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#6 - It's called hentai and it's art. Also, I disagree  [+] (13 replies) 11/29/2016 on You guys are good +8
User avatar
#15 - grimfuck (11/29/2016) [-]
yes, art of pornographic images depicting children. and is illegal in most places.
being "art" to someone doesn't make it okay.
User avatar
#197 - empirennn (11/30/2016) [-]
Illegal to *sell.

User avatar
#198 - grimfuck (11/30/2016) [-]
where you live that its legal to posses and or trade child pornography
User avatar
#203 - empirennn (11/30/2016) [-]
Scribbles on paper is not child pornography.

The reason child pornography is banned is because it's sexual assualt of a child, not because it shows a child having sex.

Learn the basics of law/ethics lol.
User avatar
#206 - grimfuck (11/30/2016) [-]
you are confusing laws with ethics.
Law may say that it has to be an actual photo. ethics says your still a pedophile piece of trash.
User avatar
#208 - empirennn (11/30/2016) [-]
Law and ethics go hand in hand. That's the reason for the law.

The reason drawings are not prosecuted under law for making is that you're basically just taking freedom of expression away from the people.

That and it's a drawing. It's scribbles on paper.

You're so paranoid of pedophiles that I could draw a stick figure and say it's a 2 year old naked and you'd probably get a pitchfork lol.

User avatar
#209 - grimfuck (11/30/2016) [-]
Yes, I am that protective over children you sick fuck.
its a crime not a mental disorder.

You are a degenerate shitstain.
User avatar
#211 - empirennn (11/30/2016) [-]
You're that protective over imaginary children created by me?

Wow, such a brilliant white knight!

That's the point of the thought experiment, that you can't make the distinction between artistic creation and actual, real, living human beings.
User avatar
#220 - grimfuck (11/30/2016) [-]
You are getting off on the idea of fucking children. Yes I am going to be careful of you. Dont like it? dont let people know that you get off on fucking children
User avatar
#246 - empirennn (11/30/2016) [-]
I'm not getting off on anything, it's a thought experiment.

Let me know when you take an ethics/philosophy class kid, because I'd love to see your professors reaction.
#55 - yugiohkris (11/30/2016) [-]
User avatar
#22 - ecthelion (11/30/2016) [-]
Very fine line between artistic and autistic.
User avatar
#7 - timelierg (11/29/2016) [-]
Can't disagree with facts, just sayin'.
#34 - Is this game any good? I might want to support this company.  [+] (21 replies) 11/23/2016 on wish more game companies... +23
#78 - GeneralLeeInsane (11/23/2016) [-]
As a Witcher 3 player, I can attest to CDPR being the best developer around right now. That's right, I said it. No, I don't mean ONE OF the best. I mean, DA BES!
I've been backing out of the pre-order market, as many developers have been releasing half-finished games, and it gives me trust issues. But when pre-orders for Witcher 3 were available, I jumped on the train IMMEDIATELY, because I've seen their work, and I know how they do things.
They're not perfect, and they can't do everything, but they do the best they can, and it shows. I wholly trust CDPR to do a good job.

If anything, CDPR deserves a whole lot more attention than they get.
#114 - anon (11/23/2016) [-]
User avatar
#93 - sketchE (11/23/2016) [-]
theyve made what three games and have a swarm of fans heralding them as the best gaming company. to the point witcher 3 will be used as an example of a perfect rpg in the same argument someone will say the prevault stuff makes fallout 4 not an rpg.

theyve got plenty of attention
User avatar
#152 - GeneralLeeInsane (11/23/2016) [-]
As someone who breaks EVERY game they get.
Witcher 3 had some glitches, some things broke. But most of the things I encountered didn't make me restart the game, manually check for updates, verify files to make damned sure something wasn't missing, fucking things up.
I think the worst thing I had, was one quest, where I was doing the scent trail, that wouldn't advance between points for some reason.
No, CDPR isn't perfect. But they won't drop a half-baked game on release day, and patch it at their leisure, and have the game to a point where it should have been at release, a year after release. Looking at you, BF4. .
User avatar
#176 - sketchE (11/23/2016) [-]
let me just clarify i wasnt saying CDPR was a bad company or that witcher was a bad game. i was just pointing out how you said they need more attention which they most certainly have
#187 - GeneralLeeInsane (11/24/2016) [-]
Honestly, for all the faffing about done over Ubisoft's, EA, and Blizzard's failures Activision|Blizzard owns Infinity Ward, which is where the cuckfucks get their Cawwadootay. , you don't really hear all that much about CDPR.
At least, I don't. But then again CDPR doesn't go around clucking up nonsense, and making game fuels and shit.

Image related: Their fucking references are on fleek.
User avatar
#191 - sketchE (11/24/2016) [-]
but to the main point its just they arent advertised as much. damn near every discussion i come into about rpgs witcher 3 is brought up. ive heard of people not heavily into rpgs play witcher 3 so cdpr is doing fine. they also dont crank out near as many games as other companies so theres going to be less talk
User avatar
#189 - sketchE (11/24/2016) [-]
if that is 3 what did you do to that game holy crap
User avatar
#190 - sketchE (11/24/2016) [-]
yeah that is what the fuck maybe its just the picture but those textures look so bad and ive seen witcher 3 played
#47 - anon (11/23/2016) [-]
If you like RPGs, get this game. If you don't like RPGs, get this game. Its is a great game.
User avatar
#42 - hudge (11/23/2016) [-]
Many argue that Witcher 3 is one of the best games of all time.
User avatar
#64 - blarghagh (11/23/2016) [-]
i like to group it into decades, red dead redemption was the best game of the last decade 2000-2010 and so far witcher 3 is the best one of this decade
User avatar
#75 - hudge (11/23/2016) [-]
Red Dead Redemption? For the 00's? That's a wide range of great games you're putting an Xbox exclusive at the top of.
User avatar
#184 - blarghagh (11/23/2016) [-]
a console exclusive but not an xbox exclusive, half life 2 was good but its just like halo it just drags on and on
User avatar
#117 - rockamekishiko (11/23/2016) [-]
what are you, fucking retarded? RDR is not an xbox exclusive...
#177 - blarghagh has deleted their comment.
User avatar
#180 - rockamekishiko (11/23/2016) [-]
I know but he said xbox exclusive
User avatar
#183 - blarghagh (11/23/2016) [-]
i totally meant to reply to him sorry
#38 - celticcthulhu (11/23/2016) [-]
It's one of the best all around experiences I've ever had with any game. It's visually fucking stunning, the story is compelling even if you haven't played the previous titles or read the books, the choices you make are often times genuinely hard to make... I could go on. Give them your money.

Pic related it's also fucking hilarious.
User avatar
#36 - vinskinator (11/23/2016) [-]
It's great actually. very good graphics and a compelling story so far.

having said that I stopped playing because my pc couldn't handle max settings and I didn't have time, but I feel even worse for pirating it now.. when I upgrade my GPU over the winter I'll probably buy it to support them.
User avatar
#35 - xtrmbragnrytz (11/23/2016) [-]
From what ive played of it, its fuckin great
#1 - Comment deleted  [+] (2 replies) 11/22/2016 on Zoublu Adetyoko Xuctai +2
#4 - anon Comment deleted by
#3 - anon Comment deleted by
#7 - Hi. If you really understand what you're talking about, try to…  [+] (4 replies) 10/23/2016 on Madness 0
User avatar
#9 - epicalania (10/23/2016) [-]
Hi. If you really think I don't understand what I'm talking about, try to consider the effects of even a minor change in regards to buoyancy

>change in pressure is marginal
a marginal change in pressure causes drastic changes in the buoyancy, under five degrees of difference in the water, which will likely happen several times over in bay-water, which has a different temperature gradient due to currents; reflection of the sea-floor; higher heat absorption rates due to contaminants and human interference, will cause about 25kg of difference in the buoyancy, raising the weights they need to carry.

So unless you think a change of 25kg it's not unreasonable, but this isn't 25kg outright, this is 25kg additive is minor, there is nothing wrong with my reasoning. The difference in temperature in a bay between to heights 3 metres apart, and the comparative distance to the shore; difference in contaminant amounts and current paths, is easily enough to cause this change, if not more.
User avatar
#10 - epicalania (10/23/2016) [-]
sorry if I sound pissy, I am right now but it's not your fault. too late to change what I wrote but I'm not trying to be a dick, but I won't give excuses, that reads like a dick when I read it back
User avatar
#12 - rishnock (10/23/2016) [-]
I never accused you of being ignorant. You just jumped on the defensive.

See my comment #8. I made a typo, and you went ham over that typo even though I addressed it.

All I recommended was to try and proof read your responses.
User avatar
#8 - rishnock (10/23/2016) [-]
>gives advice to proof read
>makes a typo

Sorry....... the density of water does not change much with temperature or pressure. See how important my advice is? Maybe I should follow it.
#2 - uploaded in 2009  [+] (3 replies) 10/16/2016 on tim kaine flips out on 11yo... +5
#8 - anon (10/17/2016) [-]
Typical Shills playing the long game.
User avatar
#5 - woozuh (10/17/2016) [-]
User avatar
#3 - rishnock (10/16/2016) [-]
pardon, 2007
#5 - Has pusheen the cat always been this dark? And the m…  [+] (5 replies) 10/09/2016 on How 2 mak Pizza with pusheen 0
#6 - wattlegobbler (10/09/2016) [-]
Nope, but people tend to make Dark shit out of cute stuff in general like robot chicken or hodigedydemon. Just watch shed.mov and you know what i'm talking about
#7 - bumblesquee (10/10/2016) [-]
Don't watch shed.mov. Stop encouraging retards to do retarded shit.
#8 - wattlegobbler (10/10/2016) [-]
Idk i through it was funny and grotesque at the same time
#9 - anon (10/10/2016) [-]
I'm not saying it was bad (I actually thought it was really good too), but some people might be gullible enough to watch it thinking "oh it's just mlp, how gruesome could it get?". Hell, some parents might show it to their kids/grandkids because "hey look ponies!". All I'm sayin' is don't tempt retards into being more retarded.
#10 - wattlegobbler (10/10/2016) [-]
Please, do you really think that this site is full of 12-year olds who can get disturbed by the humour and gore? SMILE.mov was much more disturbing than slicing someones skull open with a chainsaw or talking about teenage pregnancy
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