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#53 - I'm always amused by the people who talk about the land "…  [+] (22 replies) 10 hours ago on Illegals +10
#64 - kompis (10 hours ago) [-]
You can criticize the Europeans for being horrible to the people. But the natives were just as horrible and would do the exact same thing if they got to Europe.
#128 - logicalreason (7 hours ago) [-]
Really? You're ignorance is astonishing.
#135 - kompis (6 hours ago) [-]
What are you on about? Please explain yourself.
#138 - logicalreason (5 hours ago) [-]
My people didn't even live within 500 miles of the Atlantic Ocean, much less have the means to cross it. How can you say that Native Americans would have done the same that the Europeans have?
#70 - anon (9 hours ago) [-]
still don't make it right
User avatar
#113 - heartlessrobot (7 hours ago) [-]
It was never wrong in the first place
#129 - logicalreason (7 hours ago) [-]
Fuck off you imperialist piece of living excrement. Killing more than 100 million of my people was never wrong? I hope you choke on your fathers cock you son of your own fucking sister.
#132 - heartlessrobot (7 hours ago) [-]
Hell, I'd have it done again, if it means I don't have to listen to your lame ass anymore.
#137 - logicalreason (5 hours ago) [-]
I sincerely hope you are joking.
User avatar
#139 - heartlessrobot (5 hours ago) [-]
Probably not
#140 - logicalreason (5 hours ago) [-]
I hope your people never suffer what mine have. No human being deserves that kind of treatment.
User avatar
#141 - heartlessrobot (5 hours ago) [-]
Too late.
Dad's side of the family is a mix of Irish and Blackfoot indian.
#142 - logicalreason (5 hours ago) [-]
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#143 - heartlessrobot (5 hours ago) [-]
Some number of Greats, Grandfather came over during the potato famine, married a native woman nearly twice his age, and they've worked on the railroads ever since. Cept my dad, he was an Artist.
Did that family history website thing for all of this.
#144 - logicalreason (5 hours ago) [-]
You don't even know where the blackfoot lived.
User avatar
#145 - heartlessrobot (5 hours ago) [-]
They were up in Canada, she came down here for some reason or another
#146 - logicalreason (5 hours ago) [-]
Nice use of wikipedia. I don't care how much you lie about your heritage. You are still despicable.
#147 - heartlessrobot (5 hours ago) [-]
So, if I said the wrong area, you'd say I'm full of shit, I say the right area, you say I used wikipedia.
#89 - anon (8 hours ago) [-]
NO, but it's the reality of the world and something literally every culture understood. The right of rule by conquest was known in every corner of the world, which is why Empires existed everywhere. People now are butthurt because Europeans came out on top
User avatar
#107 - iviagic (8 hours ago) [-]
Europeans just got lucky that they discovered two massive untouched continents.
Before that, it was Turks, Arabs, Persians, Indians, and Chinese people who were on top.
#130 - logicalreason (7 hours ago) [-]
"Discovered". Really? I thought it was discovered by proto Siberians tens of thousands of years before Christopher 'goat fucking piece of shit' Columbus came here and immediately began raping our land and fucking our people.
User avatar
#149 - iviagic (4 hours ago) [-]
Oh yeah obviously there were natives there but what I meant to say was that as soon as that cunt named Columbus set sail and landed on the Americas, fate was basically sealed that they would dominate the world.

Obviously the Europeans had better weapons because of their exposure to other cultures whilst Americans were isolated for many thousands of years. And that's just weapons. The biggest portion of the story would definitely be the disease that the Europeans brought which decimated tens of millions of people in the Great Dying, which pretty much dwarfs the Black Death five fold.
#4 - 1. Travel is no longer regulated, entire economies collapse …  [+] (3 replies) 10/19/2016 on Let's just destroy all of... +140
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#38 - blokrokker (10/19/2016) [-]
Don't forget men are abolished, leaving only women to die out as there's no means of reproduction.
User avatar
#10 - lathyrusvii (10/19/2016) [-]
2100? That's awful generous.
#27 - anon (10/19/2016) [-]
Honestly while it'd be an awful life and shitty for people overall I don't think we'd go extinct and it'd more than likely be better for the planet. I mean they're retarded but it's not without its benefits
#9 - They have to cut out a lot from the show, but in the books …  [+] (5 replies) 10/19/2016 on The fictional GoT universe... +37
#146 - zandersave (10/19/2016) [-]
Is almost winning a prize that guys greatest achievement? Why didnt he win it?
User avatar
#192 - pipeworks (10/20/2016) [-]
He gets 2nd place in the largest tournament to occur in the series, and only because some nobody from the Dornish Marches showed up and barely beat him out. It can be assumed that in previous tournament (Robert was very fond of them, and threw them all the time) he went home with prizes.
User avatar
#41 - wellimnotsure (10/19/2016) [-]
Dornishmen would look like greeks not latinos
User avatar
#135 - toensix (10/19/2016) [-]
Dornishmen come in very different looks.
User avatar
#107 - battlesmurf (10/19/2016) [-]
Why Greek? Dorne has a desert-like climate, I'd figure they would look more like todays Arabs or Egyptians.
#35 - **pipeworks used "*roll 1, 0-9*"** **pipeworks rolls 0** …  [+] (1 reply) 10/19/2016 on Quick Waifu CYOA +5
#36 - pipeworks (10/19/2016) [-]
Twincest is Wincest
#14 - Picture 10/16/2016 on pls dont shrink +1