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#25 - exactly. 01/31/2016 on Trump > God -8
#598 - pls 11/30/2015 on FJ Demographics 0
#53 - true freedom is understanding and respecting the law. Phil…  [+] (10 replies) 11/03/2015 on well anons +17
#89 - balor (11/03/2015) [-]
Plato also said that Justice is a man made construct.
#75 - stianx (11/03/2015) [-]
Understanding and respecting since your fellow man has made them, but following all of them even if you don't agree with them doesn't make you free, it makes you a sheep.
#56 - nagafever (11/03/2015) [-]
**nagafever used "*roll picture*"**
**nagafever rolled image** Philosophy can suck my dick. Laws created by people in power for people in power are no laws of mine.

Let's say there was a law that required you kill some random person every month and you were the 10th generation to grow up with this law. You'd do it, only because it was natural to do it.

I know it's a stupid farfetched perspective but atleast i have a perspective
#102 - thegrimpoe (11/04/2015) [-]
#87 - jujuface (11/03/2015) [-]
>Philosophy can suck my dick
>Follows sophist philosophy about laws verbatim

Philosophy isn't black and white. Polpoulpe is probably quoting one philosopher, and is ignorant in thinking all philosophers agree that you should follow laws. There are plenty who believed the opposite.
#82 - aguycalledlee (11/03/2015) [-]
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#67 - platinumaltaria (11/03/2015) [-]
That is a fucking amazing roll.
#61 - sirfurnace (11/03/2015) [-]
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#59 - rossthomson (11/03/2015) [-]
Caecillians are pretty cute sometimes.
This one not really.
#60 - nagafever (11/03/2015) [-]
**nagafever used "*roll picture*"**
**nagafever rolled image** you dont like dicks? u gay or something?
#50 - It's the best thing ever dude. Just dip it in a mix of milk, e…  [+] (9 replies) 10/06/2015 on American Anon makes a... +2
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#52 - sobir (10/06/2015) [-]
you can make that with normal bread. Why would you wait for it to get stale
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#129 - vetis (10/06/2015) [-]
Stale bread soaks it up and is more firm, if you use fresh soft bread that's how you get the mushy, eggy result that I honestly hate. But it's a preference thing.
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#130 - sobir (10/06/2015) [-]
yeah i pref it with stale too but its too much work
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#131 - vetis (10/06/2015) [-]
Well back then it wasn't something you made planned, really. It was just used to get use of stale bread because who the fuck wants a stale sandwich, y'know? Clever idea and now we kept it, same as duck confit, bacon, etc. So if you ever forget you have bread and find it stale, SURPRISE! Or just use fresh bread because you're right, waiting for it to go stale is annoying. But hey, look around in your store, you might find discounted bread that's about to go stale soon.
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#132 - sobir (10/06/2015) [-]
you sure know your bagguette
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#163 - vetis (10/06/2015) [-]
I'm in college for culinary management, knowing useless shit like this is our job. It makes us sound smart.
#71 - anon (10/06/2015) [-]
way back when, a few centuries ago, this was mainly used to deal with stale bread. my family's only ever made this with stale bread
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#51 - blowbags (10/06/2015) [-]
How do you bake it ? (you personally) - we used to fry it in very light butter (not 6 inch pool..) but wondering if you put it in the oven or grill in foil?

I want to make ultimate version/s of this I forgot we used to eat it a lot as kids
#53 - polpoulpe (10/06/2015) [-]
You can either fry it on a pan or put it in the oven along with the sugar/egg/milk mix. I can't remember the temperature though.
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