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    Uploaded: 03/28/10
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    They got mixed up They got mixed up
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    bearded man fail bearded man fail

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#19 - Your recipe is 100% wrong. The entire point of the McGangBang …  [+] (6 replies) 08/21/2010 on The McGangbang +5
#27 - anon (08/21/2010) [-]
yep this is right.
i get these all the time and they are fucken delicious.
also try putting chipotle bbq sause on it it taste fuken amazing!
#23 - ikoolkatzzzz (08/21/2010) [-]
Thank you! I thought i would have to say something.
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#21 - BingTheDinosaur (08/21/2010) [-]
but im only going by what was in the quotes D:
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#28 - TestesFly (08/21/2010) [-]
"Some of us just went into town, and I had a McGangbang. That's where you put a McChicken inside of a McDouble and ask for Big Mac sauce with it. I'm mildly embarrassed to admit that I liked it. Yep. I like getting a McGangbang. If it at all redeems me in your eyes, I was aware of what I was consuming. It was essentially just a bunch of bread product. There's hardly any meat in a McChicken, and I'd be shocked if at least 25% of the McDouble's patties weren't just bread product filler. It was like eating a large chicken- and beef-flavored sponge. That's sounds less tasty than it is. Trust me, it was tasty."
#237 - anon (08/23/2010) [-]
I always remove the McChicken's bread, so it's bread beef cheese chicken cheese beef bread (if using a double cheeseburger instead of mcdouble)
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#72 - BingTheDinosaur (08/22/2010) [-]
... fuck i messed it up didnt i. fuck you i dont eat mcdonolds!!