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#3 - The first one, at least the dude accepts that he's fat and add…  [+] (3 replies) 12/11/2015 on People being people +5
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#5 - jonnyfrosty (12/11/2015) [-]
"At least he just has HIV, not AIDS"
#10 - anon (12/12/2015) [-]
How dare you, people with HIV and AIDs can be wonderful people.
#11 - anon (12/12/2015) [-]
how can you be a wonderful person if you have AIDS? its like saying that you have cancer.
#29 - Picture 12/09/2015 on Savage 0
#14 - Picture 12/08/2015 on Jedi Mornings +4
#11 - Wait! If someone can't feel pain, doesn't that mean they have…  [+] (4 replies) 12/05/2015 on Feels _ man +13
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#31 - abesimpson (12/05/2015) [-]
Pain is received through receptors nociceptors or something like that and it can be related to pressure but not exclusive.

Nociceptors also, for example, can receive signals from chemical imbalances and just make you feel generally sick or ill. But pressure sensors don't capture that. It doesn't always express itself as pain, it's more of an expression that something is "wrong".

That's why some people believe that lobsters might not feel pain despite having nociceptors because they're not sure how it's actually perceived (and the reason why boiling them alive is legal, apart from sanitary reasons)
#13 - cursedjester (12/05/2015) [-]
Pain is the nerves screaming OH GOD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! such as when you burn your fingertips; Because the nerve endings are being hurt they throw messages at your brain, in order to let it know the body is being damaged, so that it pulls the hand away.

I guess when you have no sense of pain the nerves either don't send this message or your brain doesn't respond / recognise it in some way, so despite being on fire and feeling the heat your brain is not registering this as a "bad" thing.
#18 - hueduebue (12/05/2015) [-]
Actually people with these kinda diseases that causes them not to feel any pain are monitored alot. Because they could be hurting really badly but their brains can't register that. Like say if they had a internal bleeding or fractured bones or whatever. Like they straight up cant know if something is bad in their body or anything.
#12 - cobraghost (12/05/2015) [-]
Nah, different receptors that send a different type of message to the brain.
#18 - Picture 12/03/2015 on (untitled) +1
#6 - Just me?  [+] (7 replies) 12/01/2015 on Epic Candles -2
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#17 - Tusura (12/02/2015) [-]
Yep. Cause everyone else thought of "The Fifth Element" starring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich.
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#24 - captainprincess (12/02/2015) [-]
He might be referring to the fact that the keystone is probably a reference to the 5th element too
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#27 - rainbowhead (12/02/2015) [-]
Well, both have a girl that must save the world, a guy who served in a military and an artifact that helps the girl save the world.
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#29 - captainprincess (12/02/2015) [-]
not BEFORE she sacked a few, I should say
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#28 - captainprincess (12/02/2015) [-]
in a way

I mean kerri saves more than the world
she saves a great many

but not after she sacked a few too
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#32 - rainbowhead (12/02/2015) [-]
She had reasons for killing most of the Terrans and Protoss in HotS, I realized that only after a second playthrough, though. Mengsk deserved to die after all the bullshit she went through, plus Zeratul told her that she needed to prepare for Amon and Mengsk would have obviously given zero fucks if he had to fight yet another army of zerg, terran or protoss.
Blizzard also did a good job at showing her humanity. I also liked that they didn't make Raynor a little bitch and that he understood that there were reasons Kerrigan became zerg-ish again and that the transformation didn't kill a human in her.
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#33 - captainprincess (12/02/2015) [-]
Im not 100% with you the good job of it angle but yea
a decent job I'd say
But still

reasons or not
her actions went on a far greater scale
#25 - This could be useful later on!  [+] (25 replies) 12/01/2015 on Sloths +11
#29 - jaevel (12/01/2015) [-]
#33 - agronimo (12/01/2015) [-]
Why is that rabbit so fucking cute? It makes me question things that should remain unquestioned
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#75 - dtox (12/01/2015) [-]
Well, for starters, the large eyes along with clean, gentle, round-ish facial features lends a great deal towards a very pleasant, as well as human, appearance.
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#76 - agronimo (12/01/2015) [-]
Nah, I think it's the buck teeth. Yeah, definitely the teeth
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#77 - dtox (12/01/2015) [-]
Welp whatever floats you boat bro.
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#67 - fagnut (12/01/2015) [-]
Are you a furry?
#54 - theruse (12/01/2015) [-]
Sweet! Someone is using my reaction pic!
#57 - agronimo (12/01/2015) [-]
I really, really, really liked this image, so I saved it
#36 - jaevel (12/01/2015) [-]
You are not alone.
#34 - anon (12/01/2015) [-]
future furry right here people
#35 - agronimo (12/01/2015) [-]
Not on my watch
#37 - jaevel (12/01/2015) [-]
The seed has been planted. All we need to do now is wait.
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#53 - killorpie (12/01/2015) [-]
wtf is FA?
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#55 - jaevel (12/01/2015) [-]
Fur Affinity. It is an infomus furry website where artists can post furry art. It is for the most part just porn, tough
#39 - agronimo (12/01/2015) [-]
Oh, boi, I can't wait to see what my fursona will look like
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#40 - jaevel (12/01/2015) [-]
Just stay truthful to yourself. If you are a pudgy guy who spends most of his time on the internet with a main diet of junk-food. have it be a pudgy rat. or something.
#41 - agronimo (12/01/2015) [-]
Dis better m8?
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#42 - jaevel (12/01/2015) [-]
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#43 - agronimo (12/01/2015) [-]
So you do wanna yiff? Com'ere, I'll rub against you whilst softly crying. You won't feel clean nevermore
#44 - jaevel (12/01/2015) [-]
Bad touch man, bad touch.
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#50 - killugon (12/01/2015) [-]
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#51 - jaevel (12/01/2015) [-]
I've never seen the film. Any reason for why it broke you?
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#52 - killugon (12/01/2015) [-]
It is just a very sad tale of friendship and sacrifice, here is the link for more info

#45 - agronimo (12/01/2015) [-]
Your loss, my friend
#47 - jaevel (12/01/2015) [-]
Aw fuck this, I'm out of here.