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#69 - What can I say, that's life. You were just unfortunate.  [+] (2 replies) 09/06/2015 on Its simple 0
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#71 - SmilingJackSmyth (09/07/2015) [-]
You can say that again, but still. Your system isn't helping hard workers. It helps those that can pull the race card.

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#141 - riddlerenigma (09/07/2015) [-]
That's not completely true. One of my Managers is Hungarian and he does get paid more than.
#51 - It doesn't quite work like that l'm afraid. I am more than ha…  [+] (21 replies) 09/06/2015 on Its simple +75
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#154 - ruebezahl (09/07/2015) [-]

The whole situation in Syria and Iraq that is now occuring is a direct result of the invasion of Iraq (to find non-existing weapons of mass destruction) by the US and the UK. This invasion destabilized the region (as had been predicted). The whole ISIS command structure was created by a former member of Saddam Hussein's government.

So morally speaking, the US and the UK are responsible for this refugee situation, and all refugees should be shipped to these countries. It is quite ironic that Germany - a country that refused to join the war against Iraq - is now picking up the vast majority of refugees.
#106 - anon (09/07/2015) [-]
Can't decide if you're a troll or a f*****g idiot.

If you, as a Brit wanted to live in any EU country you can. No visa, no language and no work requirements. Hell, you could f**k off to Spain and claim benefits from the Spanish government as soon as you got there.

Newly arrived refugees are not allowed to claim standard benefits or housing, nor are they allowed to work. Have a read of this

#68 - anon (09/06/2015) [-]
You r a subject, shut the fuck up
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#60 - SmilingJackSmyth (09/06/2015) [-]
Well, no. I went to Britain, lived near BBirmingham for month, and it almost killed me.

I lost 13kg in one month while I was working at Nando's as a griller, with 2/3rd of me and mz childhood friend's salary went to rent. Didn't have money to eat, even though we were both working 12 hour shifts.

When I took out a free day to waste money on traveling to the city proper, I was told I'm not eligible for any benefits, despite the fact the I actually have a job and legal residence, simply because I'm from Hungary (Which is part of the EU)

Finally, I was sacked two weeks before christmas, because they hired some old employee back for the holiday rush.

Oh, another funny thing, we walked past some homeless guy who had piss-soaked pants on, and in his fucking bag, there was some goddamn prime-cut beef.

In conclusion, I went there to work. Slaved for the price of a goddamn beer/hour and got fucked. Hard.
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#120 - thegenuinebashy (09/07/2015) [-]
I wanna know how you got dicked so bad in Birmingham of all places, it's a destitute shithole of a city...
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#81 - nanako (09/07/2015) [-]
You travelled to another country to work as a low level fast food employee?

wtf did you expect would happen?
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#82 - SmilingJackSmyth (09/07/2015) [-]
oh yeah, teach me your ways, senpai.

Stay in your basement you fucking weeb, and keep wisecracking to your waifu
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#83 - nanako (09/07/2015) [-]

look, if you want to migrate to another country for work, here's what you do

1. Develop a high end valueable skill.
2. Get a well paid job for a large company in your own country
3. Either ask to be transferred to a foreign branch of your company, or enter negotiations with a foreign company, offering your experience and qualifications
4. One or the other will hire you. sign an employment contract, sponsor your visa application, and probably pay your travel costs, as well as giving you guaranteed employment for some period

If you just wander over to some other country with no skills, hoping to find a job when you get there, you have no right to complain about anything but your own choices.

tl;'dr, you're doing it wrong
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#85 - SmilingJackSmyth (09/07/2015) [-]
And why I got so pissed off is because this advice comes from shortsightedness.

Guess what, not everyone gets to sit comfortably while they develop a marketable skill.

Maybe the job market in your own country is even worse.

I don't even feel like explaining further. Point is, if I had other options, I'd have stayed in a white country, instead of cooking chicken on a hot-ass grill, getting my skin burned off from the oven and get paid shit for it.
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#393 - nanako (09/08/2015) [-]
I walked into an entry level IT job with no qualifications other than my word that i could totally do it.
I totally couldn't, but i learned. So much. And it was stressful. but now i have experience in administrating samba networks

you don't have to be comfortable to learn

i have also selftaught a huge mass of programming and design skills too.
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#119 - laseneph (09/07/2015) [-]
Wait wait wait wait, so let me get this straight. You travel to a country with (for lack of a better word) status above your previous, with no marketable skill, and what? You expect to be living the good ol' first world life? Just because you bounce a border or two doesn't mean your suddenly able to make lots of money, those who do this often wind up in the same socio-economic status as they were before they left or even worse. Then, you have the audacity to call someone else's advice "shortsighted" while offering no information of your own to the contrary. But let's move onto some maths rather than name-calling as your whole story sounds fishy.

Okay, so, you stated you work at Nando's, which like most other fast food chains is reputedly known for low wages With a single search I've amazingly found www.indeed.co.uk/No-Experience-jobs-in-London that has over 20 pages of generally no experience job vacancies, but let's forget that for now. - but it could be all you could get so let's move on. Now while I have no clue where or how long you were working but I'm going to assume it was around £4.37/hr ($6.64USD/hr) - 2*40hr week for an average of £350 - "320-380 every two weeks" which you stated. Now this can either mean that they are underpaying your minimum wage by £2.33 per hour OR that you are on part-time and clocking less than 40 hours a week in work. So to conclude from that you are either working an illegal wage, working part-time and not full-time, or lying through your teeth. The last of this is most likely as no one in their right mind would pay £250 ($379USD) for two weeks accomodation, two weeks being an average of 46% of a month (taking into account months average 30.43 days in length - I will cut the 0.43 for the sake of these calculations ). By this, you pay £534.8 ($812.55USD) a month for single, house-share accommodation - By comparison my brother living in a (Haslemere, Surrey) house share pays £384 ($583.43USD) a month including gas/water/electric.

So, to conclude you are in the bottom 3% of UK income according to government statistics from 2013 (due to inflation you are more likely in the bottom 2% of 2015), well below the poverty line for the UK (£206/week), spending ~£6408 of your ~£9100 salary on house-share accommodation and somehow surviving on ~£2692 for all other expenditures while working part-time/illegal hours at Nandos. In short I find it VERY hard to believe that someone like you exists on a comedy based imageboard with 13189 content views (I have 24011 and I view this website multiple times daily for 4 years).

Income based on £350/per 2 weeks * 26,
Housing based on prior monthly calculation * 12.
statistics from:
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#394 - nanako (09/08/2015) [-]
uh, your information about rent is wayyyy wrong.

Mine is £420 a month, and i live in a low value suburban area. If you live in the centre of a major city, you can easily pay thousands a month in rent.
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#396 - laseneph (09/08/2015) [-]
"If you live in the centre of a major city" No fucking shit sherlock, how did you work that one out? When did I ever imply either he or my brother lived in a major city? If he's currently earning income in the lowest 3% do you think he's living in the centre of London? Did I ever say Haslemere was in the centre of the city? Where did I state that rent cannot be higher that what I said? Also, give examples if you're going to spout "nuh uh it can't be that cos mine is £36 more!", are you in a house share? are you in a relationship? Children? These all factor into the cost of housing you silly twonk.

Did you also know that holiday homes in the country can be thousands in rent a week? However does this come into the equation of immigrants finding housing? Probably not.
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#99 - csgtsheep (09/07/2015) [-]
What did you get paid for your work then? Sounds like you got fucked in the arse by where you worked. Cause I work full time on minimum wage and if I had the job I have, in birmingham, shared a house and had to pay for my own food I'd still have around half my wage left.
Im interested.
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#101 - SmilingJackSmyth (09/07/2015) [-]
Well, rent was 250 every two weeks. For a barely insulated cabin.

We did try to save as much money as we could. I got paid around 320-380 every two weeks. On paper, it should work, but it really didn't. It was cheaper to get used to being hungry.

And I don't think I got fucked with the wages, it was minimum wage in Nando's, all official.
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#102 - csgtsheep (09/07/2015) [-]
Right cause I just had a quick look for rent in birmingham and if you're sharing with a guy you were overpaying to fuck. its like 550 for a months rent for a 3 bedroom flat.
I just don't understand were you getting under 21 wage or something? I mean 12hour shifts should've been giving you a decent for minimum in a shit job income.
#110 - SmilingJackSmyth (09/07/2015) [-]
Anyway, it's time I crit the hay. Thanks for listening me vent.

Pic unrelated.
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#109 - SmilingJackSmyth (09/07/2015) [-]
Well, from fat fuck to my ribs poking out malnourished in one month, and I got to meet the singer from Grace The Skies, good guy.

And yeah, fucking 20pounds per year would have been too much for that shithole. One room, one kitchen, bedroom/toilet in one.
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#69 - riddlerenigma (09/06/2015) [-]
What can I say, that's life. You were just unfortunate.
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#71 - SmilingJackSmyth (09/07/2015) [-]
You can say that again, but still. Your system isn't helping hard workers. It helps those that can pull the race card.

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#141 - riddlerenigma (09/07/2015) [-]
That's not completely true. One of my Managers is Hungarian and he does get paid more than.
#18 - My specs. Don't buy pre built kids. I feel like I wasted £2…  [+] (5 replies) 09/06/2015 on $400 gaming budget build 0
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#19 - auryn (09/06/2015) [-]
That's what I though too, and it used to be true.

But it turns out that these days pre-built can be just as cheap or even cheaper.
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#22 - xdeathoreox (09/06/2015) [-]
pre-built use shit components to save money.
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#23 - auryn (09/06/2015) [-]
That varies a lot, and on most websites you can pick out each specific part anyway, so that's not an issue at hand either way.

No, I'm really talking about comparing the price of all the parts bought seperately versus buying a pre-built one with the exact same parts.
In some cases it's just as cheap or even cheaper.
User avatar
#24 - xdeathoreox (09/06/2015) [-]
I'm looking right now and you can't get very specific with the parts. I'm looking at the GPU selection and it just says "NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti". Well, knowing these companies, they are going to install this: www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125680.

It's a 750 Ti, but not the best one you can get.

It's the PSU where they really cheap out the most. If you choose just the "Standard" PSU, they will throw in some unknown manufactured PSU that will probably fail within a year.
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#25 - riddlerenigma (09/06/2015) [-]
Much agreed. I'm wanting to upgrade but I'm worried that if I do my PSU will end up bricking my machine.
#27 - Picture 08/30/2015 on Cunning plan 0
#67 - I played it and all I got out of it was the level system in Wo…  [+] (4 replies) 08/14/2015 on Unpopular Game +1
#90 - sharkicopter (08/14/2015) [-]
Can't wait
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#70 - kavrick (08/14/2015) [-]
i'm hyped for it, it looks like it'll actually have content about blood elves, it's kinda dumb how no expansions had anything on them since bc
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#79 - Tyranitar (08/14/2015) [-]
I'm glad to see them get some love, considering their last major plot significance was Jaina running around Dalaran killing them all.
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#80 - kavrick (08/14/2015) [-]
i could really use a scrunchy