, but I can probably find something.


You can look up some papers written by him if you wanted to, as well. Before that, except in some psychology circles, the term gender was rarely used except in cases of grammar.
#401 - To quote a comment above: "It's called appeasement. You g… 03/17/2015 on Holy Tumblr 0
#209 - Feminists are notorious for sabotaging men's rights co… 03/16/2015 on The Sound Of Feminism +1
#330 - "intelligence quotient, a number representing a person's …  [+] (1 new reply) 03/10/2015 on fucking kids 0
User avatar #331 - compared (03/10/2015) [-]
Thanks for using a comparison, hope you are well.
#297 - This is so ******* retarded. There studies proving how …  [+] (3 new replies) 03/10/2015 on fucking kids 0
User avatar #325 - thefrozen (03/10/2015) [-]
IQ doesn't matter as far as I know , also Im a straight A student and I got spanked as a young child.
Where did these statistics come from as I want to see their reliability.
Could also just be how often or hard they do it or something, and that could be a reason Im exempt from it.
I've got a friend with 140 or higher IQ who's pretty dumb still got viruses multiple times because in his words "Its tempting"
User avatar #330 - ryander (03/10/2015) [-]
"intelligence quotient, a number representing a person's reasoning ability (measured using problem-solving tests) as compared to the statistical norm or average for their age, taken as 100." Yeah i'd say it probably matters a little bit.

Getting straight A's doesnt make you smart, it means you're adamant about memorizing shit. And due to the wonderful nature of public education its sadly going to be a lot of useless shit you're likely to forget.

Because you were spanked, despite no proof it makes you behave, does that mean others should be too? I've seen this argument used a lot when people are abused and internalize their abuse, like for example in circumcision, even though its genital mutilation, when some people were abused they defend it to death because they internalized it, somehow believing it was a necesary evil and it MUST be dished out on others, rather than just waiting for people to make that choice themselves or looking for other solutions, its pretty sad. "I was X and I came out fine", as if by being X you somehow became better.

Welp, there you go, facts are in the description. Don't think your opinion will change since you're pretty adamant but hey no harm in checking it out.

I got 115 once and 130. Online tests though, rather than tests given by a psychologist, so ofc its not feasible. Altough I aced the IQ tests given by the psychologist to our class. Felt a bit proud
User avatar #331 - compared (03/10/2015) [-]
Thanks for using a comparison, hope you are well.
#60 - relatively rare, i perceive it to be increasingly so. you can … 03/05/2015 on justagirlthings 0
#17 - He's talking about this common fad where women have been choos…  [+] (2 new replies) 03/05/2015 on justagirlthings +2
#58 - anonymous (03/05/2015) [-]
pretty sure it is incredibly rare and reserved for full mentals
User avatar #60 - ryander (03/05/2015) [-]
relatively rare, i perceive it to be increasingly so. you can see that shit on tumblr, common in radical feminism. tumblr is both an asylum and an echochamber. disturbing place.
#79 - Picture 03/04/2015 on oh damn +13
#195 - Yes, I understand, but you have to understand that just becaus… 03/01/2015 on Muslim Comics 0
#191 - This is a lot to look over and i'll be doing so slowly. I hope… 03/01/2015 on Muslim Comics 0
#139 - Picture 03/01/2015 on Garbage men get a kick ass... +2
#182 - holy **** . this sounds like it came straight out of a w…  [+] (4 new replies) 03/01/2015 on Muslim Comics 0
User avatar #183 - timmywankenobi (03/01/2015) [-]
Of course, I have more links and pdf's then you could possible imagine.

How circumcision makes doctor lots of money

Foreskin Sale! www.atcc.org/ATCCAdvancedCatalogSearch/ProductDetails/tabid/452/Default.aspx?ATCCNum=PCS-110-010&Template=primaryCells

Related Reading:

German Factory Uses Foreskin to Grow Human Skin: www.drmomma.org/2011/12/german-factory-uses-infant-foreskin-to.html

The Foreskin in Oprah's Facecream: www.drmomma.org/2009/10/foreskins-in-oprahs-facecream.html

Are Foreskins the New Botox? www.drmomma.org/2010/04/article-asks-are-infant-foreskins-new.html

Stealing Foreskin: The Science of Skin Grafting: www.drmomma.org/2009/12/stealing-foreskins-science-of-skin.html

Foreskin Facecream: thetyee.ca/Views/2007/01/30/Foreskin/

Circumcision Profit Flow Chart:

Are YOU Paying for Infant Circumcision? www.drmomma.org/2010/12/are-you-paying-for-infant-circumcision.html
Elephant in the Hospital


Foreskin for sale: $155/500オg = $310,000/g = $8,788,345/oz.


This document outlines the deaths caused by circumcision in the US.


12 men held down and knife raped.
Wondering who was responsible, and knowledgeable about NOW(the largest world organization for Feminism) funding 26,000,000 of these, I decided to investigate a bit on where MGM gets pushed in Kenya, and found this conglomerate site:
User avatar #191 - ryander (03/01/2015) [-]
This is a lot to look over and i'll be doing so slowly. I hope i dont forget! I'll respond to you soon
User avatar #184 - timmywankenobi (03/01/2015) [-]
Looking at the other funders from the NASCOP website will sicken you, quotes like the following:

"Wives and mothers play an important role in convincing their husbands and sons to go for VMMC. It is important for them to understand the health benefits of VMMC for both their husbands/sons ..."
"The choice for VMMC should not be the sole decision of the male partner. Ideally this matter should be discussed at family level before the men (or man) in the family go for the procedure. "

FHI, a social warrior Justice group in the funding list:
"Our staff includes experts in health, education, nutrition, environment, economic development, civil society, gender equality, youth, research and technology ・creating a unique mix of capabilities to address today's interrelated development challenges. FHI 360 serves more than 70 countries and all U.S. states and territories."
---Don't think this is a left right issue??? This group pushes Global Warming alarmism, "gender equality"", rape culture hysteria, MGM, and more in over 70 countries.

Aphia appears to be funded again by another US organization USAID.

Engender's "about us" section has a nice propaganda video focused solely on women's health, and calling out to women to support their website, without even mentioning their work towards continent wide genital mutilation.

It should be abundantly clear that two main forces are behind these 12 men's tragedies: Feminism, and the US government.

A related article posted just yesterday:

Included in this is over 150 million dollars in "aids prevention".
That's right 150,000,000$$ part of which is being spent to actively and forcefully attack, subdue, and genital mutilate adult men, and helpless boys.
User avatar #185 - timmywankenobi (03/01/2015) [-]
If you need more links let me know I don't want to get banned for spamming again.
#179 - No, its 1/3. 03/01/2015 on Muslim Comics 0


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