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I like MMA, play a fuckton of Xbox 360, and Action Hank is my homeboy. Fuck ponies.

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    Tier 1 Tech Support Tier 1 Tech Support
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    Whatcha doin? Whatcha doin?
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    oh god my eyes oh god my eyes

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#201 - afawesome (06/23/2011) [-]
ahh i should prob be more observant. ty
#681 - Picture  [+] (9 replies) 06/22/2011 on too soon? +16
#684 - skinnybritches (06/22/2011) [-]
I actually agree that was a really stupid move he did and if it was anyone else they would get mad at him but of course he's famous so everybody is sad and sorry for him was he a humanitarian? No it was just some guy who shoved a car up his ass big whoop sorry I'm a lil pissy about this but I mean cmon guys really? He killed someone else in the process that isn't cool
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#682 - Marctnt (06/22/2011) [-]
#687 - skinnybritches (06/22/2011) [-]
I'm surprised you're not drowning in tour own pool of narrow minded ignorance
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#697 - wardenf (06/22/2011) [-]
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#692 - Marctnt (06/22/2011) [-]
Im not saying that he was some super human who helped the human race but i really liked him cause he was cool and the car thing was the first thing that came to mind, mabye not the best choice but still and now hes gone so that sucks but I understand that he killed another person but i dont know who it was so i cant really care if i new him my reaction would be completely flipped around but im just stating, or yelling my opinion and i may have been a bit excessive
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#700 - kinkysex (06/22/2011) [-]
He was cool so that makes driving over 100 drunk and killing someone is okay? Ask the passengers new widow if she thinks ryan dunn is cool.
#699 - anon (06/22/2011) [-]
Honestly, you didn't "know" him, you saw a character from a TV show you liked, he died because he was still as immature as he was 10 years ago, he killed another human being because of his immaturity, a good example to what your doing would be when someone random dies at a highschool and has no friends, but to seek the attention everyone and their mother's brother claims to have "Known" them or have been their friends...
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#702 - Marctnt (06/22/2011) [-]
Well you've made your point everyone and I concede Defeat and I apologize pigshit, skinnybritches, and anon.