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#44 - You've completely misunderstood his point here. He's pointing …  [+] (2 replies) 11/24/2016 on BREXIT PROTEST! +3
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#49 - kromeknight (11/24/2016) [-]
Thanks, I figured out what he'd said later but I was busy so didn't bother to reply.
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#47 - GmCity (11/24/2016) [-]
That 51% in parliament decided to institute a ban not allowing the government to leave the EU unless they agree, which because of the FPTP system of government means that now the ruling party decides and not the people.
#50 - Why does everything have to boil down to race? Black Lives Mat…  [+] (3 replies) 10/17/2016 on SHUT IT DOWN +28
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#56 - muhamidallea (10/17/2016) [-]
Because its an unfortunate fact that most things are rooted in race, this does not mean that we should see race as the single factor to explain things, but if you believe in an evolutionary explanation of life then you must believe that race is a large component of our decisions, traits, talents and values. Europeans have tried for several generations to be "Colour blind", it's not working. All that diversity means is that white people forget about there own interests while everyone else continues as normal.

Multiculturalism might have started as a nice idea but it is currently being used to openly replace and entire content, Europeans are starting to realise its not worth losing there entire home continent to spare the feelings of "Minorities" (World population is expected to plateau at 11 billion with almost all of that growth being non-European, in fact the European population might be lower then it is now.)

Diversity, Multiculturalism, Inclusive, Egalitarianism, etc, all of these terms might have started with positive intentions but in the current context they are ANTI-WHITE.
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#65 - persevs (10/17/2016) [-]
Race is a component of our traits and talents of course. I think our decisions and values are determined by our environment rather than our race though. However part of what I was trying to say in my comment is that while certain things are affected by race we should still be open to the exceptions to a general rule. There is also a benefit to genetic diversity and if I remember correctly then the widest spectrum of genetic diversity is in Africa which is why sprinters and long distance runners both have their roots from there. That is not an argument for multicuralism by the way, because there isn't really a lack of genetic diversity within most white communities.

And technically from a completely anti-racist position there is no reason to have multiculturalism or diversity, because no race is better or worse than another. As for being colour blind, I think that's the best position to take because there will be difference between an american and a german even if they have the same skin colour, however we shouldn't be culture blind, because some cultures are better than others and some mix better together than others.

Personally I am actually against mass immigration and I don't think there is any benefit to multiculturalism or racial diversity. The whole feeling argument is also one i don't agree with when it comes to immigration, because maybe the migrants that we take in get a better life, but by doing that we are instantly harming our current citizens by taking their tax money to pay for it or by devaluing the work force. And there will always be more people suffering in the rest of the world, logically the only way to make things actually better is to improve the living conditions where they come from, but unless we're gonna start colonializing again then they'll have to do that themselves. Maybe we can help somehow, but from what I've seen that generally just escalates a bad situation to worse.
#51 - anon (10/17/2016) [-]
"Jew" isn't a race...
#175 - **persevs used "*roll 4, 0000-9999*"** **persevs rolls 2,84…  [+] (1 reply) 10/17/2016 on >they actually believe this 0
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#183 - persevs (10/17/2016) [-]
Something about donations to a house majority pac and making Paul Ryan be held accountable for every disastrous decision he makes as Speaker. Don't really know what this is about, but doesn't seem important to me.

Some guy named Richard Leone died and there was a tribute posted about him.

A report on the Mideast. Read it if you want, was mostly obvious, but maybe you'll get something out of it.

They're talking about getting in contact with a politician named Bill Richardson and someone can apparently deploy him efffectively. Also mentions some guy called WJC, but I don't know who that is.

All in all seems pretty uninteresting, but I suppose I can blame the rolls for that.

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