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#1252 - **radtroll used "*roll cah question*"** **radtroll rolls I …  [+] (2 new replies) 12/24/2014 on Cards Against Humanity... 0
User avatar #1260 - varrlegrimscythe (12/24/2014) [-]
**varrlegrimscythe used "*roll cah answer*"**
**varrlegrimscythe rolls A gypsy curse.**
User avatar #1255 - radtroll (12/24/2014) [-]
**radtroll used "*roll cah answer*"**
**radtroll rolls Futanari.**
#29 - From my personal experience masturbation starts getting boring…  [+] (6 new replies) 12/24/2014 on Solve all your problems... +6
User avatar #58 - theorangefox (12/25/2014) [-]
I know that feel, 22 and bored of it, even porn has lost its appeal, my dick is screaming for the real thing.
#88 - swagbot (12/25/2014) [-]
(inb4 16 brazillion people on planet earth ur not the only one) I have been having those feelings lately too, just too [ autist / angry / embarrassed ] to ask even FJ about it - thanks for being the Bigger Man and saying it.

(Warning: Esoteric Discussion Time with Uncle Swagbot)

I have noticed that there are a lot of sickly, underdeveloped kids in our generation (U.S., Millennials)... and our attitude toward sex seems either horribly immature, incomplete, or fractured (or the person's just a Full Autist).

I've always had a romantic instinct (love da ladies), a paternal instinct (I love watching after / playing with / teaching little kids), and learned (sans an example) how to whack off at a really young age.....

.... And I've been getting wierd feelings like it's time to stop whacking off and time to find a bride..... but somehow, I just feel... i dunno.... like it's seriously the wrong time to take on a lady ... and regardless of that, I DEFINITELY have a feeling that it's the wrong time to have kids!

And this isn't just some feeling that comes and goes with depression... (I'm feeling healthier and thinking clearer then ever now, and those thoughts are even stronger.)

Whenever i seriously consider getting some sex... for some reason, I get the notion to join a boxing club and brutally beat the shit outta people.

Sorry for the TMI.
User avatar #95 - theorangefox (12/25/2014) [-]
It's not a tmi, I always enjoy having intellectual discussions with users on this site, it's what separates the close minded from the open. Seems you have the right mindset towards the aspect of love. I myself find the idea of one night stands repulsive, I'm a very healthy young adult who doesn't drink or smoke nor do drugs, I'm looking for the same traits in a girl myself and would want it to be a long lasting relationship not just built around sex, but built around our love for each other.

I have always been the protective sort of male, and would want to make my loved one feel safe around me, it's one of the reasons I find short girls more appealing. I haven't had any luck this year once again unfortunately. But as they say, patience is a virtue.
#48 - anonymous (12/25/2014) [-]
I am 19, and if I am even in the mood to masturbate, half the time I lose interest halfway and just sleep.
GG sex drive. It was nice knowing you for like 5 years.
User avatar #37 - hankhillofthe (12/24/2014) [-]
I think you're just a cannibal.
#32 - commencingfailure (12/24/2014) [-]
I've made it to the point where it takes so long I halfway through feel like 'ok it's boring now let's do something else'

it's conflicting really
#46 - Why is this so entertaining and I want Moar? 12/24/2014 on Nig comp 0
#44 - You've never smoked with serious pot smokers, son. -n… 12/24/2014 on Lick this to stop a basic... 0
#70 - its* 12/24/2014 on Charlie sheen drinks Mtn Dew 0
#69 - Natural selection at it's finest. Plus that's good because ass…  [+] (1 new reply) 12/24/2014 on Charlie sheen drinks Mtn Dew 0
User avatar #70 - radtroll (12/24/2014) [-]
#67 - I'm not even sure how to explain how wrong you are.  [+] (1 new reply) 12/24/2014 on Charlie sheen drinks Mtn Dew 0
#76 - anonymous (12/24/2014) [-]
Cane sugar isn't actually that bad for you. This is fact.

Corn sugar on the other hand is very unhealthy.
#107 - Not when you're good enough. You can disarm your attacker… 12/24/2014 on SJW -1
#432 - Thanks for the input brother!  [+] (1 new reply) 12/24/2014 on Actual PTSD 0
User avatar #433 - furrypuppy (12/24/2014) [-]
You're very welcome
#51 - No, information is unable to leave a black hole, that's the co… 12/10/2014 on Science 0
#35 - I'm a Muslim and I don't give a **** about your opinion… 12/10/2014 on Allahu Ackbar -1
#55 - Picture 12/10/2014 on Kelvin master race +1
#335 - Actually if any of these are wrong you'd have half a million p… 12/10/2014 on Facts 0
#275 - I don't have PTSD but I need someone who has it to confirm is …  [+] (4 new replies) 12/10/2014 on Actual PTSD 0
User avatar #353 - furrypuppy (12/10/2014) [-]
Not quite, what you experienced was a natural reaction, caused by a minor traumatic event. In your case, breaking your arm. You experienced and gained a minor form of Algophobia which, respectively, is the phobia of pain. Naturally because your body and mind went through so much pain the first time, it doesn't want to experience it another. I myself have had that as well. I broke my arm twice (On the same spot) and my toe once. Nearly destroyed my knee in 2011 and since I'm prone to fear, I now have massive Algophobia.

But there's a difference between Algophobia and a PTSD, since PTSD is classified as a "Mental disorder" and Algophobia as simply "Persistent fear".

Now, I'm no expert, and I certainly don't have PTSD, so it's not at all my intention to upset anyone, but I'll tell you how I see it. PTSD, to me, seems more like a trigger. And, even the word trigger could be, said trigger. PTSD is a Stress Disorder that can basically kick in at any time, at any place. Usually sounds or sights that remind the sufferer of the incident or incidents kick it off, and the sufferer usually seems to go into some sort of trance. Their brains lock up, and basically their entire being goes back to that very day/ night/ point in time. Now this is difficult for us to understand, as it's not something that was ever experienced by someone who did not suffer from PTSD. Sufferers react different, some freeze, lock up, others get the worst panic attack imaginable and some rare cases even go back to the "Murderous selves" they were back then. happytreefriends.wikia.com/wiki/Flippy Flippy, from Happy Tree Friends has PTSD, He's a (Maybe upsetting) but clear example of this. And here's a video I recently watched about a PTSD help dog. www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y_a_V1QD3U

Hope this helped, best regards from The Netherlands.
User avatar #432 - radtroll (12/24/2014) [-]
Thanks for the input brother!
User avatar #433 - furrypuppy (12/24/2014) [-]
You're very welcome
#309 - stealteddy (12/10/2014) [-]
no i dont have ptsd but dont think its quite that simple. ptsd usually deals with mentality and tragic events. its sufferers are afraid for more than injury, they fear for their life that if in a similar situation to the one they were in during the tragedy, they fear itll happen again. its cause is specific to each victim so a broad/general solution would unlikely be effective for most
#47 - Nothing is inside, but on it's side there is a rock called &qu… 12/09/2014 on ew 0
#45 - Actually the box you speak of " Alkaaba " have been … 12/09/2014 on ew +1
#51 - It's called an MMS you filthy commoners. a text is a SMS  [+] (1 new reply) 11/22/2014 on random shit -4
User avatar #65 - elcreepo (11/22/2014) [-]
Except no. Not with today's phones.

Texting is considered sending anything except a voice message via phone to another phone.

Go back to sleep, grampa.
#49 - Comment deleted 11/22/2014 on random shit 0
#251 - Picture 11/22/2014 on Random KAFacts Compilation 0
#14 - ****** win 09/29/2014 on kek -1
#9 - OMG OH **** ! This picture was hanged in my n…  [+] (2 new replies) 08/31/2014 on Can anyone confirm or deny... 0
User avatar #14 - mattdoggy (08/31/2014) [-]
you were molested
join the club
we meet on tuesdays
User avatar #21 - skilletpanhead (08/31/2014) [-]
Shit, I thought the meetings were on Fridays.
#23 - and this is the sauce gentlemen: 08/31/2014 on wresting prank call 0
#22 - This is the funniest **** I've found on FJ since monthe… 08/31/2014 on wresting prank call +2
#65 - But the difference between having brown hair and being fat is … 08/30/2014 on FUCKING #REKT 0
#116 - " cereoney"  [+] (1 new reply) 08/30/2014 on You can feel his fear +2
#117 - crazyolitis (08/30/2014) [-]


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Eh yo nig. u is a stoopid ho lik 4 reeeeeel.
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English ************ do you speak it ?

oh you are a ****** .... my bad
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