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#6 - no tin opener 12/06/2015 on i was helping +12
#1 - Why?  [+] (2 replies) 12/04/2015 on SVB 0
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#7 - foodyquest (12/04/2015) [-]
Superman's story isn't really about external struggles like conventional stories you'd typically expect they are mostly internal. It's a story about a God who admires man kind and strives to be the best human (as in a moral standing ) he can be. He sees that humanity has potential for great evil but great good as well and he really admires that. He also acknowledges that he can fix most of the worlds problems but he believes it up to us to do start it ourselves and he would then help. He doesn't want the human race to become depended on him. Another thing he wants to help human in other ways. when he no busy fighting some sort of disaster he's in his lab trying to find a cure for deadly diseases. Also I like the reason why he is a journalist. Writing is the only thing he has struggled with in his life. Writing is hard for him he has trouble stringing words together. So he decided to make it his profession and be the best he could possibly be at it.

Now I love Batman but has the years go by there are two things that bother me more and more each year.
His no kill rule is ridiculous at this point. He refuses to kill someone as deranged as the joker because he doesn't want to bring himself down to the jokers level. HE WON'T the joker kills because he enjoys hit, he enjoys hurting and killing people he does it because it's fun. So no killing him wouldn't bring Batman down to his level it would stop a murdering lunatic. I'm not talking about just killing every criminal he sees just one guy. This rule is should have a gray area and not be just black and white, the way I see it everything the joker has done is on Batman's hands because he had 1000's of opportunity to drop the bastard. You could say that it's the same with Lex and Supes but it's not. Lex's plan tend to only really affect Superman. He not going after the general population he just wants to get rid of superman (he's sees him as a crutch for humanity to lean upon). Also Superman acknowledges that Lex has potential to do great good for humanity in fact he could probably solve a lot of issues that he can't with his powers( like world hunger) and he always tries to bring that out in him. The Joker is completely Irredeemable and should be put down like a mad dog.
There' also an issue with Batman money. It works when he was a fairly wealth guy but now that he is buy satellites and funding the JL rich he coming off as rich man who beats people up because it's fun. If he really cared about gotham he'd realize that he can do a lot more for is Bruce Wayne than Batman. This guy actually covers this point better than I could with the 1000 characters I have left. Does Batman Need a New Origin?? | IN BOB WE TRUST
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#6 - ljxjlos (12/04/2015) [-]
Because (SPOILER ALERT!) Batman is a faggot

No, but all jokes aside. He kinda is.
#9 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 11/28/2015 on Rainbow Lightning +11
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#11 - iqequalzero (11/28/2015) [-]
The reworked Taric is looking great.