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#1 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 09/14/2015 on Breakfast +61
#17 - segwaynazi (09/14/2015) [-]
#21 - be a little bitch and tell them a sob story... "…  [+] (20 replies) 09/09/2015 on Invasion successful +22
#87 - schrutebucks (09/10/2015) [-]
It's nice to know some people on here still possess empathy and a sound mind.
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#110 - piratecrew (09/10/2015) [-]
thanks man. sometimes you just lose your patience
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#59 - captchakid (09/10/2015) [-]
I dont think you realize how ungrateful and barbaric a LOT of the migrants are being.
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#64 - silentwarrior (09/10/2015) [-]
Yes I know. This one time i was walking past this syrian refugee and he didn't even throw himself at my feet and kissing them out of gratitude. So ungrateful.
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#65 - captchakid (09/10/2015) [-]
Very funny. I mean the heavy littering, shit-throwing, and theft.
#48 - anon (09/10/2015) [-]
"Get protection from the government" - I was unaware that this was the only way to combat unwanted peoples in your country. Do you not have a choice to stand and fight or is it just a consensus among certain people or peoples that running is the best overall solution to problems such as these? It has happened on several other occasions.

- Please keep in mind that I am genuinely asking this as a question and it is not a jab or joke, but take it as you will.
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#63 - silentwarrior (09/10/2015) [-]
It's a consensus among most people to run from war. You think europe is would be any better? It would be the same thing.
#72 - anon (09/10/2015) [-]
I would assume some form of a resistance would be put up. I see all these comments about how hard it is to leave ones homeland and that it incurs some sorrow and how all of their good memories or possessions are now lost/taken over. I don't see how something of such value (homeland, possessions, memories or at least where those memories took place.) can be given up without a fight. Regardless if its a general feeling among people to run from war, if you have something to fight for, you fight for it. you don't just give it up and see where the next best place to settle would be.
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#74 - silentwarrior (09/10/2015) [-]
Wow, have you not looked at the news lately? There is a civil war going on there. They are fighting, amongst themselves. They have something to fight for, and the fight is tearing the country apart and creating refugees. Can't believe how some people actually want to people to stay in a civil war like that. Like really, what the fuck man? You really that racist that you can't stand to take in what, 100k refugees and have them there until the war is over?
#98 - anon (09/10/2015) [-]
- To begin, I would like to state that I initially neglected doing research and felt like asking a couple of questions regarding this issue and offering what little input I could on the info I had at the time. Seeing that asking questions makes me a racists and shows that I apparently want people to stay in a war-zone and get blow to bits, I'll link what info I can and hope "silent" does not move on to further assumptions, but do what you will.

In the previous posts, when was anything stated about any type of racism? From what I have gathered there's far more than 100K refugees. If it was a mere 100K, it would hardly have enough interest to stay on the news or circulate this often ( www.cnn.com/2015/09/09/world/welcome-syrian-refugees-countries/ ). As for there being "100K" of them in "my country", please inform me where I currently am and how I stated that I don't want refugees within "my country". I am but a lowly anon. I honestly don't give a shit how many of them are displaced in any single country, this issue is not with a single country, its not with the EU, its with the world. It all trickles down. Its the fact that them getting out is not enough, many are seeking more fruit-full places like Germany or outright being pricks once they do receive some form of asylum. I know its not all, its not even a majority (If it were, this would not be a topic of debate), but the fact that there are these people acting in such a manner and running from a war in their oh so important "homeland" is ridiculous. To add to that, being a refugee does not mean that life as you know it goes on, massive changes tend to be introduced. A country granting asylum is one thing, expecting a country and its people to be like the country you fled is asinine. Some assimilation and integration here and there will be required unless the friction between the long time inhabitants and the newbies becomes volatile an you are now back in square one, out on your ass. As for the war-zone comment, I understand getting women and children out in a time of need, especially the children, this is nothing that a child should have to endure. There are also a large amount of men that are fleeing as well ( data.unhcr.org/syrianrefugees/regional.php - Only has info on surrounding countries, not much on EU or elsewhere. Its fairly recent) Taking in the 18/59 age group since its not broken down much more, there's roughly 96330 individuals within this age group (keep in mind this is only in surrounding countries and these are "registered" individuals). I know these are not all healthy and well minded individuals and they cannot all be expected to defend their country, there is still a considerable number of those that can be helping with the current issue. As for the taking in of refuges is not as simple as just having them stay over for a bit then have them go back like its a damn sleep over. Lets take turkey for instance, how will 1.9 million new bodies be handled and cared for, possibly for an extended period of time. Either you work to have some form of integration and try to get people to work and be a beneficial part of society or you care for them until the dust settles, at the expense of the people of that country. Those are the choices. War is shit and good people get mixed up in it, but there are very few options on how it will come to a conclusion, very few are peaceful and even fewer will even be considered.

Oh, and to answer your question, no I am not a racist and I do not want everyone to stay in a battlefield and go on with life as usual, with the added difficulty of dodging bullets and a mortar or two. Judging from previous comments, you like to make assumptions and get rather butt-hurt about something you have a very one sided view on. Hope this one does not hurt your ass nearly as much.

Have a great day/night!
#43 - anon (09/09/2015) [-]
When the reports come out that only 10% of them are legit refugees and the other 90% are all opertunity seekers it's quickly over with the fun.
User avatar
#67 - silentwarrior (09/10/2015) [-]
What report exactly? Are they not from syria? Most that leave syria probably do so because of the war and are therefore war refugees.
#47 - anon (09/10/2015) [-]
nice sauce duckweed
#42 - parashizo (09/09/2015) [-]
don´t even bother trying to argue with these edgelords
#22 - yunch (09/09/2015) [-]
As a Syrian, it grinds my gears to hear these guys talking about Syria like they know exactly what's up.

But don't worry, their opinions hold no legitimacy, since they're the type that stay on the computer all day and complain about everyone and everything.
#54 - anon (09/10/2015) [-]
You're entirely right, I don't know firsthand about the situation in Syria, but I know it's a hell of a lot more severe than a "sob story".
However, if I was running for my life and some other people welcomed me in to a place of safety, I know for a goddamn fact that I wouldn't loot and riot in their homeland like a goddamn savage. I'm sure some refugees are quite civil, but the majority seem to be acting like undomesticated fucking animals. Nobody's angry at your countrymen for fleeing a vicious situation, it's the shit way they're treating the people who try and help them that pisses us off.
#49 - anythingoes (09/10/2015) [-]
Well, sorry, but from what I've seen, looks like a lot of people are invinting themselves and all their friends in, and them throwing a temper tantrum when the countries they are invading sorry, but I REALLY can't find another word here, most are coming in, using illegal means, most without documents, or passports, and any kind of thing you'd expect to go through if you had to go to another country, feel free to clarify claim they can't allow them in.

Now. I understand some are legitimate. But I also understand there's a very large number that really seems to be going because they want education, money, and expect housing (no idea how they expect to get education without money or money without education, or even housing by that matter, can only assume they expect to get it for free, feel free to point out where I'm wrong here). One of the "interviews" I saw had one of those refuge wearing polished metal rings, and admiting to have had a haircut in france a pretty modern one, by the way which he paid for with 13 euros, also admiting he had money. And many other cases.

Also, there have been incidents where you can see people throwing away food and water that were given to them by local govs. Can you explain those situations?
User avatar
#66 - silentwarrior (09/10/2015) [-]
There are like 1% of the syrian refugees that has come into europe. They haven't been throwing any temper tantrums and they sure as hell hasn't invaded anyone, since the european countries has said they would accept them. You are correct in assuming those that go are looking for a better life. Most people want a better life. But are you really gonna blame the syrian refugees because of some stupid rumors about haircuts and goldrings? Just say you don't want them here because, don't make up some bullshit excuses.
User avatar
#73 - silentwarrior (09/10/2015) [-]
First i would like source on that. Second, if by some chance you do provide it it dosen't really mean anything. Some syrians saying they spend lots of money should have no meaning on the rest of the syrian refugees.

Please, if you make a statement like that, be prepared to defend it, don't just insult the other person. Not only is it rude and childish, it also makes you look bad.

(Wow, you actually blocked me. You really are that afraid of having a real discussion about this you won't even let me reply to you)
#70 - anythingoes (09/10/2015) [-]
Fuck you buddy, I've seen the video where you can see the very same refugee admiting to it, it's not bullshit, it's not rumor, and you implying so without any support to it is fucking rude.

Now, I was asking the guy who claim to be form Syria, because a first person perspective would be nice. You fail to bring it, and dismiss my opinion as an "bullshit excuse", so you can promptly go sit on the corner and go fuck yourself.
#1 - i work at a hardware store. people dont know **** about buildi…  [+] (1 reply) 09/02/2015 on (untitled) +14
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#21 - charizarddad (09/03/2015) [-]
i work at a tool store, and people ask me how to operate equipment that is worth more than my paycheck.

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