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#112 - Actually a guy from a record label described it to me perfectl…  [+] (8 new replies) 03/23/2015 on RIP Chinese Cartoons 0
User avatar #192 - fiveblackmen (03/23/2015) [-]
Actually, all media industries other than the music industry have showing increasing profits since piracy has become a "problem" and the only reason the music industry has shown a decrease in profits is because people are able to just the songs they want instead of having to buy a CD with 1 or 2 songs they want and 10 they don't. This, however, doesn't mean that the music industry is hurting by any means. They have been making up for the decrease in album sales by jacking up the price of concert tickets to a near absurd level and selling out stadiums.
User avatar #221 - ruebezahl (03/24/2015) [-]
Well, that is just fine and dandy for touring bands. But not all bands tour and not all music can be performed live. Some of the greatest music of the 20th century was created by musicians who did not tour, e.g. due to debilitating stage fright or because their music had become too advanced to be performed live properly or because they simply wanted to concentrate on their work in the studio or because they simply had a face for radio.

Also, artists outside of the top cream of the crop don't earn quite as much money from those "jacked-up ticket prices" as some people think. How many arists actually sell out stadiums? In that discussion about downloading music, people keep forgetting that not everyone is Taylor Swift or Beyonce.

Take a normal band that manages to sell out 10,000 seat venues, then multiply that by the ticket price. Now think about how much it actually costs to ship the instruments, band and the crew to that place, how much you have to pay the crew, how much you have to pay for the hotel rooms, etc., and then keep in mind that bands can't tour all year round, but they usually tour just a few weeks or months per year. If they don't have new material, they may not tour at all. The purpose of tours used to be to promote albums, to get people to buy albums. Bands usually just broke even or often even lost money, but they made the money back from record sales. If nobody buys your albums anymore, then you have to jack up ticket prices to, well, break even.

If I had to venture a guess, I'd say that only the top 1% of consistently touring bands and musicians actually make a real profit from touring.

"But they can make money with concerts" is excuse #24 on the list of "100 completely BS excuses why downloading music without paying for it is supposedly totally ok."
#270 - fiveblackmen (03/24/2015) [-]
I'm going to start off by pointing out all the flaws in your argument.

1. Album sales have dipped but not to point that would bankrupt the industry. So, those who don't tour should still be fine as long as they have a decent sized fan base.

2. There really isn't any music that is "too advanced to perform live". All this means is they have to use so much equipment and technology to mask how bad they really are. Tons of bands and musicians use numerous effect on stage and if they can't get close to what they are doing in a studio then they probably need to find a new job.

3. Most musicians make little to no money. That isn't something new that was caused by piracy. It has been this way probably since music was invented and it will continue like this until humanity wipes itself out. This doesn't change the industry nor does the industry change this.

4. When I talk about "the music industry" I am talking about the "top cream" as you called it because they are the ones making the money and keeping the industry going. When someone like Katy Perry goes on tour, it is for months at a time, some of these tours will go for well over a year depending on the scale, and she sells out massive stadiums that hold 50,000+ people with ticket prices ranging from around $150 to over $1000 ticket depending on where the seat is. That is millions in revenue there, even after you pay the labor, transport, venue and hotel costs. These "top cream" performers are also the people that the record companies claim are suffering.

5. I know the purpose of tours used to be to promote the albums but the industry has changed as many industries do. Since the internet became a massive part of everyday life, if they hadn't changed, they would have died.

6. I never said anything like "But they can make money with concerts". All I said is that this is what they do to make up for lost revenue which is in no way a BS excuse for anything. It is actually what they do. I also never said that internet piracy was fine to do. If you could read, you would realize that the point of my comment was simply to dismiss the claims that internet piracy is destroying (insert media industry here).

7. My guess from all this is that you are in a shitty band that has trouble getting gigs so you go on the internet to relieve your frustration on people you don't actually know. Either this or you are some weird "white knight" who defends massive corporations from the little guy instead of defending "women" from normal men while getting pushed into the friendzone because they think you are gay or creepy.
User avatar #296 - ruebezahl (03/24/2015) [-]
Man, you really don't know much about music or the music industry, right?

Point 1: Ok, so only the bands which have a "decent sized fan base" can still survive. Ok, so if you are happy with only the most popular music making money, then enjoy all your Taylor Swift clones.

2. Yes, there is music that is "too advanced to perform live". The final Beatles albums could not be performed live by the Beatles for example. And not all music that uses a lot of "equipment and technology" is bad. Also, what for example if someone creates their own a capella band, recording eight tracks with their own voice? How are they going to perform live. You have a very limited view of what "music" actually is.

3. Yes, before most musicians made little to no money. Now they make less. What is your point?

4. Ok, thanks for confirming that all you care about is the "top cream" and that you don't care whether or not the large majority of musicians below that can still make a living from their art.

5. Yes, the industry has changed. Has it changed for the better?

6. Take a band like Toto. They are an American band with practically no fan base in the US, because their music doesn't match contemporary American tastes. They have a huge fan base in Europe and they went to Europe to promote albums. They took a loss on their concerts and recouped the money by huge album sales. If they don't make sufficient money from album sales anymore, their European fans won't see them live anymore. Who is the winner in that system? How exactly does "they make up for lost revenue by touring" fit into that scenario? In that scenario, the only musicians that still tour overseas will be the Lady Gagas. Yea, that's great.

7. Nope. I am not in a band. Sorry, not everyone who has common sense automatically has to be personally affected. And funny that you bring up "massive corporations". Of course that had to come up sooner or later. You admit that all you care about are the big artists (who will make sufficient money no matter what) and then you act like I am defending "massive corporations". I want musicians to be paid for their work. If that is "weird" to you or makes me a "white knight", so be it. I work in a 9-5 job and also expect to get paid for it. Yes, perhaps that's also weird. Oh, I am such a strange guy to expect money for my work and to expect the same for others!

I still want to be able to listen to decent music in a few years from now. I don't care much about Kanye West or any other of the Billboard top 10 stuff. Apparently, your musical taste is limited to that, so you are fine if in ten years, that is all that remains. I want more obscure musicians to be able to make music full time (as opposed to having a day job or having to write radio jingles or crap like that). I want there to be a second tier of musicians that add variety beyond what appears in the top iTunes download charts. That second tier used to exist because if you had a top 40 hit in the 90's, the money you made from it could feed your family for a couple of years. Nowadays, a top 40 hit is practically worthless. Music has been devalued. People still claim they love music, but the people who make it are not getting paid for it anymore. You like that situation. I don't. Man, I am such a weird white knight, aren't I?
User avatar #151 - slightly (03/23/2015) [-]
your friend is dumb lol
#203 - anonymous (03/23/2015) [-]
Well, you got a well-thought-out argument there.

User avatar #204 - slightly (03/23/2015) [-]
stop trying so hard
User avatar #134 - indecisivejew (03/23/2015) [-]
How? People who are contracted to work on projects get paid throughout development. They've already made all of their money before the product comes out and is able to be purchased or pirated.
#7 - Picture 03/22/2015 on Caption this 0
#35 - One guy (I dont remember who, i read the quote in an article) … 03/19/2015 on Bieber gets owned 0
#45 - This is the first thing in a month FJ has brought me to tears 03/19/2015 on Dank memes - VSauce edition 0
#33 - i have six frisbees so farm catching up!  [+] (1 new reply) 03/04/2015 on Stay safe in college 0
User avatar #57 - angelious (03/04/2015) [-]
we got all of mine during one day. there was this sex ed guys giving away free stuff,so we stalked him for the whole day emptying his free samples boxes from everything we could get our grubby hands on.
#109 - why the **** dont you go work literally any *******…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/01/2015 on Anon works at Wendy's +1
User avatar #393 - katiamanagen (03/02/2015) [-]
that would involve living near williston
#1344 - hahaha **** i didn't crop it. Middle! 02/24/2015 on Post your BEST picture 0
#1284 - I'm always late to this party  [+] (3 new replies) 02/24/2015 on Post your BEST picture 0
User avatar #1377 - xxkosukexx (02/24/2015) [-]
User avatar #1288 - bonlino (02/24/2015) [-]
you could be any one of them, but judging by your name, i think your the one on the left.
User avatar #1344 - rasorburn (02/24/2015) [-]
hahaha fuck i didn't crop it. Middle!
#1283 - Comment deleted 02/24/2015 on Post your BEST picture 0
#62 - **** RAHU III FIGHT MAN YOUR PARTNERS WERE WOR… 02/14/2015 on Nintendo Nostalgia comp +1

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