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I just woke up one day and logged onto this awesome site.

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#238 - ilbacondeity (05/24/2012) [-]
Yeah... Yeah... Definetely... mm... That... That looks... That looks like... A real nice... Couch... Over there... Yeah...

I stopped watching porn for a while, my gf fucks me to the point where my junk doesn't work anymore. Also this one was my least favorite.
#253 - ilbacondeity (05/24/2012) [-]
Oh, I'm sorry funny junk for not doing and not liking the same shit as you. Dear lordy, what will I do...
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#279 - ilbacondeity (05/24/2012) [-]
Despite the fact that I laughed at that harder than anything I've laughed at all night, and I've been watching The Community, I feel for you guys.

You shouldn't be jealous, everyone will find someone eventually, it will take time and effort but it will happen, and it'll be worth it for the right person. Hell, you might get even luckier and effort won't even be required and someone will like you for who the fuck you are. Fuck, it took me 18 years to find my first one. We've been together for 3 years and she treated me worse than my asshole treats toilet paper. Then I've had about 8 months of 2 types of pure unadulterated depression till I found someone else, then I just had 1 type of depression. :P And when I found her, other chicks don't even turn me on anymore. We've been together for 3 months (this Saturday) and she's made me happier in that time than I ever was with my ex.

And again, don't be jealous... I only get to see her twice a week, if I'm lucky. And my ex? I used to see that bitch almost every day... Almost. I've had more socktime with my current gf than I did with my ex in like 2 years. Besides, most of you guys on this site are kids, literally, I'm not trying to be offensive, but you are. And those who watch MLP, you should be careful about who you share that info with, hate me or not for saying this, but it's gay imo, I'm sorry. You have plenty of time to find and meet people whether they're nearby or far away. I'm still a kid myself (in the grand scheme of life. I'm actually 22), and my current gf even more so... I should have graduated college this year, and my gf is just about to go into college... Go into... Away... College... Where she's... Away... More away than she is now. :(

tl;dr You guys shouldn't be jealous, though I get why. You will find someone, whether it is the wrong person, so you can have and learn from experiences with them, or it'll be the right person who you'll stay with forever. Unless you're a man slut. Fuck you.
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#300 - ilbacondeity (05/24/2012) [-]
It's okay even if you did thumb me down... They're practically meaningless. Unless it's Lustuad getting banned again... Aww yeee....

But srs. Age is the entire problem with "love." With age comes experience. That's the only thing. The way you feel about someone is perfectly fine, that's good, as long as it's not what you described about the week thing, that's stereotypical teenage dog shit. But, anyway, I felt EXACTLY like how you described about my ex. Dude, 3 years of shitting right in my mouth, I didn't leave her... Because I loved her and thought I could help her be a better person (she had some problems she was aware and willing to work on with me) and that she loved me. But no, when I finally had it, she pretty much goes about face and makes me the bad guy. I told her and thought, "of course I'd love her forever, of course she's the best, of course I'd be there for her no matter what." Guess what? Nope... ALL of my nope. I think she's a horrid person. I wouldn't even think about dreaming about breaking one single sweat to help her out. Although, of course there can be people that are in love and split up and still love each other, it just... didn't work out, but... Fuck that chick. But my current gf? She's younger than my ex and she's only a year older than the age I met my ex at, and guess what... I feel FAR more confident about our relationship, even with the restrictions of not seeing her often and shit like that and her sarcasm (she trolls me hard) and whatever else, than I ever did with my ex. FAR...

All that shit I just said, I only said it because I've experienced it, not because of my age. So, if you actually love this person, and they love you back... But it turns our that they're shit? It's okay, at least now you'll know what shit tastes like, and you'll be able to share your experience with someone who was as ignorant as you once were (I'm not saying you're dumb or some shit, but you know... You're young and shit, you have lots of time to learn).
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#489 - ilbacondeity (05/25/2012) [-]
You don't need luck. You need feels.

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#156 - ecoterrorist (05/15/2012) [-]
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Not in this thread
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#148 - darrelltwo (05/15/2012) [-]
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#1 - He'll only check his mail monthly, though. Every week you can … 05/08/2012 on THE STUPID! IT BURNS!!!!! +1
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