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(02/05/2013) [-]
Story at work:

So, today at work we were sitting around doing nothing because business was slow, and the phone rang. I decided to get up and get it because I'm more motivated to do work, and the manager was doing his college work, and I speak better English anyway.

So I pick up the phone, and this Spanish idiot is on the other end. He is like "HOLA ITS RICARDO" and I'm just like "Okay? Well, what would you like?" and he's like "I WANT THE NORMAL STUFF I GET. I NEED A CHICKEN AND LAMB PLATTER AND < Whatever else he ordered>."

Then he starts getting his English and Spanish mixed up and I can't understand most of what he is saying. He asked to talk to my manager, and I said he wasn't there, since my manager was like "I don't wanna talk to him". So he was stuck with me. He finished his whole order, and I read it back to him, and told him his total. He decided to pay cash, so I told him it would take around 45 minutes to get there, the usual time.
I know this guy, I've delivered to him before. He's a little weird

So I prepare his order and everything, and as I'm putting it into the bag, the phone rings again. My manager sees it and hands the phone off to me, because he didn't wanna be bothered by this idiot. So I pick up the phone, and he is all annoyed and stuff. He wanted his side dish seperate or something, I could hardly understand him. I nicely apologized by saying "I'm sorry sir but your order is bagged and ready to go. I was just about to leave to take it to you personally". He cuts me off, mutters a few swears under his breathe in spanish, called me an asshole, thinking I wouldn't understand him, then replies "If you can't make an order right I don't want it." and he hangs up on me.

I was annoyed by this because I just made an order and he declined to purchase it. So I tell my manager this, since he saw the anger on my face. He tells me to go ahead and eat his platter because he cancelled anyway, so I'm like eh whatever. Felt kinda ****** and whatnot so I just sat down and ate some of the meat.

then I was on another delivery, and he decides to call back. It had been 1 hr 30min since he initially ordered, and he was wondering where his food was. My manager told him he was the owner and that he had completely disrespected one of his employees so we refused to take his order, which is true. He also told him that the food had been eaten already by someone else, and to have a good day.

So that's my story