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#52 - when shes a vegan animal lover 05/20/2015 on Perfect date 0
#190 - **robertelee used "*roll picture*"** **robertelee rolled i… 05/20/2015 on So that's why 0
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#5 - just imagine it being mentholated  [+] (16 new replies) 05/17/2015 on boyfriend coming to town +11
User avatar #14 - Tusura (05/18/2015) [-]
As someone with an allergy to menthol.
Oh god no.
User avatar #30 - goobyman (05/18/2015) [-]
you poor bastard
menthol is the best shit
User avatar #32 - Tusura (05/18/2015) [-]
I get the same reaction to Menthol that I do to Cat dander.

My throat closes up, my eyes get puffy and watery. I start sneezing and coughing uncontrollably.

Menthol is supposed to help fight against all those.
I can't do most cough drops, vick's vapo rub, any kind of sports cream.
I have to be careful which body wash I buy.
Having your skin feel like ice, while you can't breathe for the rest of the day is not fun at all.
Thank god for Benadryl.
User avatar #33 - goobyman (05/18/2015) [-]
das not gud
User avatar #34 - Tusura (05/18/2015) [-]
Nope, but I deal with it.

Asthma + Allergies = No sports for me

I would do Ice hockey or something, but I have no balance cause of being half deaf.
I'm destined to sit in front of a computer.
#45 - bwiedieter (05/18/2015) [-]
Naw shit man, ice hocky would´ve been a fantastic choice, too!
User avatar #46 - Tusura (05/18/2015) [-]
I tried just about everything.

Seasonal allergies suck balls. Only time I'm not having issues with allergies is winter.
I wrestled for a year, but with asthma and a tiny stuffy room it got really bad.
I tried lacrosse. I was fairly decent, but again, if I'm out there sneezing, I can't exactly play effectively. Football and soccer were the same concept.

I tried Ice hockey cause my friends Patrick and James both played.
An entire summer, I spent at the Ice hockey rink. It was the same summer that I lost hearing in my left ear though, so that could have been a factor in my balance. Not sure how i'd do now, but there's not much point anymore.

So I sit in front of a computer as a House Spouse, take care of my kids, and cook.

It's a life.
#48 - bwiedieter (05/18/2015) [-]
Cooking is goddamn fulfilling as well. You nurture your family, make sure everyone eats properly and first of all: That it tastes good... I love that. And i´d love a family to cook for.
User avatar #50 - Tusura (05/18/2015) [-]
Luckily, my parents understand my situation as well.
My wife, 2 kids, and I all live with them.
My dad has worked for the Government for 30 years, so he's fairly well off.

I'm blessed to be honest. I just have a fucked up body.
#47 - bwiedieter (05/18/2015) [-]
I was about to say: If you´ve got a home and most of all kids to take care off, it could be much worse. In the end, you just have a different outlet for your energy than the average guy. as long as you´ve got any outlet at all, you´ll be just fine.
User avatar #49 - Tusura (05/18/2015) [-]
I still work out when I can. I play with my kids to the extent that my back will let me.
They know I have an injury, and they're respectful of it.
They understand if I can't continue, simply cause I physically can't continue.

I can walk forever, but running hurts. Standing still though, is the most painful.
User avatar #35 - goobyman (05/18/2015) [-]
can you go to a gym though? being skinny as fuck isn't good.
I'm actually trying to get some definition to my skinny being.
running, too.
running will help with breathing.
User avatar #36 - Tusura (05/18/2015) [-]
Herniated Spinal disc at lumbar 3.

I have a Bowflex, stair master, and stationary bike at my house.
I use my bathroom as a steam room.

I'm not allowed to lift more than 35lbs using my back.
If I can do it with arms alone, or lifting with my legs, that's fine, but not from my back.
It makes working out difficult, but not impossible.

I've never in my 28 years of life had a gym membership. Wish I did, but It's not fiscally important at this moment, especially with the home gym stuff.
User avatar #38 - goobyman (05/18/2015) [-]
jesus fucking christ you poor human soul
User avatar #39 - Tusura (05/18/2015) [-]
It happened 3 years ago when my youngest was only about 2-3 months old.
I picked him up out of his crib. I had bent at the waist, and the added weight causes my back to pop.
Now my spinal disc looks like a Pac-man instead of a circle.
#28 - anonymous (05/18/2015) [-]
As someone without an allergy to menthol.
Oh god no it burns
#21 - what the **** was that 05/16/2015 on When you really think about It 0
#22 - **robertelee used "*roll picture*"** **robertelee rolled i… 05/16/2015 on i wish 0
#9 - **robertelee used "*roll picture*"** **robertelee rolled i… 05/16/2015 on flying fish~flying whale 0
#17 - somebody watched the jeff dunham show last night  [+] (3 new replies) 05/16/2015 on When you really think about It 0
User avatar #40 - mondominiman (05/16/2015) [-]
I heard his show was awful. His specials are amazing but when you make a comedian write new different jokes each week then they tend to suck since they don't have much time to tweak them
User avatar #21 - robertelee (05/16/2015) [-]
what the fuck was that
#120 - cant believe the invited the fat girl 05/16/2015 on spot what shouldn't be there +1

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