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#153 - not my band, but of a friend of mine's. this is actually prett…  [+] (1 reply) 04/06/2014 on Definition of the musician 0
#154 - doktorwhat (04/06/2014) [-]
that's pretty sweet. except for the vocals. I am a HUGE Tool fan. Actually, my next album should be out in a few months - there is a lot more heavy and contemplative (and of course psychedelic) shit on there. I'll definitely be making a post here once it's up so everyone can have a listen.

#232 - As cancerous as this is, he's got a point. Nowadays "anti…  [+] (1 reply) 01/19/2014 on Disney princesses... +3
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#260 - flnonymousseven (01/19/2014) [-]
okay that's actually just a bit too far in the opposite direction.

the civil rights movement was anti racist, but it in no way was anti white.
even today, anyone who is truly for antiracism is more in support of equality than anything else.

White washing is bad.
Racism is bad.
anti-white is racist (bad).

anyone who tells you otherwise is deserving of more than a little suspision.

but you need to be able to recognize these things properly. Failing to do so could lead to well intended people arguing and fighting with other well intended people.

the key here: just be reasonable. some characters make more sense to be white, other's don't. as long as they're not just white or whatever race for the sake of being white or whatever race , then there's nothing wrong.

tl;dr anti racist is not anti white. (antiwhite is racist)
#90 - lol, this dude's page is still up. (I'm just guessin…  [+] (2 replies) 09/12/2013 on Lovely Conversation with FB... 0
#96 - funnyfuuuuuu (09/12/2013) [-]
One of her profile pictures had doge in it. I couldn't resist.
#101 - hotmammoth (09/15/2013) [-]
"very scam"
#248 - Are you seriously pretending we recognize that kid? Put his na…  [+] (3 replies) 09/11/2013 on Celebrities over the years 0
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#255 - donaldducksdick (09/11/2013) [-]
Did you never have history text books about Hitler
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#257 - psyachu (09/11/2013) [-]
not with child pics of him. But that does kinda look like Hitler. Put a tiny mustache on him and BAM!
#256 - rumsoulhead (09/11/2013) [-]
Not with pictures of him as a kid. It would've been just fine if you included a picture of a full-grown Hitler next to that one.
#49 - slowpoke.jpg 09/11/2013 on Skyrim logic +1
#18 - Comment deleted  [+] (1 reply) 09/11/2013 on How I feel when I science 0
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#21 - awildniglet (09/11/2013) [-]
Till Halloween season
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