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(11/11/2012) [-]
Rarity, the fashoinist of the Mane 6, a group of female ponies from the childrens cartoon my little pony: friendship is magic, is considered by most to be very self centered, and some even consider her ‘Whiny’. Personally, I disagree with these claims. I feel that people overlook her good qualities, or fail to see that they exist. There are multiple occurances in the episode titled Art Of The Dress that she shows off her good qualities.

She made an offer to her friends, the ponies closest to her, to spend hours and hours of her time designing and developing dresses for them for an upcoming dance.

She doesn’t give up on getting her way.

Many people would consider her childlike, acting as if she was immature. This is quite the opposite. She is very intelligent, as well as mature. She can think in ways that the other ponies aren’t fully capable of. When it comes to getting her way, she can think ahead, almost predict the conclusion and plan accordingly. For example, she wanted her friends to use her original design of the dresses she made, yet they refused. In the end, they did because they saw the results of using the not-so-good dresses. Her friends pitied her and eventually used the original designs. Maybe that was Rarity’s intention? I feel like she is intelligent enough to have foreseen that outcome.

To elaborate on Rarity’s maturity, there are plenty of prime examples in the episode titled “Suited for success”. In the beginning scene, she is contronted by her two friends, Applejack, and Twilight Sparkle. They are bothering her as she works, and instead of yelling at them and getting mad, she is able to control her anger and reply calmly to them. She is also very dedicated to her work, and will follow through to the end, even if it will not be beneficial for her. She promised to make a dress for each of her 5 friends, and then, when they didn’t like them, even though she put in a lot of work, Rarity even went and made a second batch. This is just an example of her stick-to-itiveness.

She is also a very emotional pony. However, she is also a drama queen. This could also be part of a ploy for attention. Either way, she does use it to her benefit.

In the show, she represents the element of generosity. A lot of the viewers of the show that analyze it believe that she is not an accurate representation of her element. I fail to see how people can think that. In this episode alone, she is an amazing representaion of her element. She offered to make her friends dresses, all for free, out of the kindness of her hard. Then, when they didn’t like them, she redid them. In the end, she lowered her own physcial well being to help out her friends. If that doesn’t show generosity, what does?

I feel, with Rarity’s personality, if she was a character in any other show, she would be the antagonist. However, sheisn’t. She is one the main 6 characters, called the Mane 6.