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#380 - pffrad
(10/27/2012) [-]
Sorry for my horrible english, TY.
So first, everything that happened last night was one third luck, one third love and one third the help of my awesome friends. In that last grup enters my dogs kztroll and warlordvegeta. You guys are awesome.

So i picked it up in her work like 7:30, and my ¨limousine¨ was a freakin Yamaha Pasola.

We then go to her dep. and she had completely changed her style for the evening, wowing me yet again. She looked gorgeous.

First, i took her to a cosy restaurant to have some dinner. She dont drink and i was setting the mood for the night. We ate fondue of white chocolate (Not as expensive as i thought it would be) and i tell her some random jokes. Her smile is really cute.

LOL i am writing like that fag of Bruno Mars.

Then we went to the movies, to watch JB Skyfall. Good movie, i was afraid that she find it boring but whe found it very cool actually.

At the middle of it, i kissed her and she was ok on it.

After the movie, i grasp her hand and we played a few videogames at the arcade. She is very good on THOTD4.

Well... The night was almost over, so we went to a pub. It was actually funny, in that place was a scotish drunk man telling random stories of the time he worked in a casino as croupier. She finally drinked a Cinderella.

And then, i did it:

¨So... Where do you want to go now?¨
¨Oh, C´ mon, please tell me...¨
¨*holds my hand* I'll go where you want me to go¨
¨K´... What if we go to my place?¨

And Then.

We were sitting on my couch, talking random stuff, it was like 11:15 Pm and i put some music on the stereo . She standed up and we started to dance. And then she kissed me. And i kissed her. Next thing i know is that i was undressing her on the couch.

So i said: I know a better place and i took her to my bedroom. ****, i suspected that she was hot under that shirt but man... It was awesome to have her naked on my bed.

BTW, she was wearing yellow underwear.
*Insert here censored stuff*

So this is the part i think i ****** up.

We were doing what a woman and a man do for the third time, and i was on the heat of the moment, so i said I love you, i really do

And she entered in what i want to call blender mode.

I... can barelly describe that feeling. ****. She was squeezing me out.

*Insert here more censored stuff untill 2am*

Ok, then i woke up like seven/eight o'clock in the morning. I went to the BT and saw my face at the mirror. I was having what i like to call the Steven Seagal smirn. AKA This:

She woke up too and asked me the hour. Then we bath togheter, ate some breakfast i made and went to class at the university -We got laboratory today-.

When she said goodbye to me, after class, she kissed me again, very deep, and said ¨I love you too¨. ***************.

And then, here i am, dont knowing if what i said screw it all in the long haul.

TY again guise and TY for reading this ****. I... Just hope that everything works fine.
User avatar #383 to #380 - kztroll
(10/27/2012) [-]
You sir are a boss, glad to help and I think you did a great job and gave her a great night bro.
Don't worry about it though I don't think you screwed it up at all, if you don't want it to get too serious then don't mention it again even if she does try to cover it up otherwise you made a pretty good catch there.
Once again good job man.
User avatar #385 to #383 - pffrad
(10/28/2012) [-]
TY bro... I was all thanks to you and Veggie. You guys are awesome and i wish from the most deep corner of my heart that you guys have a great night of sex whit the girl of your dreams.

Have a great hunt, dog!
User avatar #386 to #385 - kztroll
(10/28/2012) [-]
Will do man and if I need any help or advice I guess I could come to you guys!
User avatar #387 to #386 - pffrad
(10/28/2012) [-]
Shure thing!
User avatar #384 to #383 - kztroll
(10/27/2012) [-]
I don't know why great was crossed out there lol