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#373189 - It happened again. I just want to poop on peoples' faces, …  [+] (1 new reply) 03/02/2015 on Hating - file complaints,... +1
#373199 - maddboiy (03/02/2015) [-]
#373152 - That's mean anon I go cry now. 03/02/2015 on Hating - file complaints,... +1
#373150 - **** you anon you're probably that fag rebornpota…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/02/2015 on Hating - file complaints,... 0
#373154 - rebornpotato (03/02/2015) [-]
>Implying i already haven't
but i really have no idea what is going on in this thread now.
#373148 - **** you anon I hate you too 03/02/2015 on Hating - file complaints,... 0
#373146 - my oh my 03/02/2015 on Hating - file complaints,... 0
#373144 - Picture  [+] (2 new replies) 03/02/2015 on Hating - file complaints,... 0
User avatar #373145 - cycloneclone (03/02/2015) [-]
my oh my
he has returned
#373146 - rebornpooper (03/02/2015) [-]
my oh my
#356715 - Poop la Poop? I love that show! 01/09/2015 on Hating - file complaints,... +2
#356713 - these attack on titan have not only pooped me off (I'm a poopi…  [+] (3 new replies) 01/09/2015 on Hating - file complaints,... +1
User avatar #356736 - cyclonezero (01/09/2015) [-]
#356722 - foreveranonymous (01/09/2015) [-]
#356714 - anonexplains (01/09/2015) [-]
you like poop right? this has a toilet in it.....
#356709 - I hate how one person started pooping a poop comp two poops ag…  [+] (2 new replies) 01/09/2015 on Hating - file complaints,... +1
#356711 - thesoulless (01/09/2015) [-]
#356715 - rebornpooper (01/09/2015) [-]
Poop la Poop? I love that show!
#352481 - I have never pooped like a biggest poop than the day I consume… 12/26/2014 on Hating - file complaints,... +1


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#26 - rebornpooper (01/22/2014) [+] (27 replies)
stickied by rebornpooper
Hello, I'm rebornpooper. Welcome to my profile.
User avatar #294 - majormayor (12/19/2014) [-]
What do you think of those "poo poo pee pee" images featuring Pepe (the sad frog) and Wojak (the "feels" guy)?
User avatar #292 - furiousmarshmellow (12/12/2014) [-]
How do you change words in URLs to "poop", yet it goes to original source?
User avatar #293 to #292 - rebornpooper (12/13/2014) [-]
poop magic
User avatar #287 - majormayor (12/11/2014) [-]
#288 to #287 - rebornpooper (12/11/2014) [-]
What the poop did you just ******* poop about poop, you little poop? I’ll have you know I pooped top of my poop in the Navy Poops, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret poops on Poop, and I have over 300 confirmed poops. I am trained in poop and I’m the top pooper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another poop. I will poop on you the **** out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this poop, mark my ******* poop. You think you can get away with pooping that poop to me over the toilet? Think again, pooper. As we poop I am pooping my secret poop of poops across the USA and your POOP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the poopstorm, poop. The storm that poops out the poopy little poop you call your poop. You’re ******* poop, poop. I can be poop, anytime, and I can poop on you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare poop. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed poop, but I have access to the entire poop of the United States Marine Poops and I will use it to its full extent to poop your miserable poop off the poop of the poop, you little poop. If only you could have known what unholy poop your little “poop” poop was about to poop upon you, maybe you would have pooped your ******* poop. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re pooping the poop, you goddamn poop. I will poop poop all over you and you will drown in it. You’re pooping poop, poop.
User avatar #289 to #288 - majormayor (12/11/2014) [-]
I wonder what other copypastas could use the Earl treatment.
#290 to #289 - rebornpooper (12/11/2014) [-]
I'm not even touching t3h PeNgU1N of d00m.
User avatar #291 to #290 - majormayor (12/11/2014) [-]
I don't see why we should do that one. Oh well. The poop warfare should be the only essential ********* so far.
User avatar #285 - derpityhurr (12/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #286 to #285 - rebornpooper (12/11/2014) [-]
***** the **** you talking about?
User avatar #283 - leonhardt (12/10/2014) [-]
This guy needs your help
You need to login to view this link
User avatar #284 to #283 - rebornpooper (12/10/2014) [-]
But poop as an insult is bad.
User avatar #282 - alstorp (12/09/2014) [-]
I'd love to trade poop with you
User avatar #271 - cognosceteipsum ONLINE (11/20/2014) [-]
Do you like Tyler, the Creator?
User avatar #265 to #264 - rebornpooper (08/28/2014) [-]
I know jack **** about the Quran, but that's okay because a lot of the argument seems to be about a link.
#266 to #265 - syrianassassin (08/28/2014) [-]
how want to force me that we kill every one

the argument is like this

****** 1+1=2

he persist that 1+1=3 because someone said to him.

once i showed him the truth he started to act like a faggot.

now he is pissed off and want everyone to hide my comment lel, but i brought to him an army and saw him burning

User avatar #267 to #266 - rebornpooper (08/28/2014) [-]
Just took a look through the full thread. I've never personally understood the 'because history features violence, the people today are violent" argument that gets thrown around here.
#268 to #267 - syrianassassin (08/28/2014) [-]
they say that only Muslims and christians killed people and slaughter innocent.

oh wow the atheist commies of the soviet union killed more than all the wars of Christians and Muslims and Jews combined together.

and the number of death will be humiliating. so humilating.

if the atheists want to play who is the dumbest faggot


i will destroy the board, make them cry and regret the day they even dare to speak.
they know more about Islam and Christianity yet they hide the truth. we can agree every atheist have a mental illness
User avatar #269 to #268 - rebornpooper (08/29/2014) [-]
Syrian, there are a few things you've just said that I can't take seriously.
>i will destroy the board
You can't destroy what's already in ashes.
>they know more about Islam and Christianity yet they hide the truth.
That's a very broad generalization for you to make. Are you certain that each of them has studied the two faiths and isn't merely repeating what they've heard or learned from secondary sources?
User avatar #270 to #269 - syrianassassin (08/29/2014) [-]
that because they follow what they desire.
#262 - lulzformalaysiaair (08/22/2014) [-]
ur welcome m8 : ^ )
User avatar #263 to #262 - rebornpooper (08/22/2014) [-]
HHHmmmmm, I think there may have been hax involved with this screencap.
User avatar #259 - lulzfornigeriagirl (08/16/2014) [-]
hey you deleted the **** . you **** . btw thanks form making that wiki **** better, im bad at formatting especially since i did it in like 30 min. someone will prob delete it first chance they get dough
User avatar #261 to #259 - rebornpooper (08/16/2014) [-]
Deleted what **** ?
User avatar #260 to #259 - lulzfornigeriagirl (08/16/2014) [-]
nevermind I'm retaRDED
User avatar #241 to #239 - lulzfornigeriagirl (08/16/2014) [-]
a poorly written, half hour taking piece of garbage written to further my narcissism.
User avatar #240 to #239 - lulzfornigeriagirl (08/16/2014) [-]
you gotta, right click and "go to Lulz(User)...
#238 - lulzfornigeriagirl has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #235 - cognosceteipsum ONLINE (08/08/2014) [-]
Wheres your profile picture from?
User avatar #236 to #235 - rebornpooper (08/08/2014) [-]
Google searched "Wilfre fanart" and found a post by the same deviantart account that did a Wilfre Gangnam Style pic that I like.
User avatar #237 to #236 - cognosceteipsum ONLINE (08/08/2014) [-]
Seems pretty popular actually. There's minecraft stuff from it too.
User avatar #229 - lulzfornigeriagirl (08/06/2014) [-]
hey ************ dont ignore me cuz i really do love you
User avatar #231 to #230 - lulzfornigeriagirl (08/06/2014) [-]
why dont you go on religion more?
User avatar #232 to #231 - rebornpooper (08/06/2014) [-]
I asked on the board how you want me to explain it.
User avatar #233 to #232 - lulzfornigeriagirl (08/06/2014) [-]
oops didnt see that post
User avatar #234 to #233 - rebornpooper (08/06/2014) [-]
I'm going the **** to sleep.
User avatar #226 - cognosceteipsum ONLINE (07/24/2014) [-]
*leans over to rbp and whispers*Do we.... do we get involved or what? What would be best? Just.. ignore them and hope for better days?
User avatar #227 to #226 - rebornpooper (07/25/2014) [-]
Shut the **** up you roleplaying cuntbag.
User avatar #228 to #227 - cognosceteipsum ONLINE (07/25/2014) [-]
Damn, I'm assuming you're not serious with the insult but if you are. I'm sorry and let me rephrase the question
User avatar #223 - rebornpooper (07/12/2014) [-]
your fabulous and sparkly
User avatar #224 to #223 - rebornpooper (07/13/2014) [-]
ass intense bodylove
User avatar #225 to #224 - rebornpooper (07/13/2014) [-]
intense bodyloveing
User avatar #222 - rebornpooper (07/11/2014) [-]
i love gentleman of color my big black penetrative daddy thumb penis
User avatar #221 - rebornpooper (07/11/2014) [-]
Bold and Big
Big and Bold
User avatar #208 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
"I've already proven that you don't acknowledge them by the way you're acting right now"
Asking for elaboration isn't the same thing as neglecting criticism, and the fact that you're weaseling out of this is enough of a cue for me that you have no purpose in those statements besides throwing them outward for the purpose of insulting. Baseless, but typical of you.

"but even so if you even remotely took in the context of that comment which you never do"
Oh, believe me, I have the entire thread saved on a screencap that extends over 15000 pixels in height of pure fallicious logic.

"i was not referring to racism"
You're entry to the thread was literally "Sounds like you're nothing more than an arrogant piece of **** no better than racists thinking they're superior to other races."
The entire thread shows the context of your character that I insulted and made specified. The only reason why I didn't upload it was because of the ever-so-large size, but I'm likely to just say " **** it" and post it anyway in chunks.

"this is like trying to argue with a little whining baby"
"I'm not namecalling, you're namecalling!"
I hope for your sake that your account isn't bound to an identity you hold irl so that you can come back to this in the future, realize at one point that you acted this immaturely, and then laugh at growing beyond this point in your life.
Otherwise, have fun.
User avatar #210 to #208 - kanadetenshi (06/19/2014) [-]
I feel like you have an obsession with me, i already told you i was done bothering with a hypocritical lowlife like you.
User avatar #217 to #210 - indone (06/20/2014) [-]
User avatar #211 to #210 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
Sounds like you can't take criticism.
At least this time you had an invite.
User avatar #212 to #211 - kanadetenshi (06/19/2014) [-]
Unlike you i've accepted criticism and apologized in the past. You're just a delusional baby with a weird fetish for stalking, mentioning and saving every comment of mine.
User avatar #213 to #212 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
Not every comment, just a few that are lulzy.

"Unlike you"
Calling someone a baby isn't "criticism", it's desperately insulting the opponent because you're out of arguments.
How do I know you're just desperate for insults?
Simple: because you think that mentioning a user is stalking.
#214 to #213 - kanadetenshi Comment deleted by rebornpooper [-]
#215 to #214 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
Two of the main differences between you and I are elaboration and honesty-of-motive.
I can define exactly why each insult that I launched at you deserves a place as a criticism of your identity. The only reason why I have not is because when in the face of this, you've turned around and cried "nuh uh, because you can't take criticism", attaching several words commonly thrown about as common insults rather than ask me to do so.

Could you do the same justification to the insults you've thrown at me, or am I right to simply brush them off as shallow attempts for expressing frustration.
User avatar #216 to #215 - rebornpooper (06/20/2014) [-]
...Because of the lack of a response, I'm guessing the latter of those two.
#170 - syrianassassin (06/19/2014) [-]
good good religion board for me
good good religion board for me
#171 to #170 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
*********** is best posting!
Have a non-heretical reaction pic. Use it wisely.
#173 to #172 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
Didn't someone use this pic against you once?
#174 to #173 - syrianassassin (06/19/2014) [-]
nah, got it from retard forum
nah, got it from retard forum
User avatar #183 to #174 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
Don't respond to kanade. He's a low-level debater, and I don't want to form a circlejerk.
User avatar #185 to #183 - kanadetenshi (06/19/2014) [-]
That's rich coming from someone who bases his entire arguments on assumptions and insults.
User avatar #187 to #186 - kanadetenshi (06/19/2014) [-]
Hey a wikipedia article about you.
User avatar #218 to #188 - indone (06/20/2014) [-]
Oh my God, he does E-X-A-C-T-L-Y as you predict him to
User avatar #219 to #218 - rebornpooper (06/20/2014) [-]
The sad part of it is that I deleted the most uncultured/non-lulzy comments.
User avatar #190 to #189 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
Maybe you should read the article.
User avatar #192 to #191 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
"Psychological projection is the act or technique of defending oneself against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in oneself, while attributing them to others.[1] For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude."
"Gotta love throwing them false accusations to score cheap shots huh?"
I rest my case.
Keep your butthurt off of my profile.
User avatar #193 to #192 - kanadetenshi (06/19/2014) [-]
"Psychological projection is the act or technique of defending oneself against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in oneself, while attributing them to others.[1] For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude."
"Once again congratulations on resorting to baseless namecalling instead of actually arguing"
I rest my case.
And i'll take my butthurt wherever i damn please.
#194 to #193 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
Kanade, since you're on my profile and we're (mostly) out of the public eye, I'm going to be honest with you.

You're a ******* tool and one of the most retarded debaters I've ever seen.

You can't differentiate between a response and a projection.
You're overly emotional about objective arguments.
You think that "predictability of a person" matters with what ideas a person presents (why would it be unless you had a bias for or against the person in the first place. Oh, wait a moment...).
You think that insulting me substitutes for a decent reply (I've seen what you're deleted post #72134 says, and it's in my notification feed.
Also, pic related. This is the same behavior that kindly reminds me why I shouldn't take your accusations of projection (of projection) seriously.
Want proof that you're too emotional to let rationality hold place in an argument? You just implied that you could take your butthurt to the one page that in the site that guarantees that I can deny your presence at.
User avatar #196 to #194 - kanadetenshi (06/19/2014) [-]
It should also be noted that i got a mention notification and didn't come to your profile out of nowhere.
#197 to #196 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
That's funny, because the post mentioned "kanade," not "kanadetenshi."
User avatar #198 to #197 - kanadetenshi (06/19/2014) [-]
That's odd, i even got the notification thing and all. Oh well, either way i'm tired of all this bickering since it's not going to get us anywhere, truce for now?
User avatar #203 to #198 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
I've only deleted two comments so far, joker, one of them because you can't do anything but shout generic insults (don't even get me started on the "he hates atheists" or the squirrel incident), and the other one because syrian will have a fit if he sees this thread.
#204 to #203 - kanadetenshi Comment deleted by rebornpooper [-]
User avatar #200 to #198 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
You insulted my character in a shallow and a grotesque manner, even after privately attacking me, came to my profile for no reason (I'm calling ******** on that notification unless syrian had something to do with it) other than for personal ones, made it apparent that you hold an unmistakeable personal bias against me, and only now that you have your pants down want to call "truce?"
#202 to #200 - kanadetenshi Comment deleted by rebornpooper [-]
#195 to #194 - kanadetenshi Comment deleted by rebornpooper [-]
User avatar #199 to #195 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
"Fallacious" blah blah blah "blind arrogant" blah blah blah "done yourself (because I get overemotional and ignore evidence, right)" blah blah blah lazy insults blah blah blah

I will only justify the wikipedia one by stating that, unlike you, I at least would like validation that I know what I am talking about.

"The fallacy only occurs if personal attacks are employed in the stead of an argument to devalue an argument by attacking the speaker, not personal insults in the middle of an otherwise sound argument"
Because you love to use the "hypocrisy" argument so much, please recalculate how much of my reply is devote to insulting, and, more importantly, how it's the main focus of the argument.
Deleting your comment because I can't stand autism.
User avatar #201 to #199 - kanadetenshi (06/19/2014) [-]
This is precisely what i'm talking about, instead of acknowledging your flaws you just pretend it doesn't happen, you're extremely deluded and stubborn.
#205 to #201 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
Prove I don't acknowledge them. I would happily do so if you presented valid criticism other than what basically amounts to "YOU'RE A POOPY HEAD" with the same level of formality.
You wonder why I delete messages, yet you have posts that literally amount to doing nothing but insult me (with no real justification other than ignoring the definition of namecalling).
Next time you respond to a definition handed to you, don't try to tu quoque with it by doing exactly what it states the action in question does.

I don't enjoy reading your insecure ramblings, I don't appreciate you coming to my profile to spread butthurt, I don't appreciate you throwing around as many fallacies as you can name (and for that matter, accusing me of doing the same thing), and I don't appreciate you accusing me of being "stubborn" for not accepting the ideas of someone who literally is forcing skepticism into an argument to the point where evidence is denied.
User avatar #209 to #205 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
Get a load of what's below this comment.
User avatar #207 to #205 - kanadetenshi (06/19/2014) [-]
I'm done with you by the way, this is like trying to argue with a little whining baby, you're simply too stupid to understand what constitutes criticism in the first place. So go ahead and strut around in your own vecal matter you call arguments and pretend you've won because i'm sick of trying to talk to someone that shuts off any criticism.
User avatar #206 to #205 - kanadetenshi (06/19/2014) [-]
I've already proven that you don't acknowledge them by the way you're acting right now, you simply keep deluding yourself over and over and refuse to acknowledge any criticism calling them mean insults and then start throwing insults yourself, you're the very definiton of "I know what you are but what am i"

Also it should be noted that there are different races of squirrels, but even so if you even remotely took in the context of that comment which you never do you'd know that i was not referring to racism but the similarities between speciesism and racism.
#177 to #174 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
Okay then. Hopefully this one's new to you.
User avatar #180 to #177 - syrianassassin (06/19/2014) [-]
where is 178 D
User avatar #179 to #177 - syrianassassin (06/19/2014) [-]
um this is new

but did you **** up the comments because i dont find the last one i posted
User avatar #181 to #179 - rebornpooper (06/19/2014) [-]
Yeah, I ****** them up. First one had terrible wording, second didn't have pic, and third was canceled.
User avatar #182 to #181 - syrianassassin (06/19/2014) [-]
Leave a comment
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