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#143 - "Bred out of existence " You literal Nazi piece of t…  [+] (10 new replies) 04/06/2016 on Ooga -2
#145 - Hawke (04/06/2016) [-]

Holy fuck, dude. Relax.
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#152 - quasimbo (04/06/2016) [-]
And I won't relax because shit is getting personal. You are calling my very existence an error. You're calling the marriage my parents share wrong. You're calling my siblings errors that shouldn't have been made and you fucking dare using stupid memes and reaction images while doing it. Go to hell
#154 - Hawke (04/06/2016) [-]
Yes. That is exactly what I am doing. Of course.
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#159 - quasimbo (04/06/2016) [-]
1. Wanting to preserve glorious own culture
2. Willing to let people die to achieve this goal (yes refugees are fleeing from a war maybe you forgot while rambling about how the eastern terrorist Muslims are all stealing your women and wiping out your race and culture)
3. "Your just projecting your anger onto me duuuude "
That's what I got from reading the shit you responded with in this thread. Please correct me and don't tell me to look shit up but actually talk as yourself to me
User avatar
#162 - Hawke (04/06/2016) [-]
You're right. I should have to entirely re explain my argument and you shouldn't have to look at sources or information that I conveniently supplied.

Actually, no. I don't. You're an emotionally manipulative idiot trying to claim I think your family is a "mistake."
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#165 - quasimbo (04/06/2016) [-]
Let's do it the other way around. You explain to me why you think it isn't wrong, let's see
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#170 - Hawke (04/06/2016) [-]
If you think I'm going to spoonfeed you after you just went on a baseless autistic rant at me then you can fuck right off.

Anything I'd tell say you'd likely just inject some hysterical emotional bullshit into it. You've already proven perfectly capable of that.

You're also not a very pleasant person to talk to. So, I'm making the conscious decision to end this "conversation." If you decide to read the sources I've posted, good for you.

Have a nice day.
User avatar
#172 - quasimbo (04/06/2016) [-]
This isn't about fakts this is about opinion. You're saying it's wrong because of moral obligation to separate cultures I say it isn't. You're just being an asshole because you're not involved, because you don't know or love anyone from that came from the east. You're just an asshole that's the point
User avatar
#149 - quasimbo (04/06/2016) [-]
You're trying to tell me saying we shouldn't let people "breed" like you put it with who they want because of their origin isn't even close to what the Nazis were trying to do? The fucking phrases you heard your fellow right wing, trump voters spout can't be used on everyone sadly. So if you're too dumb to defend yourself with your own replies then just say nothing
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#153 - Hawke (04/06/2016) [-]
Read the rest of the thread you fucking mongoloid and stop projecting all your asspain onto a single post you misinterpreted in autistic rage.
#141 - You're a ******* moron. I'm myself half Kurd and half german. … 04/06/2016 on Ooga 0
#139 - The black dude being an asshole doesn't make the white bitch r…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/06/2016 on Ooga -2
#171 - anon (04/06/2016) [-]
I mean...ooga booga, right?
#136 - ...it actually ******* reads "destroy Islam ". This … 04/04/2016 on comp o' cultural enrichment -1
#102 - Thanks for making it clear that you're an ignorant piece of **… 04/04/2016 on Stupidity... 0
#24 - These are some kids being assholes and you guys are starting a…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/01/2016 on little white girl gets beat up +3
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#33 - ashedust (04/02/2016) [-]
Whoa there, bro. Why the animosity? I read the comments and saw 3 out of 32 that could be serious comments trying to start a circlejerk of hate.

One is obvious bait that got one person.
One is a jab at mainstream media and why he thinks we might not see all sides of the story. That I don't know what they're trying to prove. I guess that the jews or something control the media? One user replied saying that cops are actually less likely to shoot blacks.
One doesn't even target black people as a whole it just, targets the girls bullying the littler girl.

All other race related comments aren't even trying to start anything. They're just making fun of stereotypes.

Also, Trump had nothing to do with this. FJ has been a race hating circlejerk for years.
#44 - What the **** are you talking about? How exactly did you manag… 03/28/2016 on Sharia 4 Germoney +2
#149 - And again, took me about a minute to find. 03/24/2016 on #UNSTUMPABLE the Mountain King 0
#148 - Have fun 03/24/2016 on #UNSTUMPABLE the Mountain King 0
#147 - In an interview, not sure which show, his answer to the questi… 03/24/2016 on #UNSTUMPABLE the Mountain King 0