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#33 - damn dood. didnt know about the drowning kid.  [+] (1 reply) 09/04/2015 on quints confirm 0
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#34 - reeeeeeeeeee (09/04/2015) [-]
Ye, I've got a paper round and setting up the rounds, literally every newspaper on the floor (about 15) had the same picture of this kid, it was like a cult
#27 - SO......what's all this about?  [+] (24 replies) 09/04/2015 on quints confirm +1
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#31 - reeeeeeeeeee (09/04/2015) [-]
Kid drowned sadly, but it's happened before, and now the media's forcing governments and the public to feel bad by blasting this dead kid into our face constantly. I support immigration, but this is pure disgusting, sensationalist media abusing this dead kid for the sole purpose of shock and guilt appeal
#42 - sjurmen (09/04/2015) [-]
I think it could be good that the media are using this picture.
It's about showing the world that those refugees need help. There are thousands upon thousands of people seeking refuge in Europe from Syria. They are being hunted down. Even if the picture is horrible, it get's people focused on the matter.
Like the picture of Phan Thi Kim Phuc or the napalm girl. It brings focus on the matter. People see how horrible it is, and many people try to help. Just here in Norway, people have donated around a million USD. One can't be sure that it's just from seing the picture, but people want to help to try to make sure that the refugees get it better.

TL;DR: Yes, the picture is horrible, but it can help bring more focus on the matter.
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#55 - swiftarrow (09/04/2015) [-]
You're serious?
You really want to help the "refugees"?
Have you even seen the whole subject from both sides?

I'm all for helping people in need. But these mass (economic) immigrants don't need our help. They can all drown for all i care.
#56 - sjurmen (09/04/2015) [-]
Yes, I'm serious.
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#57 - swiftarrow (09/04/2015) [-]
Thumb me down all you want.
Because of the enormous flood of immigrants, they've made the whole borderchecks easier. Even without passports, people can enter.
Can you even imagine what kind of people act like a Refugee to come into Europe.
Do you know how much of a threat IS members entering Europe is?

The death of a little kid is nothing compared to the horrors that are yet to come.
Just wait.
#61 - sjurmen (09/04/2015) [-]
The majority of these people are trying to save their life. There have been over 4 million refugees in total that fled from Syria since the start of the war. Most of these will probably move back to their homes when the war is finished like in the Bosnian war. Most of these are trying to save their families and loved ones. I don't think the bordercontrols have gotten easier.
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#62 - swiftarrow (09/04/2015) [-]
Differs per country. If you would've kept up with the news, you'd know the situation.

And about them returning....you live near Sweden. You can't possible tell me that everything is fine in Sweden. You can't tell me that the immigrants in Sweden are not causing trouble?
#64 - sjurmen (09/04/2015) [-]
I have kept up with the news compared to you who live in your own little conspiracy bubble.
Immigrants and refugees are two different things. Most of the Bosnian people that took refuge here in Norway during the Bosnian war moved back afterwards. They didn't want to move they jsut wanted to be safe.
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#65 - swiftarrow (09/04/2015) [-]
Economic immigrants/Refugees. There's no way to know who'se who, they all take the same boats. Also you must be very naive to compare the bosnian Refugees with today's Middle eastern immigrants.

I might be a little bit paranoid. But believing terrorists will sail on the same boats to commit terrorist acts in europe isn't unthinkable, you don't have to live in a "Little conspiracy bubble" to believe in that.

Also, tell me about Sweden. Because you seem to have missed my question.
#68 - sjurmen (09/04/2015) [-]
I'm not saying that 100% of all the refugees are "good". There is good and bad of everyone. You make it sound like all the refugees are IS terrorists. That's what I meant by conspiracy bubble. I might be naive, but I think it's better to try to help people instead of denying all of them any help because some of them might not have good intentions. or "letting them all drown" because of it.
I have never said anything about Sweden, and I know they have problems, but I don't have enough information on the subject to make any arguments on it.
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#73 - swiftarrow (09/04/2015) [-]
I'm also not saying 100% of the refugees are bad.
I'm just very frustrated by how our goverment handles the whole situation.
The way they're making all the refugees look like sad helpless people, how they silence the people who point out the risks (Merkel) and how our economic situation gets worse by paying for the Millions of poor immigrants...
It's a ticking time bomb like this. If a government puts their own people at risk..it's a sign that something is not totally right within the goverment.

I'm frustrated and can't think of a solution. The longer this continues, the more hatred will grow in Europe. Asylum seekers are already being attacked by right wing supporters. It will only get worse.
#75 - sjurmen (09/04/2015) [-]
I agree.
But I thought Merkel was for the refugees?
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#77 - swiftarrow (09/04/2015) [-]
Yes, i meant Merkel is the one that is silencing the protesters.
#80 - sjurmen (09/04/2015) [-]
Oh. I think Merkel is doing a great job. I didn't know if she have been silencing the protestors, but I think she is right by helping the refugees as much as she is.
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#81 - swiftarrow (09/04/2015) [-]
Yes, she is not allowing demonstration that are directed at immigration.
By silencing people, you'll only provoke them into taking heavier actions.
#82 - sjurmen (09/04/2015) [-]
She is not allowing the extreme protesting that has been going on. By the extreme I mean the ones where they attack, and set fire to the reception center for the refugees.
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#84 - swiftarrow (09/04/2015) [-]
The ones that where they attacked refugees is the reason she decided not to allow any new demonstrations.

But i just read that the high jury nullified that because she doesnt have the right to make those decisions. So all is good on that point i guess

I don't think we will agree with eachother anytime soon. We'll just have to see how it all ends up, we don't really have the power to change anything anyway.

Off to bed now, good night. ;)
#88 - sjurmen (09/05/2015) [-]
Yeah, I agree.

I fell asleep, but anyways: Good night
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#45 - reeeeeeeeeee (09/04/2015) [-]
I'm not saying it won't help people be more lenient, David Cameron, Prime minister of UK has already said that it will do more to help refugees, it's just that we already have pictures of dead kids that have drowned, but the media didn't push them forward
#50 - sjurmen (09/04/2015) [-]
That's true.
It's hard for a photographer to express the apperance, and the mood through a photograph. You have to balance out horrible, but still show it as it is. The picture of Aylan is something that for some reason gets stuck in my mind more than the others.
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#33 - quarentined (09/04/2015) [-]
damn dood. didnt know about the drowning kid.
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#34 - reeeeeeeeeee (09/04/2015) [-]
Ye, I've got a paper round and setting up the rounds, literally every newspaper on the floor (about 15) had the same picture of this kid, it was like a cult
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#28 - bloodrocutation (09/04/2015) [-]
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#29 - quarentined (09/04/2015) [-]
oh that's what it was.. i thought it was a story about ronaldo kicking some kid. thx
#12 - Krillin's FW dipping his bald head in oil and rubbing it all o…  [+] (1 reply) 08/30/2015 on DBZ affection +40
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#44 - Churchandtex (08/31/2015) [-]
Yeah, I was wondering if anyone else was gonna recognize that quote.