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#4 - not really cuz fantasy football actually happened. theyre real…  [+] (3 replies) 08/28/2015 on eh? 0
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#37 - theism (08/29/2015) [-]
Except that these are people you don't know and will never meet, playing a game you have nothing to do with that you want to pretend to have something to do with. Neither of them is real.
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#14 - alucardhell (08/28/2015) [-]
But you are pretending to be a football team owner (someone with a lot of power and money), trying to beat (kill) other teams by choosing players (characters) who are optimized for the game (scenario/campaign) at hand.
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#36 - urmothersass (08/29/2015) [-]
Nope. You are the owner of a fake team of real players whose performance in real life games affect the outcome of your games. Dd only exists in your imagjnation, which is fine. Ff is an interactive supplement to real competetion which becomes it's own competition, which is completely different.

Oh and both are super gay.
#103 - technically women ARE more reproductively important than men. …  [+] (8 replies) 06/09/2015 on Let's get ready to rage 4 0
#123 - horfus (06/09/2015) [-]
If all the women died, men would probably try to invent an incubator using whatever women dna we have.
The reverse could also happen, but theoretically if they created a technological incubator/incubus it might not contribute to the genetic code, resulting in every child being almost completely identical to their parent.
Or they'd make a bunch of mutants. Yeah, mutant future.
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#107 - azumeow (06/09/2015) [-]
How the fuck are women gonna reproduce without men?
#356 - anon (06/10/2015) [-]
women are more important because you need fewer men to keep the race going. 1 man can impregnate a lot of women at once while a woman can only get pregnant by 1 man at a time. so you need more women than men.
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#369 - azumeow (06/10/2015) [-]
I knew that, I meant completely without men. But the other guy answered that.
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#136 - Mecuniv (06/09/2015) [-]
Bone marrow.
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#149 - azumeow (06/10/2015) [-]
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#151 - azumeow (06/10/2015) [-]
Well, fuck.

That's it, boys, pack it in. Human race is fucked, radical neo-feminists have won.
#312 - grab what i need for ps4 then go home and play my ps2 and i st…  [+] (1 reply) 08/01/2014 on What will you do? +1
#313 - illogicalvulcan (08/01/2014) [-]
#51 - Gibbs 07/30/2014 on Monsters, Inc. +1
#47 - i got that bunch and survived a few times, swear to god  [+] (1 reply) 07/24/2014 on So close... +4
#52 - Orc (07/24/2014) [-]