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Gender: male
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hobbies include: souvenir body part collecting, macrame and slouching towards Bethlehem. NO, NO! i'm kidding. i hate macrame.

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    Uploaded: 03/02/11
    It sees all It sees all
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    Uploaded: 02/11/11
    black guy stole my bike csi black guy stole my bike csi
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    patrick be trippin' patrick be trippin'
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    Uploaded: 01/12/11
    why i hate Hitler why i hate Hitler
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    Uploaded: 01/07/11
    unconditionally unconditionally
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    Uploaded: 01/03/11
    lemon jesus lemon jesus
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User avatar #148 - FightClub (01/18/2014) [-]
i always refer to pugs as puggles, even though a puggle is a term denoting a crossbreed between a beagle and pug, because it's just that much cuter

i hope you do the same
User avatar #149 to #148 - puggles (01/19/2014) [-]
i call pugs pugs (or puggy wuggys). mine however, is named princess puggles, and was actually named before the puggle thing went crazy mainstream in the US. in fact, i now have to explain to people the she's a full pug who just happens to be named puggles.
User avatar #150 to #149 - FightClub (01/19/2014) [-]
i just call pugs puggles because it's a ******* adorable moniker
User avatar #151 to #150 - puggles (01/19/2014) [-]
agree completely that it's adorable. if mine wasnt named puggles id refer to all of them that way.
User avatar #152 to #151 - FightClub (01/19/2014) [-]
i was considering naming my future pug puggles, but that would mean i'd have to refer to all pugs as just pugs from now on
User avatar #153 to #152 - puggles (01/19/2014) [-]
yeah, it could get quite confusing. like one of those "what is the sound of one hand clapping/ one pug NOT begging for food" meditations.
User avatar #141 - mattyjay (11/27/2013) [-]
#142 to #141 - mattyjay (11/27/2013) [-]
idk if you have this, but if you don't, please enjoy whilst ignoring that faggy watermark...
#143 to #142 - puggles (11/28/2013) [-]
too awesome. how've things been?
User avatar #144 to #143 - mattyjay (11/28/2013) [-]
'want sum fuk'

yeah great man, glad to see you back finally!
User avatar #145 to #144 - puggles (11/29/2013) [-]
def glad to be back on line. my little pug's having some health issues that involve only sleeping 2 or 3 hours at a time, so having something to do in the wee hours of the morning definitely helps.
User avatar #146 to #145 - mattyjay (11/29/2013) [-]
Oh my god, is he going to be ok?!
User avatar #147 to #146 - puggles (11/30/2013) [-]
fingers crossed. it's a breathing problem collapsed trachea. when she's having an attack. she can breathe in ok, but when she tries to breath out her trachea constricts and seriously restricts her breathing so she has to cough at every breath to get the air out. we have her on meds that can hopefully beat it back so that it's just a chronic minor problem instead of something that is as serious as it it is. we're just taking it one day at a time and spending lots of time snuggling and giving her lots of lap time and belly rubs.
#140 to #139 - puggles (10/15/2013) [-]
guessing you realize by now i collect pug reaction pics. this one's going straight to the folder!
User avatar #137 - redneckraider (09/15/2013) [-]
Tell your pug, that i dislike pugs :0
#138 to #137 - puggles (09/15/2013) [-]
i would but i'm to scared of her to do so!
User avatar #125 to #123 - puggles (12/24/2012) [-]
and on the 8th day, god invented whiskey to keep the irish from ruling the world.
User avatar #126 to #125 - flesheater ONLINE (12/24/2012) [-]
it worked too begora
#124 to #123 - flesheater ONLINE (12/24/2012) [-]
meanwhile on my site lol 
			You need to login to view this link
meanwhile on my site lol You need to login to view this link
#120 - ultimatium **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#121 to #120 - puggles (11/08/2012) [-]
User avatar #109 - CannonFodder (10/30/2012) [-]
User avatar #110 to #109 - puggles (10/30/2012) [-]
i don't. how ya been?
User avatar #111 to #110 - CannonFodder (10/30/2012) [-]
All good, I probably wouldn't use it anyway. Not too bad. Had 2 exams yesterday. **** Uni. 2 left. Got bored and made 3 comics today, probably post them at some stage this week.
How about you??
User avatar #114 to #111 - puggles (10/30/2012) [-]
but seriously, just type *roll picture* at the begining of the comment and then what ever message you want after that.

look forward to the comics. how do you think the exams went?

same old same old over here. haven't felt motivated to make anything new for here in quite a while. life's basically work, sleep, repeat. going on a vacation next month. looking forward to the change of pace
User avatar #115 to #114 - CannonFodder (10/30/2012) [-]
Exams were average, I didn't need to get much to pass the courses anyway because I got high marks during the semester. I get distracted easily, so study isn't my strong point.
Oh mean, that sounds awesome, where abouts??
User avatar #116 to #115 - puggles (10/30/2012) [-]
7 day cruise through the caribbean. st thomas, grand turk, grand caiman and another place that slips my mind. going to do a lot of snorkeling and napping.
User avatar #117 to #116 - CannonFodder (10/30/2012) [-]
Man that sounds amazing! Hope you enjoy it mate!
User avatar #118 to #117 - puggles (10/30/2012) [-]
thanks. glad to hear that classes are going well.
User avatar #119 to #118 - CannonFodder (10/30/2012) [-]
Cheers man
User avatar #107 - repugnantpug (09/06/2012) [-]
pugs, UNITE!
#108 to #107 - puggles (09/06/2012) [-]
cry havoc and let slip the pugs of war!!!
#103 - cnvn (04/14/2012) [-]
**cnvn rolled a random image posted in comment #33 at Cats and dogs ** When you mean "Puggle" do you mean Pug + Beagle? Do you possibly know how to encourage a 1-2 year old puggle to swim?
User avatar #104 to #109 - puggles (04/14/2012) [-]
nope. mine's a pug. we got her just before the whole pug+beagle craze hit big. but on a related not we do have a bogle. (boston terrier+beagle). how does the puggle react to water? if she doesn't mind getting her feet wet try VERY shallow water (where she can still still stand) and play with her and maybe give her a few treats. when she gets used to that you can try going a little deeper. if yours is built more like a pug (little stubby legs) she might not be that good at swimming or be able to do it for long.
#106 to #110 - cnvn (04/15/2012) [-]
Yeah, my dog is not the best swimmer but for the tip I shall try my bath a couple of times over
#102 - rustyshakleford (04/14/2012) [-]
Your latest comment made me lol
User avatar #105 to #108 - puggles (04/14/2012) [-]
glad to be of service
#100 - dubzero (03/08/2012) [-]
not sure if you have seen this
User avatar #101 to #106 - puggles (03/08/2012) [-]
dawww... too cute. thanks
#98 - gottdammit (03/06/2012) [-]
So I heard you like pugs, so I bring you an offering from the newest uploads...
So I heard you like pugs, so I bring you an offering from the newest uploads...
User avatar #99 to #104 - puggles (03/07/2012) [-]
awesome. thanks LOVE IT!
#96 - gottdammit (03/05/2012) [-]
I see no valid answer for your compliment.
Therefore, here, i'm just going to leave this comment here so you can see my avatar whenever you feel like it.
User avatar #97 to #102 - puggles (03/05/2012) [-]
thanks. it's appreciated.
User avatar #94 - mrvanillaice (02/17/2012) [-]
Old Lamar Smith
#90 - dubzero (01/28/2012) [-]
thought you might like this
#91 to #96 - puggles (01/28/2012) [-]
LOVE IT!!!  did you make this? it's absolutely awesome!!! sadly, though my pug has no curves. for a pug she's pretty much built to the point that she almost has a 6 pack. high protein meat and veg diet + she's my walking partner, we do 2 miles a day any day where the temps are over 45 and below 90.
LOVE IT!!! did you make this? it's absolutely awesome!!! sadly, though my pug has no curves. for a pug she's pretty much built to the point that she almost has a 6 pack. high protein meat and veg diet + she's my walking partner, we do 2 miles a day any day where the temps are over 45 and below 90.
User avatar #92 to #97 - dubzero (01/28/2012) [-]
no i didnt make it just thought you would like it
User avatar #93 to #98 - puggles (01/28/2012) [-]
love it. showed it to the wife who was sipping her morning OJ this morning and she ended up getting it up her nose from laughing so hard. thanks.
User avatar #88 to #87 - puggles (11/13/2011) [-]
so a self referental link as a comment? :)
#86 - NotAdmin has deleted their comment [-]
#79 - kingeckhardt (10/29/2011) [-]
thank you for subscribing to me, im happy i have such a loyal subscriber, giving me feedback on all of my content
User avatar #80 to #79 - puggles (10/30/2011) [-]
and thanks for giving me a smile when i check your content.
#81 to #80 - kingeckhardt (10/30/2011) [-]
im flattered
User avatar #82 to #81 - puggles (10/30/2011) [-]
not to sell your ego too much :) but i sub to all my friends on funny junk specifically to keep an eye on what they're up to. i've been too lazy for a while lately to make my own content and checking my friends' content almost makes up for it. when ever i go on to FJ i flip through my subs first then hit the new uploads and check out the top stuff
User avatar #83 to #82 - kingeckhardt (10/30/2011) [-]
no i dont care if you subbed to all of your friends, im just happy you subbed
User avatar #84 to #83 - puggles (10/30/2011) [-]
no problem. and thanks again for posting the stuff that you do.
User avatar #69 - cookiemonsterandme (10/08/2011) [-]
If you haven't seen it, isn't this you're OC?
User avatar #70 to #69 - cookiemonsterandme (10/08/2011) [-]
Sorry I meant your.
User avatar #71 to #70 - puggles (10/09/2011) [-]
could have been, but it was deleted by the time i got there. what was it?
User avatar #72 to #71 - cookiemonsterandme (10/09/2011) [-]
The potato famine one, did you know you're content was reposted? What alerted me was you're picture on it.
User avatar #73 to #72 - cookiemonsterandme (10/09/2011) [-]
Sorry, your and your.
User avatar #74 to #73 - puggles (10/09/2011) [-]
i didn't know. thanks for keeping an eye out for me. someone probably told him it was a repost and he pulled it.
User avatar #75 to #74 - cookiemonsterandme (10/09/2011) [-]
No problem. :) Most likely that's what happened.
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