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#3 - Somebody explain to me what is going on here  [+] (4 replies) 12 hours ago on A simple handshake 0
#4 - funnyhatoo (11 hours ago) [-]
OH SHIT, I myself didn't get it until now
basically you need to watch the show to get it, so I'll assume you do:

The idea is that early hosts would give themselves away easily, because their "psyche" wasn't that well programmed, so you could recognize a host even by a simple handshake. Bernard is an early host, he was built by Ford a long time ago, by shaking his hand he is checking whether the succeeded in transcending the limitations and achieveing some sort of higher thinking or "will"
#6 - anon (4 hours ago) [-]
or maybe, ford isnt as dead as we think he is
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#7 - limberlarry (3 hours ago) [-]
He took a bullet through the head. Unless he's a host himself hes pretty dead
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#8 - Mortuus (1 hour ago) [-]
If he could make a Bernarnold, he can make a Ford Escape.
#9 - ayyy 13 hours ago on Space Weed 0
#337 - that would be too easy on him, cut his dick off and feed it to…  [+] (1 reply) 12/05/2016 on Taste of reality for top EU... +3
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#412 - LaBarata (12/05/2016) [-]
We're not them - We separate ourselves through a LACK of barbarism and by holding ourselves to a standard they won't.

To paraphrase our PM in a way that might actually sound like a man, if we simply slaughter them like animals, we're no better than they are.

We have rule of law, REAL law, based on actual principle, and we need to make sure it stays strong even when we're fucking pissed, because that's when it becomes the weakest- When there's outrage and demand for someone's head on a pike.