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  • Views: 4988
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    Uploaded: 03/11/12
    Origins Origins
  • Views: 8490
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    Uploaded: 01/31/12
    The Song Remains the same The Song Remains the same
  • Views: 3340
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    Uploaded: 02/25/12
    Over the Hills and Far Away Over the Hills and Far Away
  • Views: 3211
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    Comments: 2
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    Uploaded: 07/13/12
    Damn Kids Damn Kids
  • Views: 3535
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    Uploaded: 02/16/12
    Animals Animals
  • Views: 3326
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    Uploaded: 11/06/12
    Pleasantly Bacon - Episode 19 Pleasantly Bacon - Episode 19
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#17 - **pleasantlybaconii rolls 6,068** Richard Nixon and the Impeachments 08/25/2014 on band names 0
#50 - Picture 08/24/2014 on Birthday Party +6
#2045 - **pleasantlybaconii rolls 85,613,002** 08/23/2014 on Roll for Red Text 0
#5 - I see what you're saying, but I still feel like you're(and by … 07/28/2014 on Doing it right +2
#3 - I'm just so sick of stupid people. What she said? What she jus…  [+] (2 new replies) 07/28/2014 on Doing it right -3
#4 - teranin (07/28/2014) [-]
No, it means she's an egalitarian, or humanist. It means she understands that the solution to equality cannot be found by focusing on only one group of people, and demonizing another. It means she understands that the west is a financial oligarchy, not a patriarchy, and power was never about gender. It means that she still thinks women have areas where they are not treated equally to men, but it also means that she thinks men have areas they are not treated equally to women in as well.

Remember, a definition is not a manifesto. The actions of feminism have shown to not be about equal treatment for both genders, and that's why people with a desire for equality would want to dissociate themselves from feminism. Seeing through the mind-games, manipulated statistics, and propaganda, to the facts being obfuscated, make abandoning feminism a rather easy task.
User avatar #5 - pleasantlybaconii (07/28/2014) [-]
I see what you're saying, but I still feel like you're(and by you, I mean people in general, particularly on this site) over simplify it when you say feminists demonize men. I was part of the feminist club or whatever you wanna call it in college and they (this being around 100 people, mostly women, some men, talked about the problems that gender inequality causes to both genders. And by inequality, I mean gender roles, because there are gender roles, and when someone of either gender breaks too many of their roles, it will put them at some kind of disadvantage.

I just feel like this whole idea of fight against feminism is going downhill as fast as feminism is in the ways everybody describes. Seems the majority of Guys on this site aren't actually interested in being humanist, they just wanna say "well men have some problems too so if you're having problems related to gender suck it up"

I'm a humanist and a feminist. I see these stupid signs people hold up on tumblr for and against feminism and it makes me angry. It's all talk and no action. You say the actions of feminism have shown they don't want to be equal, but maybe that's because the rational feminist (aka the person you just described) isn't really working to make people equal, they just decry feminism on the internet.

It's like if MLK had spent his whole life saying how stupid Malcolm X's black nationalism idea was instead of working to make people of all colors legally equal. It wouldn't help anything

Sorry about my rant.
#4 - Coffee liquor  [+] (1 new reply) 07/25/2014 on Kahlua shots 0
User avatar #5 - fourthplace (07/25/2014) [-]
oh ok, thanks
#4 - North America agreed on a socket, why can't you Europeans?  [+] (4 new replies) 07/25/2014 on Wall sockets from around... +7
#30 - slias (07/26/2014) [-]
You mean three countries agreeing on something is just as easy as fifty countries agreeing on something?
#12 - anonymous (07/25/2014) [-]
Like the guy said before me, European plugs all work the exact same, its us brits who are the odd ones out.. who'd've guessed right? :B
#23 - anonymous (07/26/2014) [-]
It's a good thing we're not european then isn't it, we're just a part of the EU.
#9 - anonymous (07/25/2014) [-]
The european are compatible.
#31 - Comment deleted 07/25/2014 on FUCK 0
#2 - Isn't it a little alarming that that little info box says the …  [+] (7 new replies) 07/25/2014 on HAPPY END PEACE FOREVER +31
#15 - anonymous (07/26/2014) [-]
The only terrorist in USA is the america itself.
9/11 was false flag.
User avatar #6 - animalsslamina (07/25/2014) [-]
I'm more worried about the 50,000+ CHILDREN that defeated the US/Mexico Border. If they could do it so easily, and they are fucking poorly educated CHILDREN......
User avatar #9 - infinitereaper (07/26/2014) [-]
would landmines be more expensive than building a wall?
User avatar #17 - thelastamerican (07/26/2014) [-]
Depends on the land mine. The artillery delivered system is really quite expensive, but it's also designed to be highly visible. The mines themselves are bright orange and sit on top of the ground. They communicate with each other with a signal similar to wi-fi and if enough of them are disturbed the entire network detonates. The smaller, dumb mines are much cheaper, but also a lot less likely to function properly. Animals and things like that have a tenancy of setting them off and they also have a terrible reputation of not going off at all.

A wall would probably be more economical if you ask me.
#8 - endospore (07/26/2014) [-]
To be fair, they're not doing it alone. Coyotes are serious, man. they have serious hardware. At least once, they used a .50 cal sniper rifle to pin down the border patrol while getting the kids past.

The border patrol is not trained to deal with military level threats.
User avatar #18 - thelastamerican (07/26/2014) [-]
And my question is, "Why not?"
#5 - angelious (07/25/2014) [-]
or maybe we have underestimated the hipsters...im quite sure some of them were into speznat shit before it became a thing...
#11 - Picture 07/14/2014 on If old Disney shows came... 0

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**** you, buddy, for thumbing me down.
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