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#169 - So how the **** is someone supposed to live on them? You don'…  [+] (1 reply) 08/23/2015 on Bernie not playing the... 0
#206 - janosaudron (08/23/2015) [-]
No. No they do not.

I'm going to explain why they do not. Resources are limited, If everyone in the world could afford the essentials every day of the year then we'd run out of resources very quickly, that's why there's an "Ideal" Unemployment rate. Yes it's shitty but it's either some of us starve or we all starve. Go do something other than a minimum wage job. No one Needs fast food or restaurants. They're convenient but they are not a necessity and people need to understand that. In most cases a minimum wage job is minimum wage for a reason that's why cookshave a higher wage than servers It's not really because of the tips since A. you could just pay servers the same and split tips evenly between server and cook and B. you can just order food through a computer if the company has the option. Same with fast food, I don't have to go out and buy a big mac, i just want to go out and buy a big mac a big make isn't going to make or break my day or productivity.
#101 - Ok, speaking trans to trans, here, when the **** is it ever OK…  [+] (2 replies) 08/23/2015 on Anons theory on Caitlyn Jenner 0
#103 - junkdestroyer has deleted their comment.
#105 - phoenixactual (08/23/2015) [-]
Yeah, well don't stoop to their level and give them a reason to think they're right about you