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#26 - ragingcalm (11/19/2011) [-]
Alright everyone, here is a bit of information about me. I am 19, I live in NY and I'm a male, my first name is Chris. I am currently in college studying up on how to be a plumber and HVAC specialist. I was thrown into BOCES at 8th grade because I was an enthusiastic adhd kid. I eventually got back into mainstream school at 12th grade during this time was inducted into the national honor society. I enjoy MLP, drawing, image to the left is my favorite that I made. I play cod, tf2 and halo. I desire minecraft a lot! however I lack the necessary funds for the game :(
#27 to #52 - ragingcalm (11/19/2011) [-]
When I was younger at about the age of 10-12 I forget how old I was raped by a 16 year old. I have threatened suicide a few times and in one instance I had to go to the hospital and they kept me up all night and made me promise I would never say it again. I am the ********* male when it comes to attracting females, because not only am I not that attractive but I am a loser and I can get rather annoying. I had my first girlfriend two months ago and we broke up a month in. I am always sick, it's ironic because I am right now, the reason I know I'm always sick is because my folder at the doctors office is bigger than anyone elses
<--- pic related it's me
#28 to #53 - ragingcalm (11/19/2011) [-]
I am a bit confused as to what I want in life I'm not sure of anything anymore I just kind of go through my days and hope for the best, I am always putting up a front that I'm happy however I rarely ever am. But I know that what I want isn't as important as the mass group, so I make them happy. The one thing about me is that I accept no help from anyone when I'm going through troubles' yet I will help EVERYONE when they are stressed even those that I hate! (such as my room-mates)
User avatar #29 to #54 - ragingcalm (11/19/2011) [-]
In 1rst grade I was awarded the best speller award and I do believe I would still get it. There is only one thing about certain people that aggravates me and I don't know why, it's when people read real slowly and struggle to spell. I am the only sibling of my 4 brothers and 1 sister that doesn't smoke or drink (and besides the fact that one of my brothers is 11 but we'll emit him from this equation) I CAN"T STOP MOVING, I have never been able to sit still.
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