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#18 - From what I've seen and gathered from others, John Oliver went…  [+] (7 replies) 12/16/2015 on Absolutely 2015 +62
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#75 - nigeltheoutlaw (12/16/2015) [-]
As somebody who watches his show during breaks at work, that's so fucking stupidly wrong. Just go on Youtube and watch one of his more recent episodes and you'll see how fucking stupid it is. I've been watching him for a year or so now (and watched the past episodes that interested me) and the only one that came anywhere near the caricature that people paint of Jon Oliver was the immigrant episode. And that episode wasn't even bad in that he was being ridiculous, but rather because it took a very liberal and one sided view of the matter. And I've never heard him say anything akin to "it's 2015, how dare you not conform to my view of the world?!"

Seriously, the people that criticize the dude have probably never seen a single fucking episode and just bandwaggoned on yet another half assed /pol/ meme that is only vaguely grounded in reality.
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#143 - youregaylol (12/16/2015) [-]
Damn /pol/, ruining the image of amazing comedians with so much talent.
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#64 - therealtjthemedic (12/16/2015) [-]
That's why you don't just believe what /pol/ tells you.
#116 - youregaylol (12/16/2015) [-]
that evil /pol/, people need to call them out more

nobody ever mentions /pol/.
#121 - therealtjthemedic (12/16/2015) [-]
When the topic at hand literally boils down to people from /pol/ emigrating to FJ then yeah, you're gonna mention /pol/.
"Sir this is a meeting about the refugee crisis"
"Sir I understand, I am a representation of the author's views, and as such are very calm and polite."
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#125 - youregaylol (12/16/2015) [-]
Ya you're right. I didn't actually see the original comment mention /pol/ so I was wondering why you were mentioning it but I understand now.

You think the reason that people hate this british guy is because they must be from /pol/. It makes total sense, why else would they dislike him. Theres literally no logical reason too.

Its all driven by /pol/, fucking racist cunts, they warp our minds.
#42 - anon (12/16/2015) [-]
And that's why you don't gather from others or only see things others show you.
#104 - Updoot; I asked her out to the Police Awards Banquet I have to…  [+] (2 replies) 12/12/2015 on Dates 0
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#105 - penguinraider (12/22/2015) [-]
how did ut go? :^)
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#106 - roytmustang (12/22/2015) [-]
Pretty good honestly. Going to try and set up another soon.

Man. Dates aren't that bad.
#144 - I've skimmed it. No pr0n. I am disappoint.  [+] (3 replies) 12/10/2015 on Good Feels +1
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#216 - keltainenlumi (12/11/2015) [-]
Pretty hot none or the less
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#180 - kitchendweller (12/10/2015) [-]
Closest thing Ive read to porn by this guy is Nana to Kaoru Arashi (which is a side story off of Nana to Kaoru which is like softcore BDSM hentai). Arashi has some crazy shit in the first half of the series--very hardcore but not full on hentai (still BDSM). Last half of the series will make your heart flutter and teeth hurt from sweetness.
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#163 - zoidz (12/10/2015) [-]
Great romance story though, Amazume Ryuta has some good tease mangas.
#106 - I knew what was going to happen but I read it all anyway. Why?  [+] (1 reply) 12/06/2015 on what the kids are into... +2
#119 - deroderpderp (12/06/2015) [-]
Man, Roy couldn't see shit
#47 - Picture 11/27/2015 on linda got this +5
#43 - If the BoS wasn't so for genocide, I'd be much more cool with …  [+] (1 reply) 11/27/2015 on linda got this +1
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#44 - tenaciouslee (11/27/2015) [-]
That's the only problem I have with BoS.

Their borderline Nazi ideology of basically Aryan only.

If they were a bit more relaxed, and only went after Super Mutants and Feral Ghouls, I'd be okay.

That picture of the Statue of Liberty should not be giving me a chub.

But it is, and now I want porn of it.