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#39 - It is Ghost Stalkers S1E4.  [+] (1 reply) 06/14/2015 on Disney in multiple languages. +6
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#121 - thijsofbodom (06/15/2015) [-]
this guy has such a horrible narrative voice, really annoying
#36 - Never mind, it is Ghost Stalkers.  [+] (3 replies) 06/14/2015 on Disney in multiple languages. +1
#93 - apethrax (06/15/2015) [-]
Ghost Stalkers is so fucking cringe worthy, man. Lel
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#40 - fjaggot (06/14/2015) [-]
fuck it's 2am and I just finished playing "penumbra:black plague" guess I shouldn't watch this thing now
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#42 - pokefag (06/14/2015) [-]
Do it man, you don't actually need sleep. It's a lie invented by the government.
#35 - Ghost Adventurers I think.  [+] (2 replies) 06/14/2015 on Disney in multiple languages. 0
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#38 - fjaggot (06/14/2015) [-]
but ghost adventures exists too
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#37 - fjaggot (06/14/2015) [-]
olol sounds like a fucking cartoon
#9 - Nope, I am, in fact, a ******* and totally overlooked the &quo…  [+] (1 reply) 05/30/2015 on Uberfacts 11 +5
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#11 - Sewallman (05/30/2015) [-]
At least you admit it. Better than most,
#6 - Oh really? The song has 79,631,110 views. Assuming there is at…  [+] (11 replies) 05/30/2015 on Uberfacts 11 -7
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#139 - trapjesus (05/30/2015) [-]
Recorded history is like 10k BC, I believe. Starts with shit like Egypt and Mesopotamia.
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#8 - Sewallman (05/30/2015) [-]
"Recorded history"

It's safe to assume that there is 52 Friday's per year, maybe 53 every 10 years or so. If you take 79,631,110 and divide it by 52, you get 1,531,367.5, which is how many years back you would go.

I can't remember reading a history book about the year 1,529,352.. Maybe a scientic journal or archeological study... But not a history book.
#117 - anon (05/30/2015) [-]
If I did the math correctly, there would be roughly 280000~ Fridays in history (although they wouldn't have been called "Fridays" for all of those years stretching back to 3500 BCE).
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#18 - fatminion (05/30/2015) [-]
one car
two cars
on Friday
two Fridays

NEVER use an apostrophe to show pluralization. I know some newer online magazines' official policies state that it's OK when pluralizing letters, numbers or acronyms, but it's not technically correct. Apostrophes are only to show possession or contraction, and even then it can be a bit confusing and we need contextual clues. Example:

"Steve's dead" = Steve is dead
"Steve's dead dad" = the father of Steve is dead

Now imagine throwing in apostrophes for pluralization into the mix:

"two Steve's" = two dudes named Steve.

It would just be too much. I know the problem started when many mom-and-pop stores started writing advertisements like "We Buy And Sell New/Used CD's" because they didn't know better and didn't have official grammar people to check their adverts. And it just spiraled downhill from there. If you want to pluralize "CD", just make it "CDs". Let's look at some examples. It's really not that bad:

I own one CD. She owns ten CDs. My CD's jewel case is missing. All her 10 CDs' jewel cases are on the shelf. That CD's good!

See? We really needed the apostrophe to show possession and contraction here. If we accept/use apostrophes for plurals then we just fuck ourselves over. So when I see people write something like:

"Ten CD's and nothing to listen to"

I read it like: "Ten CD is and nothing to listen to?" or I ask myself "what is it that the CD is possessing?"

Anyway, we need to stop this faggotry and put into practise what we learned in primary school and not what dumb-ass celebrities write in their twatter feeds.

Peace and love.
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#21 - fatminion (05/30/2015) [-]
*one Friday

anyway, had some more cool examples:

Steve's dad's dead.
Steve's dad's dead sister's cat.
Steve's dads' dead sisters' cats.
Steves' dads' dead sisters' cat's mouse.

You see, with all the wonderful and articulate uses for the glorious apostrophe, can we really defame its holy name by forcing it to do the lowly peasant work of pluralization?
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#20 - Sewallman (05/30/2015) [-]
I must have added that by mistake.

Sorry guy, I know that apostrophes add ownership to the word.
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#22 - fatminion (05/30/2015) [-]
no probs, bra. I figured I'd just write a long explanation for the benefit of anyone scrolling through the comments.

Have' a' #niceday #apostrophe's
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#10 - pokefag (05/30/2015) [-]
See comment #9.
#7 - anon (05/30/2015) [-]
friday didnt exist until we created friday dipshit. (maybe i missed sum irony)
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#9 - pokefag (05/30/2015) [-]
Nope, I am, in fact, a dipshit and totally overlooked the "Fridays in recorded history." I will let my shame stand for all to see.
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#11 - Sewallman (05/30/2015) [-]
At least you admit it. Better than most,