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#39 - Holy **** I remember a fan of the show edited himself i… 03/25/2015 on Oh God....I'm Old +3
#59 - Never watched it. Explain?  [+] (17 new replies) 03/24/2015 on Rest in Peace, Beatiful Prince 0
User avatar #64 - thatonetyler (03/24/2015) [-]
The main character has the power to control anyone he wants to by looking at them with his left eye, and whatever he tells them to do they will do it, he uses the power to help the Japanese people and separate them from the British, which in this show the British control almost everything, he uses the powers for good in the beginning and goes by the name Zero, he then ends up becoming the king and realizes the only way to save his people is by becoming a tyrant, one who they could hate, not just the Japanese but everyone and then he has Zero "the idol he made for the people" kill him, so his best friend becomes zero and kills the main character and after that japan is free and many other countries follow their footsteps, so pretty much he put everyone's hopes and wishes on his shoulders and had himself killed by Zero to show the people there will be hope and they will be free, sorry if i made it confusing for you. Its been a while since i watched the show. tl:dr he had his friend use his identity as zero to kill him while he was the king, in order for the country, and the world move on toward a better place
#239 - epodax (03/25/2015) [-]
Mainly correct but there are some flaws, it's not to save his "people" but to save the world. Nor does he "realise" it, from the very beginning he says that he will "tear down the old world, and shape it anew". - Which is one of the reasons I love this CG so much, while you as viewer may forget his "Main plot" through the whole series he follows / aims for the same goal and in the end he achieves it.
User avatar #296 - thatonetyler (03/26/2015) [-]
thank you, you definitely refreshed my memory, and youre absolutely right
#297 - epodax (03/26/2015) [-]
Np, I think I've watched Code Geass R1 and R2 a dozen of times now, it still remains my very favorite anime to date (Might also be because it was among one of the first I saw).

Did you know they are / have released a couple of new episodes? Not continueing the previous plot but a new story!
User avatar #300 - thatonetyler (03/26/2015) [-]
oh yeah the OVA
#177 - anonymous (03/25/2015) [-]
So basically what you're saying is that he was just another tyrant who decided to get someone to off him in the end so people would be duped into thinking he was a tyrant even though he really was? Seems like a shit story.
User avatar #98 - severepwner (03/25/2015) [-]
Why would you have a spoiler for one of the best animes of all time, in a paragraph NOT IN A SPOILER!?!
User avatar #107 - thatonetyler (03/25/2015) [-]
spoiler spoiler
#175 - anonymous (03/25/2015) [-]
I still like to believe he is alive, also posting as anon cause somehow I pissed off OP, and I am now blocked.
#67 - anonymous (03/24/2015) [-]
I was glad I found out there were two seasons. The ending of season 1 I thought alright, I suppose that's a fair enough ending but the ending of season 2 was just perfect for the show.
User avatar #71 - thatonetyler (03/24/2015) [-]
im a huge sucker for romance
User avatar #70 - thatonetyler (03/24/2015) [-]
it was a fantastic ending but i wish the main character and the red head didnt die
#298 - epodax (03/26/2015) [-]
Did you just have to remind me of Shirleys death?! </3
User avatar #299 - thatonetyler (03/26/2015) [-]
yes yes i did haha
#83 - mattymc (03/25/2015) [-]
Well, the redhead is defnitely dead anyway
#127 - anonymous (03/25/2015) [-]
This is a faked scene sadly
User avatar #109 - thatonetyler (03/25/2015) [-]
true that! pretty much everyone got shit on in that series
#154 - You know I always wondered. What the **** is a Touhou?  [+] (2 new replies) 03/19/2015 on Music Webm Comp +1
User avatar #235 - jamesbaxtersball (03/20/2015) [-]
Touhou 06 - EoSD Lunatic - Perfect Stage 6 Run As dwarfboy said, it's just a bullet hell game with a really big fanbase . Here's some gameplay.
#215 - dwarfboy (03/20/2015) [-]
It's a bullethell game with an all female cast of characters.
#117 - Yo. I'm the dude. Thanks babe. 03/08/2015 on get your sassy mage ass... +1
#55 - I can't get into Origins as much as I want to, I played Inquis…  [+] (8 new replies) 03/08/2015 on get your sassy mage ass... 0
User avatar #56 - compared (03/08/2015) [-]
Thanks for using a comparison, hope you are well.
User avatar #58 - elsannabaka (03/08/2015) [-]
Origin is much better with a few mods. www.reddit.com/r/dragonage/comments/1awc6t/so_you_want_to_mod_dragon_age/ is a nice list of mods to get if you want to really enjoy Origin. but dont downlaod the nsfw mods. The full sex scenes are so fuckings cringe
User avatar #60 - compared (03/08/2015) [-]
Did you mean to reply to me with that?
User avatar #61 - elsannabaka (03/08/2015) [-]
No. Im confused. Where am I and where was the guy i was replying too
User avatar #62 - compared (03/08/2015) [-]
You only just started commenting here.
User avatar #63 - elsannabaka (03/08/2015) [-]
yes, but i was suppose to reply to another dude and now i lost the comment
User avatar #117 - ratchymatchy (03/08/2015) [-]
Yo. I'm the dude. Thanks babe.
User avatar #64 - compared (03/08/2015) [-]
Oh, well I don't know where that was so I can't help you there, sorry.
#327 - And then the thing said "Jet fuel." 02/25/2015 on FJ Writes A Story 0
#1982 - please stop triggering us 02/15/2015 on Alone on V-day selfie thread? 0
#758 - Comment deleted 01/25/2015 on 4chin 0
#28 - http://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=list&tag…  [+] (1 new reply) 01/14/2015 on This might not be alright 0
User avatar #29 - zafara (01/14/2015) [-]
Ok thanks. I saw that on Google when I looked it up. Not nearly enough use of that tongue as I would have been interested in though.
#22 - aw yiss sodapoppin 01/14/2015 on Gaze into the abyss +1
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Hi ratchymatchy! Great leader gave you a magical North Korean rocket!
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[Insert SFW Ahri Picture here]
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**** you
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Jungler 4 life
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I wish I was in wood....paper 6 is a hard life man
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I got 2 of them in one day
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Donate one to me? <3
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1 v 1 me faggot
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Interests: Hentai

alpha af
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cant tuch my sweg fgt 1v1 cod hentai4lyfe

I don't even try anymore.
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