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#33 - boothead (10/14/2016) [-]
When you grow up in a left leaning public school, with left leaning public media, left leaning tv stars and musicians and a left leaning upper class, you dont ever look at the truth and acknowledge it. Their own cognitive dissidence prevents them from seeing it. Plus in blue states the electric voting machines are rigged. We have a huge advantage regardless but 1/5 of trumps votes in these states will become Clinton votes as soon as they are entered. Instead of focusing on changing minds you need to drive it the fuck home brute voting force will win the election. You can legally take time off work to vote no penalty as well.
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#36 - questionableferret (10/15/2016) [-]
I grew up going to left-leaning state-schools, in a left-leaning nation, in a left-leaning continent, watching left-leaning t.v. stars and left-leaning musicians and all it did is make me more skeptical of this 'red pill' stuff. Not dismissive, just skeptical.

I've not been pulled into the fanaticism and I like to observe it from as impartial a position as possible, but my views are my own, and based on what I believe to be morally superior ethics, and that goes against a lot of things being said by both the red pills and the blue pills, whilst acknowledging the arguments of both.

It's not where you come from. It's what you allow yourself to become that leads to people being close-minded bags of dicks.
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